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This article refers to the reptilian race that travels through different Alicesoft games. For the gigantic creatures that inhabit The Continent, see Kaiju (The Continent).

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An army of kaiju soldiers.

Kaiju (怪獣, kaijū) are a strange race of creatures from an Alternate Dimension. They have appeared in several Alicesoft games, but have never played a major role in any of them.

The kaiju are a lizard-like race that possess naturally thick, resilient skin that allows them to thrive in hot climates as well as give them great defense against both physical and magical attacks. Males of the species have different skin colors depending on their position in society, with civilians having brown, blue or purple skin, and members of the royal family having green skin. Female kaiju differ significantly in appearance, resembling Human women with pointed ears, but retain their species' distinct tails. While generally quite short, with most only reaching about 100cm in height, the stronger members of the species can be much bigger, with their king being 300cm tall. Kaiju are largely identical to humans in mannerisms, but end almost all of their sentences with the word "gyah".

In addition to their thick skin, kaiju are incredibly strong, with even an untrained member of the species being much stronger than the average human. They also possess a natural affinity for the Magic Arts, and their strongest spell casters rival Lv3 Magic users in skill. The strongest kaiju far surpass the strongest humans in ability, with the Kaiju King rivaling lower-ranked Gods in power.

Troy male

A machu picchu; a male member of the troy species.

While kaiju rarely have to fight, their army is large and well-equipped, with weaponry made from strong materials found only in their dimension. Kaiju soldiers always fight seriously and have keen tactical minds that make them highly effective fighters. In addition, the royal family have domesticated the exceedingly fast Troy race to use as steads in battle, boosting their effectiveness even further. Few other armies from any known dimension could even hope to compare to the kaiju in military greatness.

Kaiju hail from a place known as the Kaiju World, an arid continent inhabited solely by Monsters and ruled by the benevolent Kaiju King. As they are free from gods and other races to create conflict for them, the kaiju succeeded in uniting their world and live in relative paradise. They lead lives closely resembling those of humans, though they are far more technologically and magically advanced, being able to fly through the air and travel between dimensions with relative ease, two feats that would be considered legendary by humans.

Despite living in peace, the visions of the kaiju's spiritual leader, the Kaiju Priest, have allowed them to observe the poor treatment that monsters receive in other dimensions and has caused great unrest within their society. In an attempt to rectify this, the Kaiju King sent his son and daughter, aided by their race's army, to travel across other worlds to free the monsters within them from oppression. It is because of this that they often fall into conflict with humanity despite being entirely benevolent.

The Kaiju Royal Family[]

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