Ice Flame



Ice Flame is a major resistance movement within Zeth, founded by Urza Pranaice, her family and Daniel and Abert Safety around the year LP0002. The group's main purpose is to improve the general conditions of 2nd citizens within the country, bringing equality to all of Zeth's population. In parallel to this, it helps bring support to those in need, providing education, relief and an orphanage for abandoned children, particularly those exploited by 1st class citizens. They will even bring justice to those who cannot defend themselves when necessary, as the Publice Defense Squad is only made up of and only provides protection to 1st class citizens. However, while led by the kind and tactful Urza, they remained a mostly peaceful group that strives for peace and diplomacy whenever possible.

Ice Flame is actually a splinter group from Zeth's other major resistance movement, known as Pentagon. Though Pentagon was originally a fairly peaceful group as well, under Nelson Server's leadership it started resorting to more and more brutal methods and started embracing the notion of overpowering and crushing the mages. Following numerous brutal executions, many members instead started following Urza and her dreams of equality, such as Daniel and Abert Safety, Kimchi Drive and the rest of the Pranaice family.

Ice Flame is mostly comprised of 2nd class citizens, as though Urza believes in equality for all, she was worried that the frustrations and traumatisms of many of its members would surface when working alongside mages, which sadly turned out to be fairly accurate. However, well aware that her goals could only be accomplished through mutual cooperation, Urza also helped create and organize a less visible group known as the Ice Thawers, made up of both 1st and 2nd class citizens. In contrast to Ice Flame's more direct interventions, the Ice Thawers's objective is to ease the prejudices and the tensions between the two classes from the inside and creating bridges between different groups. Thanks to Urza's incredible leadership and charisma, she was able to gather hundreds of Ice Thawers from all over Zeth, who all supported her ideals and regularly assisted in healing the social divide of the country.

Ice Flame is comprised of different color-coded squads, all led by a captain and a sub-captain. The squads are then assigned different missions to conduct by Urza, with squads usually having different areas of expertise.

In its short history, there have been two major events that radically affected Ice Flame's leadership and structure. The first was a rescue mission gone wrong that led to the death of many important members, such as Urza's parents and her older brother Bilfelm Pranaice, as well as robbing Urza of her legs, scarring her both physically and mentally. After this incident, though Urza still acted as the leader of the group, she started to heavily rely on Daniel for most of the major decisions and the group lost much of its initial effectiveness.

The second was its recruitment of the adventurer Rance, who's very arrival led to some major restructuring. Additionally Rance secretly started taking control of the group and became its leader in all but name. On the one hand his inclusion allowed the group to take more daring and pro-active missions once more, however it was also used as a simple tool to accomplish the egocentric warrior's ambitions.

Following the Collapse of Zeth in the year LP0004, the organization was dissolved as it had served its purpose.



Blue Squad: Communications & Scouting[]

Black Squad (defunct)[]

Silver Squad: Secondary Combat group[]

White Squad: Main Combat Group[]

Green Squad: Main Combat Group[]