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My thoughts about Patton aren't something people can understand.

—Hunty Kalar, discussing her relationship with Patton Misnarge.


Hunty Kalar
Japanese ハンティ・カラー
Romanization Hanti Karā
Hunty Kalar.png
Race Kalar, Dragon
Age / Birth 5, 000+ / AV???
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 170cm / 47kg
Status Alive
Class Mage
World Rance world
Affiliation Patton Faction, Helman, Kalar
Level limit 88+
1000 (Kichikuou Rance)
Skill levels Magic Lv3 (?), Sword Combat Lv1 (Kichikuou Rance)
Appeared in Rance III, Rance 03, Rance IV, Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI, Rance IX, Rance X



Hunty Kalar is the oldest living Kalar, and the only one with black hair. Hunty is an individual of legendary status that is reknown in history since her assistance in the assassination of M.M Rune. Along with Freak Paraffin, she's been in Helman since before its foundation and was a member of the council of eight.

She's also pretty much the most powerful mage in the human realm, being one of the few beings with a Lv3 skill in magic. During her stay in Helman, she met Thoma Lipton, Helman's strongest soldier, and Paelina, at the time the emperor newest concubine. Hunty and Paelina became friends rather quickly. However, after Paelina's sudden death, Hunty promised to take care of her son, "Patton" and turn him into a great man.

With the passing of time a special relationship started to be formed between Patton and Hunty, one that would later become love. She helped the rebellion in Helman, hoping to turn Patton into the new emperor.

It is later revealed that Hunty is actually a dragon kalar, it means that unlike the current kalars, which are based on the humanoid form, she is based on the dragon race. This explains her unusual black hair and her high magical power. Like dragons Hunty is near immortal, she doesn't age and cannot be permanently hurt by normal means, but she can still be killed.

The reason why she has ahuman appearance now is something she doesn't even know herself. She explains that, at the time of the extermination of her kind she was overcome by excruciating pain which caused her to lose consciousness and when she woke up again she had her current human form.

Personality and Appearance[]

Hanty Chibi.png

She's quite tomboyish, tough and easy-going. She's confident and relaxed most of the time, she's rarely seen mad or losing her cool but she does tend to worry about her friends and companions when they go through dangerous situations. She's usually nice and friendly with the ones she trusts.

She's a good friend of Freak Paraffin. She aided Freak and Replica Misly when they killed M.M Rune in the days of the Holy Magic Sect. From that day forward Hunty and Freak stayed in Helman in order to guard the most powerful Toushin MM, designed for M.M Rune, a massive giant mecanical body that has enough power to fight against four dark lords at the same time. This is the true reason why Hunty and Freak stayed in Helman for so long.

Hunty with Paelina Misnarge.

During her time in Helman, she befriended Paelina Misnarge and Thoma Lipton. She showed a more prideful and playful side with Paelina, but was deeply saddened and shocked by her death soon after she gave birth to Patton Misnarge and promised to protect Patton.

She was the one that raised Patton after her friend Paelina passed away, so she could be considered his adoptive mother of sorts. However, their relationship grew close with the years and eventually Hunty ended up falling in love with him. Patton is aware of this but acts like he's oblivious. He does value her deeply but he doesn't answer to her feelings until Rance IX.

Her distinctive black hair used to be much longer in the past, but she recently cut it and left it short. She's always wearing an armor with two mechanicals arms she uses to perform magical attacks. The crystal in her forehead is red, which means that she's still a virgin(despite being at least 4000 years old). 


Hunty saving Freak and Hubert in Rance IV.

She's one of the most powerful magicians of the continent and has a magic skill lv3, making her one of the few individuals alive that have such skill level (the others being, Milacle Tou, Annis Sawatari, Ho Raga and Dark LordRedEye). She's extremely powerful and seems to be more adept with magic related to the element of thunder. However, as a Lv3 user, she can naturally control elements and bend space-time magic with no difficulty. She's the most powerful mage in the human realm, although she's not in the same level as Dark Lords RedEye and Hornet.

