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Excuse me, please don't touch me. I'm your enemy, you know. My name is Jofuka. I'm part of an assassination group hired to take your life, Rance.

—Jofuka, rejecting Rance's advancements on her.

Japanese 如芙花
Romanization jofuka
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Diviner/Yin Yang
World The Continent
Affiliation Marishiten Assassination Brigade, Angel Army
Level limit 33
Skill levels Diviner/Yin Yang Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance 4.2

About[edit | edit source]

Jofuka is a member of the Marishiten Assassination Brigade and the sole female in the group.

Jofuka has a refined and noble appearance.

Her distinctly JAPANese-style clothing and status as a Diviner suggest that she is from the country, though her exact connection to it and the Houjou House, if she has any at all, are unknown.

She has a refined and haughty personality akin to that of a noblewoman, and is incredibly confident in her abilities. She is also quite childish, and tends to throw tantrums when she loses or otherwise doesn't get her way.

She and the rest of her teammates were hired by the Angel Army in Rance 4.2 to assist in defeating Rance, who was attempting to destroy the organization at the time. She was the second member of the group to fight Rance, where she was ultimately defeated. She later attempted to fight Rance's party once again alongside her teammates Spartan and Dangerous Bravo, but once again lost. While she can be both raped and killed in gameplay, she canonically avoided both of these fates and survived alongside the rest of her teammates.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Jofuka Battler.png

Jofuka is a competent Diviner that can summon powerful wind elementals to fight for her in battle. These spirits are capable of dealing large amounts of damage as well as causing status effects that hinder her opponent, such as slowing down their movement or reducing their damage.

While her abilities as a Diviner are overshadowed by more proficient practitioners such as Houjou Souun, Diviners are a rarity outside of JAPAN and, as she does most of her work on the rest of the Continent, very few of the opponents she faces are aware of her style. Because of this, her fighting style tends to catch most of her enemies off guard and gives her a large advantage in battle.

In addition to her skills as a Diviner, she is exceptionally good at working alongside her teammates and, when combining her magical abilities with Dangerous Bravo's speed and Spartan's strength, the three become much stronger than they are individually.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is the first Diviner to appear in the series, and the only Diviner to debut outside of Sengoku Rance.
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