Japanese 一休
Romanization ikkyū
Ikkyuu - Sengoku Rance
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Tactician
World Rance World
Affiliation Ashikaga House, JAPAN
Level limit 15
Skill levels Strategy Lv1
Appeared in Sengoku Rance

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Ikkyuu serves the Ashikaga House as the chief adviser of Ashikaga Choushin. He is a strange but nonetheless effective strategist who loyally serves Choushin. He possesses a Youkai Phone, which he uses to call to "mother". It is hinted several times that he is in fact a youkai, though 3G strongly denies this, even though he dialed to Ikkyuu by accident on his Youkai Phone.

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Sengoku Rance Edit

As the chief advisor, Ikkyuu is the one responsible behind the most (if not all) plans to defeat Oda, though none seems to succeed.

One of his most noted plans is when he suggested Ashikaga to send a messenger to Oda, in order to obtain the reparation fee for the disgrace that Ashikaga House received during the union. The plan seems to succeed until Rance decided to just kill the messenger instead of "paying for peace". This is the trigger for Ashikaga to declare war against Oda.

Ikkyuu won't be available in the prison even after Oda conquered Ashikaga House entirely. It's implied that he escapes. He often appears as another house's officer after the fall of Ashikaga.

Despite that, it's still possible to capture him in battle.

In a event it is revealed he ordered tarou's death.

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