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Tamari is a chemistry teacher of Seijou Academy, located at the second floor in the Science Room. He worked as a teacher for five years. His hobbies consists of making customary drugs, cooking and creating a harem of kitties. He keeps an album of them and reminisce the times he spent with them. If he's ever on the verge of death, he would take a dose of a special drug that would heal him completely. Unfortunately, the drug has a side effect that get rid of a part inside of his body. This shows that he would sacrifice his humanity in order to fulfill his dream of a harem of kitties.

Personality Edit

As a chemistry teacher, he would often feel curious about certain things and perform experiments to fill the void in his unasnwered questions. He is considered to be a diligent person and hard worker. At a first glance, Tamari appears to be a serious and apathetic towards students who doesn't understand his ideals. He possesses great pride in his pedofile actions and believes that the world persecutes those with such noble ideals. He behaves gentle and kind behavior to his collection of kitties and feels at ease whenever he tends to his hobbies. He doesn't like to be intruded in the middle of his daydreaming and considers any interuptions it to be rude. If he gets mad, he will mercilessly throw vials of explosive chemicals at those who disturbs him. 

School Chapter Edit

When Tamari was recruited by Rouga to join his group, he easily declined and mention that he is busy. However, he immediately changed his mind when he notice Naruse Yuuki affiliated with them. Despite Rouga's suspicions in the sudden change of heart, Tamari bluntly mention that he doesn't really care about going with him and only desires to take care of Yuuki. His creepy expression when admitting his real intention to join hints his interest in students like Yuuki. 

Tamari showed up at the Nurse's Office when Rouga attempted to recruit the school's nurse, Francine Yamabuki. It was apparent that Francine was attracted to Yuuki as well, something that he could not accept. He intervene their settlement by sending an e-mail to Francine's phone, despite the fact that she never exchanged contact with him before. The message provoke Francine to immediately lose interest in Yuuki and decline Rouga's invitation. Tamari explained to Rouga that he cannot work with Francine, for they are rivals and complete opposites to one another. 

Conversation Phases Edit

In his first private conversation with Rouga as an official unit, Tamari was seen looking through his album of kitties. Rouga perceived that he was into cats, but when took a look at the pictures, he noticed that they were actually photos of young girls. Tamari commented how lovely they are and desires to "steal those sweet little girls away with my drugs". Of course, many would consider his pedofile ways as a crime and abnormal behavior, but he takes pride to what he does. He also claims that it's a pleasure beyond belief whenever his kitties call him Tamarin or Tamatama, but they are the only students who could call him that. Rouga didn't understand his ideals, to which Tamari expected since he is aware that others see it as an immoral act. 

In his second conversation with Rouga, Tamari was caught in the middle of looking for his favorite pair of black briefs. The last time he saw it was when he hung them up in the corner of the room while he was in the room alone tending to his hobby. He questioned Rouga with suspicion if he was the one who took his underwear, but Rouga exasperatedly expressed no intention of taking it. As Rouga commented in annoyance that he got a death wish, the chemistry teacher agreed and thought of being always doomed to be unhappy sometimes. He included that if god does exist in the world, he would strike him down where he stand; a death that would be considered very cruel and completely unceremonious. To Rouga's confusion, Tamari started to mumble a list of possible deaths in fascination, but he reassures him that the wrath of heaven will come down eventually. Once they change the subject back to Tamari's underwear, Rouga didn't notice that he was in commando the whole time until he mentioned it. Tamari chuckled and asked if it bothered him, but Rouga replied that he didn't want to know and told him to stop acting like a creep.

The third conversation is a continuation of the previous ones, except this tme they talk about Tamari's camera. Rouga asked Tamari if he kept pictures of little kids in the camera he has. Tamari said yes and commented that it's important to increase the size of his album. Rouga asked if that is all he had to say, but Tamari also added that he wouldn't even forgive God for trying to stop him. Rouga pondered if this world really has one, but he had a feeling that something else will be coming for Tamari's soul first, which Tamari agreed to that thought. 

Battle quote - "Fufufu... I don't know what could happen here..."


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