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True End Guide[]

The game has a branching level system where you pick a single level per tier and then go on to the next tier once you complete that level. Unfortunately, many of the final levels are dead ends. In order to actually beat the game you need to pick a specific level in each tier. Yamane will tell the player the proper order if you clear stage Q, R, S, or T without getting a Bad End (below). However, there is no need to actually see this cutscene to get the True End.

The correct order is:


Once you complete Q you will gain access to another few levels that will wrap up the plot of the game. Make sure to have gotten all your class/Gal Monster materials while shopping after Level V, as you will not have access to a shop for the rest of the game after you enter the secret passage.

CG Guide[]

There are five ways to get CGs in this game. Remember, to earn a CG in the CG Gallery, you must save after obtaining that CG, which can only be done after clearing, losing or suspending a level in progress.

Watch Opening/Visit Alice[]

There are two CGs from the opening scene and one from Alice's house on the main menu. To obtain them, you need to see them and then save. If you skip the opening, you don't unlock the CGs, so you must sit there for the whole thing and then save your game by clearing or suspending Stage A or later.

If Alice's House isn't unlocked in your gallery, it can be quickly obtained by visiting the house on the Main Menu, loading a save in town, and then saving again immediately.

Gal Monsters[]

Every Gal Monster has a CG with your level god, Yamane. To get this CG, you must give a single Gal Monster to Yamane, leave the Class Change menu, and then return to the menu without leaving the current Stage. A good way to earn these CGs without sacrificing Gal Monsters is to save at town, enter a dungeon and give Yamane the new Gal monster, then Suspend. Reload your town save and you will have the Gal still in your inventory and have the CG.

Beat Levels and Clearing the Game[]

Every level in the game gives a CG upon completion, except maps R, S and T (and map Q while on the wrong path). They tell you how to beat the game instead (above). The quickest way to get all the CGs is to save at each tier and beat each level, save, and then reload to before the level you just beat. Do this for every level at that tier then beat the level needed for the true end last.

The true end rewards two additional CGs.

Bad Ends[]

Every one of your female companions has a bad end, which are obtained in two ways depending on the character. The following character's Bad Ends must be earned in a very particular fashion.

  • Arisa
  • Carrot
  • Charme
  • Raira
  • Wendy

To earn these Bad Ends, the player must go to the third, fourth or fifth columns of levels, but not to a stage that's part of the true path (that is: not J, N, or Q). It does not matter if the player has been following the true path up to this point or not, those stages cannot be used. This means the player can visit stages G, H, I, K, L, M, O, P, R, S, T or U to acquire Bad Ends. The same stage can be used multiple times if you wish: for example, the player can earn all the Bad Ends by visiting Stage H over and over, so long as you follow the instructions below.

Once in the stage, the player must lose one of the five characters above, and only that character. Any additional deaths will disqualify you from the Bad End. The character can be killed by monster attack or by being rolled off the left side of the screen, and there is no harm in keeping the character alive until the final few turns. Once the character is lost, the player must clear the stage as normal. At this point, the party will notice their friend is "missing," you will earn the CG, and will get a Game Over and a chance to save.

The bad endings for Arietta and Elaine are earned by simply beating stage U or P (respectively), without qualifying for one of the above bad ends. The above bad ends have priority over Arietta and Elaine's.


Rarestones are a fairly rare drop from monsters. Every 10 gives you a CG and some bonus stat points you can give to whoever you want. There are 5 RareStone CGs in total, meaning you require 50 RareStones. During the story, you will only earn around 15 RareRare stones. Instead, you'll have to turn to Completion Mode.

Upon beating the game you can enter Completion mode, where you can set the level of the enemies and go through random maps. There are two unique bosses in Completion mode but to see them you need to grind to do a lot of it. You start with access to floor 15, and can unlock floors one at a time by clearing the previous highest floor. The bosses appear on floor 100 and 334. Beating the floor 334 boss (Gunagan) will get you a CG that does not enter the gallery.

CG List[]

Row 1:

  1. [Poron Chao, Peperon Chao and Pitten Chao] Watching the Intro.
  2. Ending, part 1.
  3. [Raira] Clear Stage E.
  4. [Wendy and Raira] Clear Stage K.
  5. [Raira] Clear Stage J.
  6. [Raira] Bad End.
  7. [Wendy] Clear Stage H.
  8. [Wendy] Clear Stage F.

Row 2:

  1. [Wendy and Carrot] Clear Stage B.
  2. [Wendy] Bad End.
  3. [Arietta] Clear Stage D.
  4. [Arietta and Elaine] Clear Stage I.
  5. [Poron and Arietta] Clear Stage Y.
  6. [Arietta] Bad End, Clear Stage U.
  7. [Arisa and SD party members] Clear Stage M.
  8. [Charme and Arisa] Clear Stage N. 

Row 3:

  1. [Wendy and Charme] Clear Stage Q.
  2. [Arisa] Bad End.
  3. [Charme, Poron, Arisa] Clear Stage A.
  4. [Charme, Arisa] Clear Stage G.
  5. [Charme] Bad End.
  6. [Elaine] Clear Stage O.
  7. [Elaine] Clear Stage C.
  8. [Elaine, evil Poron] Bad End, Clear Stage P.

Row 4:

  1. [Carrot] Clear Stage W.
  2. [Carrot, Charme, Wendy] Clear Stage X.
  3. [Poron and Carrot] Clear Stage L.
  4. [Carrot] Bad End.
  5. [Alice with Yukichi] Alice's Mansion.
  6. [Whole Party] Watch the Intro.
  7. Ending, part 2.
  8. RareStone #1.

Row 5:

  1. RareStone #2.
  2. RareStone #3.
  3. RareStone #4.
  4. RareStone #5.
  5. [KyanKyan and Yamane]
  6. [Magisco and Yamane]
  7. [Goldfish Tamer and Yamane]
  8. [Geckon and Yamane]

Row 6:

  1. [Frog Girl and Yamane]
  2. [Bee Girl and Yamane]
  3. [ZashikiWarashi and Yamane]
  4. [Hebi-san and Yamane]
  5. [Magician and Yamane]
  6. [Handy and Yamane]
  7. [Mighty Witch and Yamane]
  8. [Valkyrie and Yamane]