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Kaiju Queen
Japanese 怪獣王妃
Romanization kaijū ōhi
Race Kaiju
Sex Female
World Kaiju World
Affiliation Kaiju, Monsters


The Kaiju Queen is the queen of the Kaiju race and the mother of the Kaiju Prince and Princess. Of the kaiju royal family, she has the least amount of information known about her.

While she has not yet made a physical appearance in an Alicesoft game, concept artwork reveals the Kaiju Queen to resemble an attractive Human woman with a voluptuous figure in a form-fitting dress wearing a large and extravagant headpiece. As she is a member of the kaiju royal family, she possesses the same green tail, purple hair and pointed ears as her daughter.

The Kaiju Queen is a kind and elegant woman who is beloved by her subjects. She is completely devoted to assisting her husband the Kaiju King with running the country, and serves as a constant source of steadfast support to him throughout all situations. She is also an incredibly loving mother who is admired as a pillar of moral guidance by both of her children. Like all members of her species, she ends all of her sentences with the word "gyah".

The Kaiju Queen has played an important advisory role to the Kaiju King since the beginning of his reign, and it is thanks to her cool head and talent for administration that he has been able to successfully maintain the era of peace he brought to Kaiju World. While she supports all of her husband's decisions, she is far more moderate and calm than he is, and often acts as a voice of reason when he becomes too wound up. She shares his unpleasant view of humans, but is more willing to change her stance on them after hearing from her children that they are capable of doing good.


As the queen of the already very powerful kaiju race, the Kaiju Queen is an extraordinarily strong being with power that far surpasses most creatures.

While the full extent of her abilities are largely unknown, the Kaiju Queen likely shares the rest of her family's absurdly high physical and magical resistance and astounding strength. Unlike her husband and children, however, she herself is not a trained warrior, and is likely the least powerful member of her family in terms of skill as a result. Despite this, she is still likely far stronger than even the most talented human could ever hope to be, and her raw natural abilities alone are enough to make her a match for most Dark Lords.

Like all other members of the kaiju royal family, the Kaiju Queen rides atop a member of the Troy species in battle. Her troy is female and is capable of reaching speeds of up to mach .5, the slowest of her family but still very fast.