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A story where good wins and evil loses...? Hmph...reality is never so kind...The strong win...that's reality...

—Kakaro, surprised by the outcome of a novel not matching his beliefs.

Kakaro Alphoria
Japanese カカロ・アルフォリア
Romanization kakaro aruforia
Race Human
Age / Birth 60
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 184cm / 132kg
Class Brawler
World Mamatoto World
Affiliation Mamatoto (Country)
Appeared in Mamatoto, Mamanyonyo, Widenyo
Cameoed in Rance VI


Kakaro Alphoria was the King of the small nation of Mamatoto, a very small country noted for being made up of only a single Mobile Fortress, and the father of Nanas Alphoria and Arvy Alphoria. Despite his innocuous appearance, he was actually a relentlessly cruel and manipulative man.

During the events of Mamatoto, Kakaro hid his true character from Nanas and supported him in his mission to unify the continent, claiming to share his son's dream of bringing about an era of peace after conquering the land. Much later into the game, it is revealed that Kakaro is not Nanas' biological father. In the past, before he founded Mamatoto, Kakaro, along with the current King of Gaston Kias Titalas, was trained to become one of the guardians of a dangerous relic known as Pandora's Box, an item that contained a Demon with immeasurable power. Enticed by the tales of the box and desiring its great power for himself, Kakaro attempted to open it, but was stopped and defeated by Kias and their master. Fleeing Gaston, Kakaro killed Kias' wife and abducted his infant son from him, swearing to return one day to have his revenge.

Kakaro then spent years fighting in countless battles in order to strengthen himself, quickly gaining a reputation as a fearsome and unstoppable warrior in the process. At some point, he discovered the Mobile Fortress Mamatoto and set out to find people to maintain it for him. He eventually recruited several capable people, most notably Stourin Wald, a ruthless tactician known as the "One-Eyed Ice Dragon". Despite now having a fortress of his own, Kakaro had no way of fighting against Gaston's mighty forces due to Mamatoto's small size and shortage of manpower and instead chose to simply run from enemy nations until his son became old enough to take control of their country's army. He tasked Stourin with the duty of teaching Nanas in the art of war in order for him to become an excellent tactician that would be able to conquer the continent and allow him to reach Gaston again.


Kakaro becomes a demon after opening Pandora's Box.

Eventually, thanks to the efforts of Nanas and his subordinates, Kakaro was finally able to travel to Gaston and conquuer it. During the invasion, Kias appeared before Kakaro as a hologram in a last ditch effort to dissuade him from invading, but was arrogantly ignored. While Nanas and his allies were occupied with fighting against Gaston's ground forces, Kakaro went to the nation's throne room and challenged Kias to single combat for ownership of Pandora's Box. Kakaro defeated Kias easily, but was interrupted by a confused Nanas shortly afterward, who attempted to stop him from opening the box out of fear of its contents. No longer making any effort to hide his true character, Kakaro ignored his son and opened the box, becoming possessed by the all-powerful demon within it in the process. The demonic Kakaro then immediately fled the scene, intending to exterminate all life, but was eventually cornered and defeated by Nanas and his subordinates before he was able to do so. During his final moments, Kakaro ridiculed Nanas, callously telling him that he only ever viewed him as a tool to be used to conquer the world with and prodding him to kill him. Nanas showed only pity towards his father, claiming that he would always remember him as a kind and loving man regardless of who he really was, and chose to walk away rather than end his life. Angered and confused, Kakaro demanded that Nanas finish him off like a man, but was instead killed by his son's closest subordinate.

Personality and Appearance[]

Kakaro was a large man with a massive body made up of a combination of fat and muscle. His body was covered in several unsightly scars that showcased the lifetime of battles he had fought. He was generally bald, but had a few tufts of spiky red hair with a matching beard. When acting innocent, he gave himself a wide-eyed and somewhat oblivious expression, but when acting as his true self, he had a sharp, sinister gaze.


Kakaro is presented as a diffident and meek man.

He was initially presented as a man with little ambition and motivation. In his small fortress, he had been running for many years, unable to fight back against the bigger nations. In the past, he was widely touted throughout the world as a valiant man, but he no longer showed any trace of that later in his life, being faint-hearted and spiritless. He was timid and easily excitable, but was still a supportive and caring father to both of his children, who deeply loved and respected him. This docile and cowardly persona, however, was simply a front that Kakaro utilized to put others off guard. In actuality, he was selfish, perverted, cruel, and manipulative. Whenever Kakaro wanted something, his true personality came out.

He was an extraordinarily cruel man who believed that strength was the only thing that mattered in a person, and that the strong were free to do whatever they please to the weak. As a result, he had no empathy for any other person, and saw even his own children as disposable tools. His desire for power surpassed all other aspects of his character, and he was perfectly willing to exterminate all human life so long as it proved him to be the strongest.


