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Inukai-sama loves doggies. He doesn't show it on his face, but he loves them. He probably loves doggies more than people.

Suzume, on Inukai

Japanese 犬飼
Romanization Inukai
Race Human
Age / Birth 33 / GI0988
Sex Male
Status Alive
Class Ninja
World The Continent
Affiliation Iga House, JAPAN
Level limit 47
Skill levels Ninja Lv2 (?)
Appeared in Sengoku Rance, Three for the Slash! Thrust! Burn!
Mentioned in Rance Quest


Inukai body.png

Inukai is the dog-loving leader of Iga House, a JAPANese nation of Ninja.

Inukai is responsible for Iga declaring itself as an independent nation in order to improve the rights of ninja throughout JAPAN. As the leader of Iga, Inukai is recognized as the Ninja King, the highest-ranking and most skilled ninja on The Continent.

Inukai was born into the Iga clan when it was still subordinate to Oda House. In his youth, Inukai was raised by the master ninja Kousaka Yoshikage, who taught him a vast array of powerful skills from a very young age. He was recognized as a prodigy by his clan, and was allowed the honor of serving under the legendary ninja Gekkou, the then-Ninja King of Iga, who further enhanced his talents through rigorous training.

Following Gekkou's apparent death during the Great Youkai War in the year GI1012, Inukai was made the head of the Iga Clan. As Ninja King, Inukai quickly became enraged by the way that Gumo Danjou, the Oda commander left in control of the Iga Clan, treated ninja as entirely expendable. Inukai's hatred of Danjou overpowered his loyalty to Oda, and he later declared Iga to be its own independent nation in order to protect his subordinates from further oppression. From that moment forward, Inukai made it his life's goal to improve the rights of ninja throughout JAPAN.

During the events of Sengoku Rance, Inukai learned that Oda House was under the leadership of a mysterious foreigner, and ordered further investigation to be done on him. Following the realization that Rance intended to conquer JAPAN by destroying all of the other nations within it, Inukai immediately deemed the warrior to be a threat to Iga and ordered his trusted subordinate Suzume to assassinate him. Unexpectedly, Suzume became attached to Rance during her assassination attempt, and decided that serving him was "more fun" than serving Iga, abandoning Inukai in the process. While Inukai was surprised by Suzume's betrayal, his trust in her caused him to reevaluate his decision to kill Rance until his motives had become more clear, causing him to refrain from declaring war against Oda House until it had already conquered most of JAPAN.

Inukai's fate varies heavily depending on the player's actions. If Rance defeats Iga without Suzume's assistance, Inukai will manage to escape with his life and eventually raise a resistance movement to take back Iga. If Suzume assists Rance, Inukai will be killed by the combined efforts of the two. On additional playthroughs, Rance has the option of attempting to assassinate Inukai before conquering Iga, where the two battle but are eventually broken up by Suzume, who persuades Inukai to make Iga rejoin Oda. As an ally, Rance can assist Inukai in taking his revenge against Gumo Danjou, where it is eventually revealed that the Danjou Inukai was pursuing was actually a fake. Inukai immediately begins planning his next attack against Danjou but is foiled when Suzume delivers him Danjou's head, having found and assassinated him with ease, leaving Inukai flabbergasted.

Despite it not being possible on a first playthrough, the option of Inukai submitting Iga to Oda's rule as an ally is considered to have been the canon outcome, as Inukai currently loyally serves under Oda Kou in the unified JAPAN.

During the events of Three for the Slash! Thrust! Burn!, Inukai had been personally instructing Kentou Kanami, who had remained in JAPAN in order to improve her abilities as a ninja. While teaching Kanami the "Blighted Leaves Technique", in which the user feigns death in order to conceal themselves from their enemies, Inukai was forced to return to Iga in order to resolve an urgent matter that had suddenly occurred in the ninja village, leaving Kanami alone in the forest pretending to be a corpse, unaware that he had left. Kanami was then found by the ninja Kakusui, a remnant of Gumo Danjou's personal army the Silver Eye Sect, who intended to avenge her fallen lord by killing both Inukai and Suzume. While Kakusui successfully managed to steal Kanami's Decapitation Blade, she was cornered by Suzume before she was able to complete her mission and was forced to retreat. After hearing about the resurgence of the Silver Eye Sect, Inukai instructed Suzume and Kanami with destroying the organization and reclaiming the Decapitation Blade while he remained in Iga in order to ward off potential invaders. After the Silver Eye Sect was once again destroyed and Kanami had begun her trip to return to Leazas, Inukai decided to resume instructing Suzume, who he believed to have been slacking off on her training while he was teaching Kanami.

Inukai maintained contact with Suzume after she had left JAPAN to live on the mainland of the Continent as Rance's personal ninja in the year LP0006, periodically assigning her with special missions that he believed only she could accomplish. During the events of Rance Quest, he gave her the task of finding and capturing the enigmatic Crane, who had acquired an embarrassing secret about him from his time as a trainee ninja, wherein he accidentally had his crotch coated with venom, removing all of his pubic hair in the process. Despite Inukai desiring to keep the story a secret, Suzume repeatedly told it to several people while attempting to capture Crane.

Personality and Appearance[]

Inukai is a stern, mysterious man.

Inukai is a rather tan man with a muscular and toned body covered in scars and bandages that indicate his vast experience as a ninja. He has short white hair and piercing yellow eyes that always possess an intense and focused expression, giving him a mysterious and intimidating appearance. His clothing consists of a sleeveless black dogi with several gold emblems and a long, flowing scarf.

