Dark Lords from the Hornet Faction in Kichikuou Rance.
The Hornet Faction is a force of Dark Lords led by the former Demon King's daughter, Hornet, who want to fulfill her father's plan of making Kurusu Miki the next Demon King. They completely oppose the Kayblis Faction, who wish to kill Miki and make Kayblis the Demon King instead.

They are also a non-aggressive faction that seeks peaceful coexistence with humanity, also fulfilling Gi's last will, and most of the members of the Faction are human-friendly as well.

The Dark Lords of the Hornet Faction are loyal to the previous Demon King Gi and try to follow his last will by protecting Miki so that she can become Demon King. They are in a state of total war with the Kayblis Faction, who wish to kill Kurusu Miki and crown Kayblis as the Demon King instead. They have several Demon Armies under their command, but the size and number of them is considerably smaller to the ones from the Kayblis Faction. While the Hornet Faction is noticeable weaker in size and power to the Kayblis Faction, it makes up for it due to the fact that its members are completely loyal and devoted to Hornet, and efficiently work in unison for her sake and to fulfill Gi's last will, whereas most of the members of the Kayblis Faction hate Kayblis and even have disputes with each other.

They reside in the northern half of the Monster Realm, western of Helman.

Members of the Hornet Faction


Silky Littleraisin

La Hawzel





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