It's just like the past wartime in our world. The commanders all have familiar names, too. This looks more fun than lands of fantasy like Leazas and Zeth.

Miki Kurusu, on JAPAN.


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JAPAN is an island nation off the south-east corner of The Continent, connected by the Tenma Bridge. Due to the separation from the main continent, JAPAN has developed a very different culture to that of the main land and even its main religion is different. It's usually filled with inner conflicts and civil wars. 

Population: Approx. 20 million

Capital: Owari

Leader: Kouhime

JAPAN was formed in NC0321 when the Holy Beast Orochi crashed and broke a piece of land from the Continent. Orochi hid in that broken piece of land, keeping it afloat. Also, from the influence of Orochi, mysterious creatures called Youkai started appearing from strong emotions that took corporeal form with Orochi's power. They usually can't leave JAPAN or they would dissappear due to being too far away from the Holy Beast.

Due to a mistake from the 2nd Class Goddess Amaterasu, Hell Holes popped all over JAPAN, a series of portals that appear in the land that connect directly to Hell and leads Onis to cause chaos in the country. As an apology, Amaterasu granted JAPANese the Tenma Bridge, the Emperor Artifacts and taught them how to make Miso soup.

Prior to the creation of the Tenma Bridge in NC0440, travel between JAPAN and the Continent was possible once every 10 years when the tide rises. The Tenma Bridge also allows JAPAN to stay afloat along with the continent without the need of a Holy Beast. Thus, the Holy Beast Orochi fell asleep due to being unneeded, although it creates earthquakes when he sheds its skin.

The Tenshi Sect is the largest religious institution in JAPAN. In fact, after the AL Church of the main continent, Tenshi is the largest religion on The Continent. More than 80% of the population of JAPAN are followers, and everyone in JAPAN is under its influence in one way or the other. It has temples everywhere, and is related to every lord of every house. It has its own army of monk warriors whose abilities rival the troops of other houses.

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JAPAN is under a feudal system, with the lord of major houses each ruling their own territories (provinces). During times in which there is no strong leadership, JAPAN enters a Sengoku period in which different houses and clans openly fight each other to gain territory, until one of them establishes complete dominance.

An Alternative to the feudal way of deciding who rules, there is also the Emperor Race, a contest devised by Amaterasu in which many people compete to gain the Emperor Artifacts, three sacred treasures that will make their owner the Emperor, the unquestionable ruler of JAPAN.


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Trivia Edit

  • JAPAN's culture and many important characters are often based on or puns of the sengoku period of Japanese history.
  • The name is intentionally written as "JAPAN" in the original Japanese to distinguish it from the "Japan" of our world. This wiki follows the same capitalization method in order to emulate the effect.
  • In the Yandere Translations, JAPAN is translated as just "Japan".
  • Characters from JAPAN have their family name listed before their given name, paralleling the naming structure of the Japan of our world.
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