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Captain Vanillaaaa....Looooooooooveee....

—Impregnation Chair, struggling to embrace a Captain Vanilla.

Impregnation Chair
Japanese はらましチェアー
Romanization haramashicheā
Race Monster
Sex Male
Class Guy Monster
World The Continent
Strength ?
Appeared in Toushin Toshi 2, Persiom



The Impregnation Chair is a very unique and rare type of Guy Monster. They are exceedingly rare and very few have been seen in Alicesoft games in handful few occassions.

In appearance, they initially looks like a simple wooden chair that has nothing special and could perfectly be mistaken for an inanimate object, though they still carry a mysterious and intriguing aura around them that makes them stand out from a regular chair. If someone were to try to sit on them, their true form would be displayed. Their true appearance makes twists them in order to form limbs and reveal a mouth on the top of the seat with a prominent tongue. Probably their most notorious trait is the large appendage they grow from below the seat, which is the monster's penis.


Their personality is very selfish and self-centered, they don't care about others wishes or needs in the slightest and are always seen alone as they probably don't even get along with other monsters. They don't like to have anyone sitting on them and will immediately reveal their true aspects to prevent them from doing so if someone dared to try. They are mostly unintelligent and have behaviours that are close similar to real-life dogs, though they are perfectly capable of communicating with spoken language.


Probably their most well-known personality trait is their incomparable love for a particular species of Gal Monsters, the Captain Vanillas. Their love for them is absolute and they are constantly filled with thoughts of love and sexual desire for them, and they are willing to do anything in their power in order to catch one within their clutches. Despite the seeimingly pure love they claim to have for a Captain Vanilla, some people are led to believe that this is not true love but just lust, but what are their true feelings in the matter has never been confirmed. If they manage to capture one, they will spend every concious moment exerting copulation with their beloved partner until they are impregnated, and they will make sure that the poor Gal Monster will never escape from them.