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Unit Description[]

The girl that inherited the position of Royal Guard Captain from Leila.

The unit that was organized under Leila now shows no trace of that. It has become a disorderly mob that has nothing besides beauty.

Has no special skills and her initial stats are very low, but she can be greatly improved if taken to meet the Hanny King.


  • She joins if Leila is killed on the battlefield, or if she's given to Nobunaga.
  • Required for:



"She became the captain of the Royal Guard in Leila's place, but she's a troublesome girl whose only redeeming feature is her energy.

She still hasn't matured, so she's lacking.

Oh well, maybe I should raise her." -Rance


  • To call her in the harem, you must have raised her maximum troop count to 400 or more.
  • If you send her to meet the Hanny King, he can greatly improve her stats, which will set her on her happy ending. If you then send Rance to meet the Hanny King, you can offer Julia as his pet to get him to join, which will cause you to lose Julia and set her on her unhappy ending.
  • It is best not to have Leila killed or given away until you reach the bottom floor of the Haniwa Temple, as it is one of the hardest dungeons in the game and Leila is one of the few decent dungeon commanders in the game.
  • If she dies or is given to the Hanny King, Aviator will join you and close the Girl Officer School, making Rafalia and Arlcoate unobtainable if you haven't gotten them yet.