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This dick is an amazing dick that has pleasured countless women. It's on a different scale of size, strength, and durability than your average loser's dick. It's truly a dick among dicks.

Rance, on the Hyper Weapon



The Hyper Weapon (ハイパー兵器, haipā heiki) is the iconic nickname used by the warrior Rance to refer to his own penis. Rance is incredibly fond of the name, to the point of almost exclusively using it when discussing his genitalia.

Canonically, Rance first began using the name during the events of Rance 03 after he rescued his faithful slave Sill Plain from drowning to death at the hands of the Dark Lord Satella on the 53rd floor of the Hyper Building. As Sill's body had become freezing cold as a result of being submerged under water, Rance began having sex with her for warmth. During the initial foreplay, Rance attempted to talk dirty to Sill, but struggled to articulate the size of his penis in words until, inspired by the towering size of the Hyper Building, he chose to call it his Hyper Weapon. Upon creating the name, Rance immediately praised himself for his cleverness. Later in the series, Rance begins referring to his semen as Imperial Juice (皇帝液, kōteieki), in a similar vein to the Hyper Weapon.

The primary source of Rance's insatiable lust, the Hyper Weapon is universally recognized as one of the brutal warrior's trademarks. It possesses an obscene amount of stamina, and is capable of becoming fully erect immediately after achieving orgasm, to the point of having almost no refractory period whatsoever, allowing for Rance to use it dozens of times in a single sitting before reaching exhaustion. It is also substantially larger than the average penis, to the point where its impressive size is frequently commented on. Despite this, it is far from even coming close to being the largest penis on The Continent, with the penises of others such as Genri effortlessly dwarfing it in size. Countless women have acknowledged that the Hyper Weapon has provided them with the greatest amount of sexual pleasure they have experienced in their lives, with several going so far as to improve their opinion of Rance entirely because of its quality.

Rance is extraordinarily proud of the Hyper Weapon, and regularly gloats about its amazing capabilities whenever he has the chance to. This does not always work in his favor, however, as he has a habit of severely overestimating its admittedly astounding limits, causing him to gleefully throw himself into situations that require impossible amounts of stamina, resulting in the Hyper Weapon becoming overwhelmed despite its high capacity for sex. Rance considers the Hyper Weapon to be a defining aspect of his identity, and becomes incredibly distressed and defensive whenever he feels that it is being threatened. The Hyper Weapon's importance to Rance was made most apparent during the events of Rance Quest, where, after the effects of the Morurun Curse prevented him from becoming erect from anything other than a person who was at or above Level 35, Rance attempted suicide, preferring to die rather than live in a world where the Hyper Weapon was useless.

Somewhat humorously, Rance assumes that all other people are aware of the nickname despite having created it himself, and thus regularly talks to others about his Hyper Weapon without first explaining to them what it is. This occasionally leads to instances of confusion, such as when Freak Paraffin, mistaking the name to be referring to an actual weapon, described his mechanical arm cannon as being his own Hyper Weapon, much to Rance's horror and amazement.


  • The term "Hyper Weapon" was initially used as a means of writing around Japanese censorship laws that restricted the allowance of explicit references to genitalia in text. As such, other euphemisms such as "magnum" and "XXX" were also used in the place of it in the earliest games in the Rance Series. After these laws were amended and the use of euphemisms was no longer necessary, it was decided that Rance would continue to primarily refer to his penis as his Hyper Weapon due to it having become popular with the series' development staff and generally fitting well with his arrogant and childish personality.
  • An optional battle in Rance VI allows the player to fight an abstract representation of the Hyper Weapon consisting of a Caterpillar DX and a pair of Golden Orbs.