Being a Dragon Kalar, she can't be harmed by conventional weaponry and, combined with her tremendous magic power, she's almost unbeatable by humans. However, even she's incapable of piercing the Invincibility Field of the Dark Lords and magic is not a very reliable way to deal with them if you can't get through the invincibility field. She's also vulnerable against members or former members of the Dragon race. She was wounded by Dark Lord Noce in Rance 03 and said wound never healed up. 

Her standout spell is her instant teleportation ability, a time-space magic that allows her to transport to other locations in very short periods of time. Hunty, and Dark Lord RedEye, are the only beings capable of using the spell of instantaneous movement without any lethal consequences. This spell creates a different space in which the caster can move around freely. In this space, time doesn't exist and the things or beings in it don't age. Nonetheless, once the caster goes out of this different space, his body will start aging respectively, so depending on the time the caster stayed in that different space, his body will age. Since Hunty cannot age, she can use this spell without worrying about it. 

If a human uses it though, like Miracle Tou, their body will start aging as soon as he/she leaves the different space and could even die. Hunty explains as well that there's always a chance to get stuck in that different space and lose all awareness of oneself, becoming nothing more than a strange fuzzy cloud.


For more in depth gameplay information of each game refer to:


Rance III/Rance 03

Hunty saves Patton from Noce (Rance III).

In Rance III Hunty is one of the members of the Helman empire that helps with Patton's invasion to Leazas. At the time she is against Patton's deal with the Dark Lords, but doesn't try to go against Patton's wishes.

In Rance 03 she also had a scene with Thoma, showing her concern about the later's possible death in the battlefield.

When the Dark Lord Noce reveal his true intentions she aids Patton escape (who was near-fatally injured), making it look as if he had died in battle.

Kichikuou Rance

Hunty is part of Patton's rebellion troops.

Rance IV

Hunty appears at the end of Rance IV in order to save Freak and Hubert from Dio Calmis, and escaped with them with the help of the dragon Cantel when the floating city was about to crash.

Rance VI

Hunty appears in a single scene in Rance VI where she explains to Patton, a member of Ice Flame at the time, that the preparations for the rebellion in Helman were almost ready. There she meets Rance for the first time, but thinks nothing of him.

Rance IX


She's part of the Patton faction in the Helman Revolution and helps him to become the new Emperor of Hellman.With the help of Rance and the others, she and Patton manage to destroy M.M Rune's Toushin.

She finally becomes an item with Patton and the two of them depart in a journey searching other items of the holy magic sect.


  • Hunty had the highest-known, non-infinite Level-Cap of any mortal, clocking in at a godlike level 1000. She also had the highest current level known for any non-dark lord, being 127 in Rance VI. The only kalar that could rival her is Reset Kalar due to her lack of level cap.
  • ​Just like with Dark Lords, her skill levels and levels were retconned after Rance Quest, which means she doesn't have them anymore in the current canon.
  • She's the eldest and strongest living Kalar. Being a dragon kalar means that she must be from Avel's era. If that was the case, she would be over 4194 years old. When in the Kalar village, the residents endearingly call her their "beloved ancestor".
  • Hunty is one of the few females Rance stated a desire to have sex with but ended giving up on.
  • She's the only Dragon Kalar alive, discounting her son Hero.
  • In Rance IX, Hunty explains to Patton that if she ever were to have his child, this would be born of an egg, and it would be most likely a dragon kalar. This would be because, like the current kalars give birth to human kalars, the dragon kalars only give birth to dragon kalars.
  • In one of the events of Rance IX when Crook is talking to goddess ALICE, the latter mentions that Hunty shouldn't exist and that she should be killed. After Crook explains that she's helping out with the situation in Helman, Goddess ALICE decides to kill Hunty once she has committed three offences against the gods. But she also states that she said this a long time ago as well, but she forgot about it, ordering Crook to remind her to get rid of Hunty once she had done the three offences.