As the leader of Iga, Inukai takes his duties as Ninja King very seriously, and works tirelessly to improve the rights of his fellow ninja throughout JAPAN. He carries a deep distrust of outsiders due to the past abuse ninja have suffered while working under them, and maintains an extensive spy network that monitors all rival nations to ensure that he will be instantly alerted of any suspicious activity they are performing. He has no tolerance for those who manipulate and abuse the ninja, and will mercilessly pursue them at all costs until they are eliminated.

While he generally possesses a gruff, serious and aloof demeanor, Inukai is shown to have a more comical side that he attempts to keep hidden from others that is frequently brought out by Suzume. He was notably left speechless by her effortless defeat of his lifelong nemesis Gumo Danjou and was noted to have been regularly seen absentmindedly sipping tea in the middle of hallways muttering to himself following the revelation of this. In a development blog by the Alicesoft staff, he is described as being rather shy and bad with people, both of which cause him to be unintentionally seen as dark and enigmatic by others.

Inukai is extremely affectionate towards his army of Wanwans, who he has trained in several potent ninja arts. During his free time, he often does more mundane things with them, such as playing fetch. In return for his love, Inukai's wanwans are extremely loyal to him, and will blow themselves up along with his body without hesitation should he ever fall in battle. Three of these wanwans in particular, Kyankyan, Gecko and Maid-san, were adopted by him as strays and appear to be very close to him, and are loyally by his side at all times.

Inukai possessed a deep trust in the Kunoichi Suzume, who he personally trained as his pupil for several years. Inukai firmly believed that Suzume was the most talented ninja to have ever been produced by Iga, and recognized that her potential far surpassed his own. Prior to her defection to Oda House, Inukai entrusted Suzume with the most dangerous espionage and assassination missions Iga was required to perform. Following her betrayal, he expressed regret that they could no longer work together but respected her decision to make her own choices. This admiration is ultimately what caused him to join Oda House, as he surrendered and allied with them following her declaration that she wanted to continue spending time with him. Despite his love for her, Inukai still expressed annoyance with Suzume when she slacked off from her work, and put her through relentless and grueling training until she met his expectations. Even after Suzume left JAPAN to travel with Rance, she maintained steady contact with Inukai, showing that the strength of their relationship did not diminish with distance.

Despite his usual stoicism, Inukai is deeply afraid of his former superior Gekkou, who he timidly refers to as "Boss", due to the excruciating training he put him through during his early days as a ninja. Inukai loses all of his confidence when in Gekkou's presence, up to the point of immediately surrendering to Oda House and fleeing from his position as Iga's leader upon learning that Gekkou is with them.

Though he was raised by him, Inukai was often annoyed by Kousaka Yoshikage's laid back and carefree personality, creating a rift between the two. Despite this, Inukai still maintained a certain amount of respect for Yoshikage, recognizing his abilities as a ninja and being unsurprised when he formed a friendship with Suzume. Inukai is the only person known to be able to defeat Yoshikage in a game of rock, paper, scissors.


Inukai is a highly skilled and deadly ninja.

As Ninja King, Inukai is recognized as the most powerful ninja in all of JAPAN and, by extension, the Continent. He was trained by both the legendary ninja Gekkou and the feared Takeda House commander Kousaka Yoshikage, making him highly disciplined as a ninja. He excels across all fields of the ninja arts such as stealth and assassination, and is capable of performing a vast array of secret techniques only known to the Ninja King. In addition, he is a highly capable military commander, and leads Iga's ninja army with precision and ferocity.

Inukai is an extremely deadly fighter who possesses a high Level Cap of 47 which he is very close to reaching, making him one of the strongest people on the Continent. His speed is incomparable even to most other ninja, and can only be matched by the small handful with talents rivaling his own. In battle, he makes heavy use of traps and misdirection to trick his opponents, making him a cunning warrior in addition to a powerful one. His skill is best seen during his battles with Rance, who was incapable of successfully defeating him without the assistance of Suzume.

Inukai is always assisted by an army of hundreds of wanwans.

Inukai's most unique ability is undoubtedly his skill at training wanwans in the ninja arts. In battle he is supported by an army of hundreds of wanwans at all times, most of whom are kept hidden from sight in order to allow them to launch surprise attacks against his opponents. Each wanwan is capable of performing several techniques, such as immobilizing enemies with poisoned licks or simply lunging at them with their sharp fangs, making them each deadly opponents in their own right. Inukai's most powerful technique utilizing his wanwan army is known as 101 Doggies, where he unleashes a stampede of 101 of them to trample his opponent. He is also capable of performing a more powerful version of this technique known as 201 Doggies, adding 100 more wanwans to the attack.

Besides his amazing skill as a ninja, Inukai is also an incredibly talented teacher of the ninja arts who is capable of bringing out the potential of anyone under his tutelage, with both Suzume and Kentou Kanami improving their skills immensely following their training with him. While his methods aren't shown, they are suggested to be very taxing, pushing the body to near-death in order to reach its absolute limits, resulting in both Kanami and Suzume being exhausted and slightly afraid of him afterwards. While it is never outright stated, it is very likely that this is the same training Inukai went through when training under Gekkou.


  • The first kanji of his name, "inu", literally means "dog". The second kanji of his name, "kai", literally stands for "owning and taking care of (pets)".
  • The three wanwans that are always seen with Inukai share their names and several physical features with the Gal Monsters Kyan Kyan, Maid-san and Gecko. Whether this is meant to suggest that Inukai has a fondness for Gal Monsters or not is unknown.
  • The name of his signature technique, "101 Doggies", is a clear reference to the book 101 Dalmatians, which was famously adapted into a Disney film of the same name.