I'm Jinnai Heita, the man aiming to be a man. When the time comes to fight, I'll fight.

—Jinnai Heita


Jinnai Heita
Japanese 陣内兵太
Romanization jinnai heita
Race Human
Sex Male
World Japan (Big Bang Age)
Affiliation Wolf Fang
Appeared in Big Bang Age

Jinnai Heita is a young man who wishes to "become a man". He adores Rouga's power and wishes to become strong like him.

Through rigorous training, it is possible for Heita to become Super Heita. This changes his type and greatly increases his stats. He also learns an incredibly powerful new skill: Ten Years Knuckle. Everytime this skill is used, Heita loses 10 years of his lifespan. If Heita uses it seven times, he will immediately die.

Battle quote - "I'm Jinnai Heita, the man aiming to be a man! I'm so hot you're gonna burn!"

Personality and Appearance[]

Heita is notably brash and gutsy. He appears to look up to strong people and wants to be more like them.

Heita normally has brown hair and wears a blue and white outfit over a red shirt. He also wears red gloves with black accents. Around his neck is a yellow scarf.

When in Super Heita form, Heita's hair turns blonde and his outfit becomes rred instead of blue. The shirt becomes black and his scarf turns white. The gloves remain the same.