Ikusabe Takamaru
Japanese 戦部鷹丸
Romanization ikusabe takamaru
Race Human
Sex Male
World Beat Blades Haruka
Affiliation Jougenshuu

Takamaru is the main character of  Beat Blades Haruka .

A fairly compassionate person, he is otherwise a fairly average student, who's main hobbies are training in a martials arts dojo and amassing an impressive amount of porn. This last detail has been turned against him: though he has asked out many girls over the past few years, he has so far met only failure due to Narika always mentioning this to everyone one of his crushes. And since Narika is the daughter of his landlord and dojo master, he has so far never managed to escaper her meddling.

Eventually, however, he is struck by a beautiful new student training at his dojo, a girl called Haruka. He is immediately infatuated with her and plans to ask her out, but her arrival is the forerunner of a series of events which radically changes his life.

Unknown to himself, he is the latest in a long line of men called the Dragonian, bestowed with an odd ability: he can bestow superhuman power called "H-power" to others trained in the arts of the Crescent moon, the Blades, through a ritual called the Dragon synergy, which is basically sex. As it turns out, both Narika and Haruka were trained as Blades, with the latter coming from the past at the same time as her mentor Subaru and a terrible group known as the Noroi Faction. This makes him the 23th boss of the Crescent Moons, fated to fight Noroi and his underlings alongside the Blades.

He loves spicy food.


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