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IC (stylized as ic [ai si!]) is an unproduced erotic simulation game developed by Alice Crimson. Advertising itself as a romance simulation with an emphasis on communication, it was to feature a dynamic dating system in which the player's relationships with the game's six heroines would change radically based on their interactions with them.

Intended to be Alice Crimson's debut title, IC was first announced in June of 2002 and given a projected release date of fall of that year. While it was promoted semi-regularly in the Alicesoft User Club newsletter in the months following its announcement, all references to it were dropped after the October issue and the year ended with no further information on its status. Though the game was never officially canceled, the closure of Alice Crimson in 2004 effectively confirmed that it would not be completed. The reasons behind the title's delay and eventual cancellation have never been publicly stated.


On July 1st, we met for the first time and started dating.

I was a student at a private university in Tokyo, she was a student at St. Michael's School for Girls.

Our summer together had only just begun...

Introduction (from the Alicesoft User Club June 2002 Newsletter)[]


IC is a communication-based relationship simulation game. Using your cellphone and email, you must set up a date with a girl and develop a relationship. Whether your relationship ends in romance, friendship, or less than even that depends entirely on how you respond to her. The choices you make will impact both her reactions and the nature of your relationship; from a passionate love-affair to a quiet romance. Be sure to pay close attention to her personality, hobbies, and daily routines to build a happy future together.

Gameplay (from the Alicesoft User Club September 2002 Newsletter)[]

IC is a communication-based relationship simulation game. "Relationship Simulation" means shaping the relationship between the heroine and protagonist. If the relationship between the two deepens, more intimate events will occur. If the relationship between the two worsens, it will deteriorate from a romance to a friendship, or even break apart entirely. The best way to improve a relationship is to have conversations and get to know each other better.

The heroine candidates are all girls attending St. Michael's School for Girls in Tokyo's Midori Ward. The game begins when you select one of the heroines as your girlfriend and begin dating her. During conversations, the heroine's facial expressions will change in a variety of ways that indicate her feelings.

Setting (from the Alicesoft User Club October 2002 Newsletter)[]


St. Michael's School for Girls is a prestigious missionary school for young ladies that was founded about 100 years ago and offers an integrated educational system ranging from kindergarten to postgraduate studies.

The school is located on a small hill in a residential area, a ten minute walk from Shiran Station in Tokyo's Midori Ward. Contrary to the classical appearance of the building, its learning facilities are state-of-the-art.

The recently-renovated cathedral, with stained glass windows depicting the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Gabriel(sic) atop it, is a must-see for visitors.

Heroines (from the Alicesoft User Club September 2002 Newsletter)[]

Akira Tsuge (柘植 晶)[]


She has a straightforward personality that causes her to act decisively and speak frankly to others. Although she thinks of herself as being "girly" at heart, most of her casual clothes are more functional than fashionable and she does not own a single skirt outside of her school uniform. Her hobbies include building her own computers and playing strategy games. She is the head of the computer club at school.

  • Statistics (from the Alicesoft User Club August 2002 Newsletter):
    • Height: 158cm
    • Weight: 46kg
    • B/W/H: 80/59/82
    • Shoe Size: 24
    • Birthday: 5/8
    • Blood Type: B
    • Favorite Color: Red
    • Family Structure: Parents (only child)
    • Hobbies: Building computers; playing strategy games
    • Personality: Quick and decisive; can't swim, but an all-around athlete.

Haruna Kashiwaba (柏葉 はるな)[]


She is energetic, caring, and carefree. Her hobbies include cake baking and cosplay. She enjoys studying things that interest her but tends to slack-off in subjects that don't, so her grades aren't very good. When making cosplay outfits, she always recruits the help of her younger sister Natsuki, who is five years her junior.

  • Statistics (from the Alicesoft User Club August 2002 Newsletter):
    • Height: 153cm
    • Weight: Se-cur-et~
    • B/W/H: 85/58/88
    • Shoe Size: 23.5
    • Birthday: 11/18
    • Blood Type: AB
    • Favorite Color: Cherry Blossom Pink
    • Family Structure: Parents and a younger sister (Natsuki)
    • Hobbies: Cosplay; Cake-baking
    • Personality: Easy-going; not good at studying.

Momoka Takanashi (小鳥遊 桃果)[]


With a petite body and naturally curly hair, Momoka has firm roots but is a bit absent-minded. Her hobbies include making dolls and handicrafts. She is the head of the craft club at school. She wears a lot of frilly clothing, and most of the outfits she makes for her dolls are of a similar style. She gets along well with Natsuki and sometimes helps Haruna make cosplay designs.

Natsuki Kashiwaba (柏葉 なつき)[]


She is Haruna Kashiwaba's younger sister by five years. Like her older sister, she attends St. Michael's School for Girls. She is good at sewing and always helps Haruna when she makes her cosplay outfits. Though she often has her hands full dealing with her older sister, her kind nature means that she can never refuse her.

Anastasia Mikhailov (アナスタシア・ミハイロヴァ)[]


She is three-fourths Russian, one-fourth Japanese and has the looks and style befitting of a model. She is fluent in Japanese language and culture and was taught traditional Japanese tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and dance by her Japanese grandmother. She is a member of the flower arrangement club at school. She sometimes blurts out "nihongo, muzukashii ne" (Japanese is so complicated) when frustrated.

Kaoruko Jinguji (神宮司 馨子)[]


With long, straight black hair and sharp eyes, Kaoruko is a talented young woman who always stays calm and collected and is both student council president and the head of the cooking club at school. Her hobbies include cooking and appreciating classical performing arts such as rakugo, kabuki, noh, and gagaku. She can cook all types of food, from Japanese to western to Chinese. She dislikes showing her skin in public and prefers wearing less revealing clothes such as long skirts and modest blouses.