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Humans are a race of bipedal, sentient primates, noted for their achievements in artifice, creativity, dexterity and magical potential. Humans were designed as a defective model based on the physical form of Angels; various high-performance features given to Angels were omitted from the final Human model.

They are generally considered by the Gods to be the best, and more importantly, most entertaining, Protagonist Race created so far.


A simple human.

They are particularly noted as being mentally and physically sturdy enough to defend themselves, but weak enough to despair and die in sufficiently horrible and spectacular ways as to keep the Gods entertained.

When compared to the Dragons, who were much too perfect, humans truly are flawed and useless.

Lifespan: Averages at 80 years old.

Height: Averages between 150-200cm for regular adults.

Strength: Frail bodies, but they make up for it with weapons and technology.

Dragons enraged Ludo-Rathowm because they were strong enough to defeat the Demon King and create a perfect peaceful world. Humans however are so hopelessly weak when compared to the Demon King, that they stand no chance of ever defeating the antagonist race and live in peace. This was proved on several ocassions. Demon King Nighcisa was perfectly capable of slaughtering at least 50% of humanity with little effort and Demon King Gele could single-handedly destroy every human nation in less than a year.

Once the Hero System was created by Planner, the balance between the two races was achieved. With the fear of giving the hero enough power to defeat them, the Demon King is never capable of completely exterminating humanity and, without the Hero's power, humanity will never be strong enough to defeat the antagonist race and the Demon King. Since neither side is capable of getting a full "victory" over the other, true peace will never be achieved. As long as this balance of power is preserved, Ludo-Rathowm will be entertained.

The Hero[]

The Hero Arios

The last known hero, Arios Theoman.

When Demon King Nighcisa started with a mass genocide over humanity, Supreme God Planner was forced to intervene and create a failsafe system for humanity.

The Hero is a boy (or girl) between the ages of 13 and 19 chosen to become the Guardian Hero. When the Hero turns 20 years old, he loses his power and another one is chosen at random. There can only be one Guardian Hero at any given time, and it is his job to be the chosen one that saves Humanity in times of peril.

The Hero is the only one that can wield the Legendary Sword Escude, a blade given by Planner to humans when he created the hero system. Escude is the source of the hero's true power. The sword gains power the more humans die, and if enough humans are dead, the hero would become powerful enough to slay the Demon King and even gods. However during eras of peace the sword is usually rusted and useless and, even with the unique and incredible natural abilities of the hero, he can't really do much to influence and change the world in any way.

Obviously, the hero himself is oblivious to why the system exists or that the gods only use him as a way to ensure that humanity will never fully perish. In the end, the hero is just another victim in Ludo's great tragedy.


The Kingdom of Leazas[]

The kingdom was built by Gross Leazas, who revolted and wrestled independence from Helman in GI0534. 

Leazas enjoys a rich, lush land, strong agriculture, and trades with the Independent Districts to the south. Unlike Helman, it is not adjacent to the monster realm, and enjoys peace.

Due to its history and origin, it is frequently in conflict with Helman.

The Helman Empire[]

The Helman Empire is the oldest nation in the world, and boasts a powerful military. It was formerly a republic nation, but upon the enthronement of the current Empress in LP0002 the government has shifted to Imperialism.

The Helman region is rich in minerals, and the nation thrives on heavy industrial business. However, the land is cold and barren, and the crop yields little food. Due to this there is a large amount of starvation and poverty among the citizens.

The Helman people are traditionally physically built and strong and their training facilities have originated some of the strongest humans in history such as Fletcher ModelThoma Lipton, and Minerva Margaret.

The Magical Kingdom of Zeth[]

Zeth is located south-west of Leazas, and directly west of Free cities region. It is south of Helman, separated by a large desert and the Crystal Forest.

Zeth is a nation of magic where 20% of the citizens can use magic, and research in magic is prevalant. They are said to be 200 years ahead of Leazas in research of magic, and this has made the lives of mages very convenient. Inequality between mages and non-mages is heavy and notorious, since non-mages rights are pretty much non-existant. 

