Hoshikawa Tsubasa
Japanese 星川 翼
Romanization hoshikawa tsubasa
Hoshikawa Tsubasa.jpg
Race Human
Sex Male
World World of Square of the Moon, World of Daiakuji
Appeared in Square of the Moon, Daiakuji, Widenyo

One of the main characters of A Night Comes! Square of the Moon. A member of the demon exorcising astronomy club who becomes good friends with the protagonist Ryo. Though very capable and intelligent, he is also incredibly narcissistic and self-absorbed, which often hinders him during missions. After the group has their memories wiped, he is the only one who manages to retain his and tries desperately to remind his friends of their duty.

He appears as a cameo fighter during additional playthroughs of Daiakuji if the player requests 6 mercenaries at the beginning of the game.