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Hey, hey! I'm running a reliable and honest shop here! Everything comes with a two hour guarantee! Go on, buy lots of stuff!

—Jitarou Daimon, attempting to swindle a suspicious customer.

This Character has reached their Level Cap
Jitarou Daimon
Japanese 大門 次太郎
Romanization Daimon Jitarō
Race Human
Age / Birth 71 / GI0951
Sex Male
Status Alive
Class Civilian
World The Continent
Affiliation DX Association, Kathtom, Free Cities Alliance
Level limit 3
Skill levels Driving Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance II, Rance 02


Jitarou Daimon is a low-ranking member of the DX Association, the largest criminal organization on The Continent, who owns and operates the erotic goods store Bottari in the Free City of Kathtom.

During the events of Rance 02, Jitarou's store was forcefully moved from its original location into the depths of the artificial maze created by Eleanor Ran, one of the Four Witches of Kathtom who had taken control over the city after being corrupted by the power of the Phil Rings. Despite being placed in a location largely devoid of intelligent life, Jitarou still attempted to run his business from within the maze. Jitarou was eventually found by the duo of the warrior Rance and Maria Custard, a reformed member of the four witches, during their search for Ran, after which he promptly tried to sell his various erotic wares to them. While Rance was annoyed by Jitarou's looks and mannerisms and confused by the terrible location of his store, he gleefully partook in purchasing various goods such as rope, a vibrator and a powerful aphrodisiac from him.

Following the destruction of the Phil Rings and the reformation of Kathtom, Jitarou's store returned to its original location, where it currently remains in business.

Personality and Appearance[]

Jitarou is an old man with greying black hair in a short crew cut and thick eyebrows. His eyes are always shown as being closed and he possesses a strange-looking brown mark above his right eyebrow. His clothing consists of a simple white shirt with a small brown haramaki around his waist and what appears to be a good luck charm around his neck. He is described as being "thuggish-looking" by Rance, suggesting that his appearance is fairly suspicious.

A dedicated member of the DX Association, Jitarou works hard to sell his products and generate more profit for his organization. This dedication causes him to rather aggressively attempt to convince any and all people who approach him to become his customers, largely to mixed results. He is suggested to be fairly unintelligent, as while he is meant to keep his ties to the DX Association a secret while running his business, he does an exceedingly poor job of hiding his obviously shady character when interacting with customers, to the point of outright being called a yakuza by Rance.

Like all members of the DX Association, Jitarou is heavily implied to take part in highly-dubious business practices. Notably, he claims that all of his products have a two hour quality guarantee, which both Rance and Maria call out as being ridiculously short.

Powers and Abilities[]

A perfectly ordinary Human, Jitarou is an entirely unremarkable individual. He possesses a low Level Cap of 3, which he has reached, giving him a very limited amount of combat ability. Jitarou is also in possession of a Driving Lv1 Skill Level, suggesting that he has a high amount of potential as a Cow rider, though, as he is never shown riding a cow, whether he has taken advantage of this talent or not is unknown.

As a business owner, Jitarou is fairly competent at organizing and managing the distribution and sales of his products. His skills are not particularly noteworthy, however, and he is prone to making poor business decisions such as attempting to continue operating his store even when inside of a dungeon and doing an exceedingly poor job of hiding the questionable origins and quality of his products.


  • Jitarou mentions having a brother who also sells erotic items, implying that he is also a member of the DX Association, though he is never encountered at any point.
  • Jitarou is never referred to by his real name throughout his appearance in Rance 02, instead simply being referred to as one of either "old man" or "yakuza".
  • Jitarou is the first member of the DX Association to ever appear in the Rance Series, though his status as one was only revealed via his profile in the Rance World Notes.