The Free Alliance Cities[]

The Free Cities area is composed of many small nations that went independent during the formation of the three major nations LeazasZeth, and Helman.

Each of the nations have unique culture and attributes and are independant from the three big nations, but they do enjoy commerce with Leazas, and are on friendly terms.  Portugal is connected to JAPAN through the Tenma Bridge, and also enjoys commerce with them.

The Empire of JAPAN[]

JAPAN is not technichally part of the continent ever since an earthquake detached it from the main land and became more of an island. Thankfully, the 2nd Class Goddess Amaterasu, gifted the JAPANese with the Tenma Bridge which allowed them to connect with the continent. 

JAPAN has seen several eras without a fully unified and internal conflicts that lead to war between the inner clans, until one of the clans rises above the others and its leaders takes the title of the Emperor. The most emblematic example is Ishimaru Fujiwara, who unified JAPAN and expanded his horizons, conquering most of the continent in less than 5 years before being stopped in his tracks by Demon King Nighcisa.

It was currently unified after its fourth sengoku era by the Oda House in the year LP0005, and its current empress is Kouhime Oda.

Former Nations[]

The following is a list of nations that have faded into the annals of history, be it a kingdom that was destroyed, a nation that was merely forgotten or a city state that was integrated into a larger mass.

  • Ringer Country
  • The Opiros Empire
  • The Kingdom of Balshin
  • The Holy Magic Sect
  • Moemoe Country
  • Dallas Country
  • Caux
  • M Land
  • Gaya
  • The Kingdom of Kandara
  • Arekino Country


As humans gather and form nations, they developed their own hierarchical in a pyramid shaped system, with a handful individuals in positions of power to control the masses.

Their Civilization is divided in:

  • Royalty: the ruling class. At the top of the society, they have control over the population and economy of their countries.
  • Aristocracy: The high-class among civilians. They don't have political power, but they have high influence in the economy and in the society itself. 
  • Civilians: The average person. Makes a living by working and earning GOLD in exchange of whatever service he or she can provide. They have to pay taxes to their government in order to be allowed to continue living in society.
  • Slaves: Humans that are considered private matter, they lack human rights and their life is completely dependant on their owner. 
  • Adventurers: Individuals that choose to venture outside of human settlements, typically having to fight monsters or the like in order to complete payed jobs from people. 

They also have their own mores and social manners. They tend to rely in items they craft on their own, rather than just using raw elements. Some of the most notorious elements of human creation are:

  • GOLD: An element used for the transaction of goods in a market.
  • Foods: Eleborated dishes made for the purpose of having a more pleasurable meal.
  • Weapons: Crafted tools used for combat, typically wield to attack an opponent.
  • Armors: Crafted tools used for combat, typically used for the protection of oneself.
  • Cow Carriages: Vehicle pulled by Cows for faster transportation.
  • Magic Items: Artifacts used for a wide array of purposes, be it for combat, for research or just for entertainment. Magic vision is a good example of the last case.


The AL Church[]


The AL Church is the religion made to worship the Godess ALICE and is the most prominent religion in the continent. It expanded over the continent and its churchs are in every part of the human realm. They are almost their own nation in terms of power and have extreme influence over the population, to the point they have their own vanguard of templar knights willing to fight and die without asking questions.

In reality, the AL Church is manipulated and controlled by the Godess ALICE herself, who personally contacts the pope in a secret dungeon under the main church in the capital. ALICE works directly for Ludo-Rathowm and makes sure to pull the strings behind the lines to make the world more chaotic and avoid peaceful resolutions.

The Tenshi Sect[]


The Tenshi Sect is a religion that is not known in the main continent, since its origins are in JAPAN. However, Tenshism is their prominent religion to the point no clan would even think going against the sect.

