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An organization that punishes those the law won't... that's what Justice is.

Wichita Skate, on Justice.


Justice (ジャスティス, jasutisu) is an organization founded by Wichita Skate, a former aide of the king of the Magic Kingdom of Zeth Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi. Created with the intention of continuing to uphold the ideals of her fallen lord, it aims to unify the Human race through acts of heroism.

Justice's origins date back to a key moment in the 2nd Dark Lord War, in which Wichita was brutally assaulted by the Dark Lord Medusa after a failed attempt at assisting Gandhi in subduing her. While both Gandhi and his escort Kaoru Quincy Kagura were killed in the attack, Wichita's life was miraculously saved due to her possession of a Hanny Zippo, a rare item given to her by Gandhi capable of restoring the life of the person holding it. Despite her survival, the severe physical and mental trauma Wichita endured left her hospitalized for the duration of the war and in need of several years of intensive therapy when she recovered. When she was finally discharged from the hospital in the early RA Era, she contemplated committing suicide for a time before resolving to instead continue living for the sake of ensuring that Gandhi's dream of creating a world free of conflict and discrimination would carry on in his absence. To accomplish this, she founded an organization that she declared would punish those that the law refused to, which she named Justice in tribute to the concept that Gandhi had championed throughout his lifetime.

During the early days of its existence, Justice focused primarily on finding and dismantling operations within Zeth that sought to exploit the country's economically-disadvantaged former second-class citizens. Its movements steadily caught the attention of various idealistic people across the nation, who volunteered to join its ranks to help expand its outreach. As the organization grew in power, however, so to did the uncertainty of its mission. Without Gandhi's unwavering passion to drive her, Wichita gradually became disillusioned with her ability to fairly judge another person's actions as being intrinsically good or evil. To alleviate her concerns, she commissioned an expedition through the Monster Realm to seek out Arios Theoman, the man who had most recently served as the Guardian Hero of the World, in order to gain his insight on the true meaning of the concept of justice. While Arios was successfully recovered from the Monster Realm and resuscitated in Justice's medical facility, Wichita was crushed to discover that he had lost all will to live and was only able to provide her with further uncertainty about whether justice could be conclusively defined.

Justice experienced a significant shift in its ethos during the Hero's Disaster of RA0004. While performing an operation to infiltrate the estate of Marzowa Tomomiya, a corrupt moneylender who had been abusing his station to manipulate former second-class citizens into taking out high-interest loans, the organization was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Geimark, the young man who had succeeded Arios as the Hero. Intending to sow chaos across The Continent to rapidly reduce the human population and increase the power of the Heroic Blade Escudo, Geimark and his followers violently ransacked the city of Italia, where Marzowa's residence was located, in search of a powerful Balance Breaker to assist them in their goal. Geimark at first attempted to persuade Justice to join his cause by claiming to the spiritless Wichita that the only way of attaining a peaceful future was by sacrificing enough of humanity to strengthen Escudo to a point where it could slay the Demon King and free the world from its influence. The exchange was stopped by Arios, who had rediscovered his desire to help others no matter the cost after his conversation with Wichita and declared that he would do all in his power to protect the people of Italia from Geimark. Arios' profound display of inner resolve was enough to clear Wichita's mind of all lingering doubts and motivate her to take action against the new Hero, joining hands with Arios to assist civilians in evacuating from the ruined city. After Geimark and his followers were forced to flee elsewhere, Wichita approached Arios and asked him to lead Justice alongside her, stating that he had proven himself as a true hero in her eyes.

Under the joint leadership of Arios and Wichita, Justice reoriented its goals to focus primarily on stopping Geimark from exterminating the human race. In doing this, it hoped to inspire the people it protected to gain the strength needed to fight for themselves until all of humanity could stand together to defeat the Demon King. While it failed to ever decisively defeat Geimark, Justice's exploits attracted global attention and enabled it to play a prominent role in the War of the Brutal King years later. It is unknown if the organization remained intact following the War of the Brutal King, Arios continued to lead an adventuring party with the goal of defeating the Demon King until the end of the RA era, suggesting that its principles persisted regardless.

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  • Justice and its first clash with the Hero Geimark are the focus of the short story "THE GUARDIAN HERO OF..." included in Hanihon X, a special edition of Alicesoft's discontinued Hanihon magazine released to commemorate the end of the Rance Series.
  • Justice was first mentioned during Wichita's epilogue in Rance Quest, in which it is stated that she leads the group and assists the Hero in defeating the Demon King. Wichita's epilogue claims that Gandhi is the founder of Justice, which is explained in "THE GUARDIAN HERO OF..." as being the result of her naming him as its founder in spirit.
  • In a Twitter Q&A to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the release of Rance X, Orion, the lead artist of the Rance series, stated that it was likely that Matilda Mateury joined Justice, but clarified that her fate after her appearance in Rance Quest had not been concretely decided.