Japanese イシス
Romanization ishisu
Race Golem Guardian
Sex Male
Class Apostle
World The Continent
Affiliation Satella, Hornet Faction
Appeared in Rance III, Rance 03


Isis is a stone Golem Guardian made by Dark Lord Satella with her unique ability to craft golems, and he's her first major guardian made. He's always close to Satella and follows her every command.

He's 180 cm. tall, weights 300 kg. and wields two stone blades in both arms.

He was killed during the events of Rance 03 when he saved Satella from being sealed by a magic seal prepared by Sel Catchgolf, moving her out of the way and receiving the shot instead. Satella was incredibly mad and upset by his decease.

A few years later by Rance Quest, she made another Isis to replace him based on the same model, called Isis 2.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Satella Guardian Isis Battler

With speed and strength, Isis is a force to be reckoned.

He's not quite as strong as Caesar but he's still a very powerful combatant with a very tough and rock-solid body, combined with an outstanding speed and surprisingly heavy blows. Isis is a very well-rounded warrior and he could easily trash the famous duo of adventurers Lark and Noah and an even more impressive feat was being able to defeat Rick Addison in 1 on 1 fight, who's one of the world's strongest humans of the current era. Isis' only weakness is his low intelligence. Since he was Satella's first guardian, he's not very smart, although he's still rational. He's incapable of speaking but can understand language perfectly, although he only listens to Satella's orders.


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