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Io Ishtar
Japanese イオ・イシュタル
Romanization Io Ishutaru
Race Human
Age / Birth 26 / GI0996
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 169cm / 53kg
Measurements B86 / W59 / H88
Status Alive
Class Mage
World The Continent
Affiliation Helman
Level limit 40+
38 (Rance IV)
Skill levels Magic Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance IV, Rance X
Mentioned in Rance IX

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Io Ishtar was part of the small Helman expedition to Ylapu in Rance IV under the command of Bitch Golch, along with Merim Tser, Hubert Lipton, and Dens Blau. Their goal was to reactivate a long dormant Toushin to use as a weapon for the Helman Empire. Io's role during the expedition was the group's mage, though she was also skilled in mind control. Once Bitch becomes aware of Rance's presence upon the floating island, she is sent off alone to infiltrate his group and uncover any information or artifacts he may possess - if neither, she is to manipulate Rance into finding these for the Helman group.

Rance eventually finds her being assaulted by a monster, believing her to be a helpless girl and waits for the perfect moment to rescue her. However, Io quickly dispatches the monster with her magic, then discovers Rance and puts him under her influence with her mind control, making him believe that he is in love with her. For a a time Io then directs much of Rance's actions - including several uncomfortable sexual activities involving Sill - until the intervention of the Rance Rescue Team, specifically Rick Addison defeating Rance and driving Io off.

Io is little seen for the remainder of the adventure, until near the end when Bitch trades her to Rance for the artifacts Rance has spent the entire adventure gathering so that he can "have his revenge." Rance quickly agrees. Despite receiving a good deal of carnal punishment from Rance (which she seems to somewhat enjoy), Io eventually rejoins as a member of Rance's party after the reactivation of Toushin Upsilon in an effort to save the world from the raging Toushin.

In Rance X, she is forced to fight against the monster army. She also reencounters Rance and Sill after about 6 years.

Appearance and Personality[]

Io has spiky silver hair and silver eyes. She has a mischievous personality, making a habit of saying ridiculous lies to get a rise out of others and see them panic. She highly enjoys sexual activity, being one of the few women who can go several rounds with Rance and compete with him for dominance. She is bisexual and also seems to harbor some sadism as she abused Sill in Rance IV.

Her attitude is mostly carefree and she tends to take things casually at her own pace.


Io possesses an above level cap of 38 and a lv1 Magic Skill making her a fairly skilled mage but she is limited by her laziness. She uses lightning spells in combat and is also proficient in illusion and charm magic which she uses to infiltrate enemies.


  • Io is a bisexual who frequently used Sill to cater to her sadistic tendencies while having threesomes with Rance in Rance IV.
  • At the end of Rance IV, she was seen hitting on a male on-duty Helman soldier.    
  • During the events of Rance IX, she did not enter the line of combat and is thinking of retiring.
  • She is the first playable character to be from Helman.
  • When she is defeated in battle in Rance IV, she will break the fourth wall and hilariously lie about permanently dying and being unable to return.