Kakaro freely abused women without a hint of sympathy.

He was a very sadistic person, and derived a large amount of pleasure from rape and torture. His hobby was turning women into his "toys" by breaking them into submission until they completely gave themselves up to him. His libido was inhuman, and he mentioned having been sexually active since he was only five years old, meaning that he thought about having sex constantly. He had no boundaries in his lust, and was perfectly willing to turn his own daughter into his sex slave without any sort of hesitation. During sex, he was extremely abusive and enjoyed practicing BDSM with his victims. His cruelty extended to the bedroom, and he was not above severing the limbs of the woman he was sleeping with for his own enjoyment. He also enjoyed using all sorts of sex toys, and regularly spent his free time with pornography that showcased extensive acts of brutality, typically bought from Pluepet.  

Despite his incredible lust, Kakaro wasn't satisfied by simply any type of woman, and had a vocal distaste for tomboys and boorish girls, as he believed that women should be graceful and refined. He prefered more innocent and fragile girls, as he enjoyed thoroughly abusing them to the point of insanity.

Along with his cruelty, Kakaro was also surprisingly cunning, and was able to convincingly portray himself as a kind and timid man for several years, with only his closest subordinates Stourin Wald and Tamocchi Maulita knowing of his true character. This deception allowed him to easily gain the trust of others, and caused the women he targeted to let their guards down when around him.

Kakaro's most notable relationship was with his adopted son Nanas. Kakaro kidnapped Nanas as an infant out of a combination of wanting to spite his nemesis Kias and a desire to raise him into a genius tactician that could conquer the world for him. Kakaro had no real affection for Nanas and saw him as nothing more than a useful tool for fulfilling his ambitions. He also took note of Nanas' popularity with women, and used it to his advantage when creating sex slaves. Nanas, in contrast, had grown up believing Kakaro to be the quiet and caring man he pretended to be, and carried a great amount of love and respect for him as a result. Even after discovering his true character, Nanas refused to kill his father due to the love he still maintained towards him, an action that drove Kakaro to despair in his final moments.



Kakaro's attacking sprite in Rance VI.

Kakaro was an absurdly powerful fighter who fought with a ruthless array of unarmed fighting techniques. His strength was ludicrous, to the point of being several magnitudes higher than Rick Addison, who is regularly referred to as the strongest man in the world. He was able to quickly and effortlessly kill General Karl Ojizan of Buron, a man well known for being a talented and powerful soldier, as well as knock Sienna Geliciam unconscious with a single strike and block her kicks with no effort. His strength was so great that even highly talented and experienced warriors such as Stourin Wald and Rick Addison feared facing him in combat.

Besides his offensive power, Kakaro was also an incredibly tough man who was able to emerge unscathed from several situations that would normally kill a person. When Nalzgeis the Witch, noted for her incredible magic power, launched a magical blast directly at Mamatoto's throne room, Kakaro showed no external injuries and was only briefly stunned, despite the fact that the room was completely destroyed and Stourin, who was also hit by the attack, was near fatally injured.


In the past, Kakaro trained to become the Guardian of Physical Strength, the world's most powerful physical fighter who would guard Pandora's Box alongside the Guardian of Magic. While Kakaro was initially on equal footing with Kias Titalis, his generation's Guardian of Magic, to the point of losing against him when Kias was assisted by their master during Kakaro's betrayal, after several decades of extensive training, Kakaro became much more powerful than his rival, and was able to beat him to death while sustaining minimal injuries himself. 

In addition to his incomparable fighting prowess, Kakaro was also a highly intelligent man. He was extremely good at manipulating others into doing his bidding, and was capable of planning very far into the future. His decision to raise Nanas into a strategist skilled enough to conquer the world was highly effective, and allowed him to achieve his goals after nearly two decades of work. Additionally, he was also incredibly cautious, carefully planning out his movements in order to ensure that he did not draw any unnecessary attention onto himself. It is thanks to this cautiousness that he was able to sexually abuse most of Mamatoto's female commanders while remaining unnoticed by his son.


  • The original concept of Mamatoto revolved primarily around Kakaro stealing women from Nanas, meaning he was initially conceived as the main protagonist of the game prior to the focus shifting more towards Nanas and his world conquest.
  • Kakaro appears as a bonus boss fight in Rance VI and as a rare monster type known as Kakaro's Ghost in Persiom.
  • During the final battle, Kakaro will be killed by whichever commander has the highest relationship points with Nanas.
  • A character known as McKinley that resembles a combination of Kakaro and McKinley from the Alicesoft game Daiteikoku appears as one of the four members of Alternastein in the Alicesoft browser game Beat Battle Escalation Heroines.




Mamatoto OST - Kakaro


Mamatoto OST - Kakaro's true character