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General Info[]

After Mother Eve gave birth to humanity, she used her power over the world to reconfigure it for human needs. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the archipelago now governed by the Kingdom of Humpty. Here, food grows magically out of the ground, in ingredient, prepared, or partially prepared forms, all without need for cultivation. Despite this effort, the islands became home for the dragons and poppins after the death of the Archfiend Adan. While the dragons left after King Arthur made peace with QD during his long pilgrimage, the poppins remained.

For many generations, the humans of Humpty were reluctant to work, as their food needs were provided for them by the land. This changed when the country rediscovered a special crop, sugarcubes, which grew in the Ruins of Eve on the island of Fervor. Not only did these miraculous plants prove valuable for export, but they sparked a renaissance of the culinary arts in Humpty. As many of the best ingredients were guarded by or consisted of meat from monsters, Humpty's chef's also gained a reputation as warriors. Some chefs are even appointed as Knights.

In addition to Humpty's numerous food industries, the country is also home to a thriving shipping industry that operates worldwide, and to a wide variety of tourist sites.

Royal Family[]

Major Cities and Sites[]

Humpty is made up of nine major islands, arranged loosely in a three-by-three pattern. They are as follows, from west to east, north to south.

  • Colopty Island: Fruit grows here naturally, as on most of the Humpty islands, while the locals have taken to producing fermented and other aged products, namely beer and dairy. The town of Colopty is home to the country's elite (and most expensive) chefs and diners. One of three monuments created by QD for Eve exists on this island.
  • Foodticket Island: While this island only grows fruits, it happens to be home to The Dragon's Pantry, a dungeon left by the dragons that is now home to rare foods and especially tasty meat monsters. This also makes it the most dangerous of Humpty's islands, and so only accredited chefs are allowed access.
  • Haniho Island: The homeland of Haniwa in the World of Eve, Haniho island is home to a town of Haniwa, a Hanny "Love Hotel," and even the infamous Hannycide Mountain.
  • Zumpty Island: A relatively nondescript island and town by Humpty standards, though still home to the usual fruit and chefs.
  • Humpty Island: Home to the capital and most of the country's larger business and trade districts.
  • Udon Island: Uncooked udon noodles grow here naturally, although the island is considered relatively out-of-the-way, leaving it open to Outlaw occupation. Another of QD's monuments rests here.
  • Melancholy Island: This island is home to a monastery operated by the Church of Eve, on the spot where Mother Eve once lived in hiding while contemplating marriage. Another of QD's monuments to Eve was built here.
  • Poppins Island: Home to Poppins town, home of the poppins. Rogue poppin machina and detritus liters the island, apparently preventing many of the local plants from regrowing.
  • Fervor Island: The sugarcubes are grown here, harvested from a Ruin of Eve now retrofit into a Sugarcube Factory. The rest of the island is dedicated to livestock, including seacows, boocolli, and minemeat. The last of QD's monuments to Eve was built on the southern tip of the island.

Notable Citizens[]


  • The land of Humpty (and the town of Zumpty) are presumably named for Humpty Dumpty, the egg-man from a famous English riddle-song. This is one of Humpty's several Lewis Carrol references (befitting its fantastical ecology), as Humpty Dumpty appeared in Through the Looking-Glass.
  • Aster's teleport point to Fervor is the only teleport point (outside of the "Other" tab) that does not connect to a town. Instead, Aster's party will appear next to the Fervor seaport.