The objective of the game is to acheive the highest score by the end of 100 turns. You raise your score in the following ways:

  • Getting girls - getting a girl to your camp count for two points (even if you lose the girl later). Then for each Gal Point you have at the end of the game you gain one point.
  • Treasure chests

Game modes[]

You can select how many players out of 4 you want to control, the computer will control the rest. Note that the CG mode can only be unlocked if you start and keep playing a 1-human game.

Game play[]

Everyone take turn to select a command. You can throw a 1~6 dice, a 7~12 dice, roll an item, or rest.

  • You can only keep one item on you at a time. If you already have an item and decide to roll another one, you lose your original item.
  • Rest recovers 3 HP.

There are a total of 5 hiding locations, randomly distributed on the map. When you stop on a hiding location, a 5x5 grid will be available. You need to pick 1 cell in the grid, to look for a girl or a chest. Each hiding location has 2 chests and one girl. Additionally, the four cells adjacent to the girl will have a blue circle hint letting you know you are close by. When you discover the girl, the hiding location is destroyed (and any unclaimed chests with it), and the game automatically sends you back to your camp.

Initially girls you rescued will have one Gal Point. Stopping on your own camp or having certain items will allow you to increase Gal Point with one girl, up to 3 points for each girl. When an opponent stops on your camp, they can pick one girl to decrease your Gal Point with her. If you reach 0 Gal Points, that opponent will take the girl back to his/her own camp instead. If a girl was taken from your camp, then you only need to stop on the opponent's camp once to take her back, no matter how many Gal Points the opponent has with her.


  • Trap - decrease any opponent HP by 5 whenever they stop on it. Opponent will die if 0 HP.
  • Monster egg - whenever an opponent stop on it, spawns a monster with half its owner's HP and fight. Opponent does not recover HP afterwards, and will die if 0 HP.
  • Pit - enemy cannot move the next turn if they stop on it.
  • Bomb - destroys a trop or monster egg or pit placed by an opponent.
  • Scout system - allows you to check two squares each time.
  • Sword - increases your combat damage
  • (Character dependent) - when you pass by your own camp, you can pick one girl to increase gal points.
    • Heart of Courage
    • Rope
    • Drug
    • Handcuffs
    • Collar
    • Roses