They perform rituals that lead to "true salvation" and peace of the soul, with the promise of a great afterlife. In reality, Tenshism was created by the Devil Geppei to gather souls for the Devil King Rathowm. Their rituals guide their souls away from the Resurrection Cycle and gives their souls to the Devil King instead. Geppei was planning to expand this religion to the rest of the continent with Fujiwara's help, but he was killed by Dark Lord Xavier, preventing the religion to expand further.

To this day, despite the fact that it still is the main religion in JAPAN, no-one knows about its true origins and reasons.

The Legendary FIVE[]


The Legendary Five in the past and as they appeared in Kichikuou Rance.

"Chaos the Thief, Café the Cleric, Nikkou the Samurai, Ho-Raga the Mage and British the Hero. These five made up the strongest party in the history of humanity. Brought together by a shared hatred towards Dark Lords, they sought a way to defeat the dreaded Demon King Gele".

The Legendary Five, also known as the Eternal Heroes, are a group conformed of five legendary humans whose names became legend for their feats and are said to have conformed the strongest party in the history of humanity.

Born in Gele's era, these five set on a journey to find a way to break the invincibility field and defeat Demon King Gele. Unfortunately, after entering in the "Ancient Ruins" thinking that there would find a clue, they were never seen again.

Unlike common knowledge, the five survived and became immortals after encountering with Supreme God Planner. All five of them are still around 1500 years later in the current era, but they are not recognised as the eternal heroes of the past but some of them still remain as one of the most influential characters of the setting.

Human Subspecies[]


Subspecies of Humanity created by Supreme God Harmonitt, they exist to serve as a resupply stock for Angels (and also Devils). They are similar to humans in appearance with a few distinctive traits. They have long ears, light-blue hair and a crystal in their foreheads, but can be killed the same humans can via murder or suicide.


A Blue Crystal Kalar with Enhanced Magic.

Unlike humans, kalars have long lifespans but are an only-female race, which means they are forced to copulate with humans in order to reproduce. 

They also tend to have high magical potential and the ability to create powerful curses with a skill called Cursecraft. The crystal in their foreheads is the source of their magic ,and because of this, if the crystal is removed the kalar will die immediately. 

Kalars are born with red crystals. When they lose their virginity the crystal becomes blue and their magic is greatly boosted. However, in the kalar society humans are seen as lowly and disgusting creatures and having sexual intercourse with them is seen as a shameful act.

This blue crystals however, serve to craft incredibly powerful magically enhanced weapons, and can be sold for outrageous prices in human markets. This invites them to mercilessly rape and kill kalar to retrieve the crystals.

As a consequence, Kalar rarely find peace amongst humans or in human society. Most Kalar live in Pencilcow, a Kalar-only settlement deep within the Crystal Forest. The Kalar Queen can deliver a large-scale curse that kills all human males in the vicinity, and close access to the settlement is prevented by the heavily-armed Kalar Guard force. 

At some point on their lifes a kalar will change into either an angel or a devil, depending on how polluted their soul is. There are many obvious factors that determine what they will become, but Kalars usually take it as a responsability to become angels and serve the gods after their time in the mortal realm has passed, so becoming a Devil rather than an Angel is considered one of the highest disgraces in Kalar society. 



A subspecies of Humans created by the Gods, they live deep underground. They're currently in line to become the fourth Protagonist Race, since they exist to serve as a back-up for mankind in the event of a global catastophe that wipes out humanity, they are resilient little creatures. The environmental adaptation ability of the Poppins is incredibly absurd.

They can live comfortably in absurd temperatures such as -100°C and 80°C, they can breathe underwater, they can survive in a vacuum, they can frolick around a nuclear radiation zone and they breathe poison gas like it's regular air. However, they can still die by usual methods like murder, disease or accidents, their environmental adaptability is all they have going for them in terms of survivability.

The Poppins are a tricky and intelligent species, and they've made up for their inability to use magic with creative and ingenuitive inventions using springs, levers and gears.

The Poppins have invented a variety of vehicles, excavation machines, fighting machines and utility robots to help them in their daily life.