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Japanese ホーネット
Romanization Hōnetto
Race Dark Lord
Age / Birth 171 / GI850
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 168cm / 45kg
Status Alive
Class Spell-Blader
World The Continent
Affiliation The Monster Realm, Hornet Faction
Level limit 320
Skill levels Magic Lv2 (?), Holy Magic Lv2 (?), Sword Combat Lv2 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance
Mentioned in Rance III, Rance 03, Sengoku Rance, Rance Quest, Kaeru nyo Panyon


Hornet in Kichikuou Rance.

Hornet is the current Supreme Dark Lord, the second highest position of the Monster Realm. Originally born from a pregnancy between Demon King Gi and a common Human woman. During the latter time of his era, Gi desperately searched for someone that would be able to succeed him as the Demon King but, despite how much he searched, he was unable to find an heir that would satisfy his criteria. Eventually, he gave up on finding one and instead opted to give birth to one himself. After going through an intense sex spree with countless different women, many children were born but Hornet was considered the only one that showed potential to carry out the duty. He picked her as his heir and started raising on the Demon King Castle as such, with all she could ever need.

On the year GI0859, when she was 9 years old, Gi brought a regular girl of her age named Satella to become her playmate, and two grew as childhood friends. A few years later, Hornet and Satella would receive Gi's blood, turning into Dark Lords as a result. He then told her about her future role and prepared special education and training for her. He made sure to teach her everything there is to know to be a Demon King. Over a period of almost two centuries, Hornet grew to become an extremely powerful entity, as well as wise and knowledgeable. She's mostly respected by the Dark Lord community despite her young age and most accept her as Gi's successor. However in the year GI1015 Gi kidnapped Miki Kurusu from another dimension and turned her into Demon King. The reason for this is unknown but it is possible that he might have gone crazy due to his split personality. Gi passed away soon after and left a last will for her:

With Miki Kurusu as the next Demon King, rule the Monster Realm and maintain peaceful coexistence with humanity.

—Gi, on his last will.

Hornet decided to follow her father's last wish, and was willing to do so. However, there were Dark Lords who opposed her decision. With Kayblis as their leader, they formed another faction, the Kayblis faction, dedicated to the murder of Miki, and Hornet creates her own faction dedicated to protecting Miki. Thus, the Dark Lords and the Monster Realm was split down the middle and broke into a civil war, the first in its history. They completely oppose the Kayblis Faction, but instead of fighting them, Hornet is mostly focused in Miki's protection and is doing her best to convince her to take the role of the Demon King so they can live in peace. While she really wants her to become the Demon King like her father wished, she doesn't want to force her against her will, a thought that has caused polemic between the members of the faction, but all choose to respect Hornet's decision nonetheless. Their sole objective is to make Gi's last will a reality by turning Kurusu Miki into the next Demon King and establish peaceful coexistence with humanity

Personality and Appearance


Hornet is noted by many to be among the most beautiful women in the world, being extremely high-regarded by the common residents of the Monster Realm with an appearance that is borderline divine. She has a voluptuous figure that puts even the most attractive women to shame, boasting a slender body with curvaceous proportions and emphasized on her feminine traits, coupled with a long green hair and golden eyes. She dresses in a regal fashion, sporting a large purple cloak with boots. Her cloak is the only thing she actually wears, she's completely naked beneath it. She usually keeps a serious and mild disposition, giving her a natural air of calmed superiority that places her above everyone else. In the canonical timeline her hairstyle changed, opting for twin-tails instead.

A wise and powerful Dark Lord, Hornet has inherited the will of her father Gi and seeks a peaceful coexistence with humanity. She's very open-minded, always respecting others opinions and choices even if they contradict her own desires or goals. Because she was raised to become a leading figure for Dark Lords, she's very capable and beloved leader that greatly inspires all that work for her. She's smart and resourceful, as she was able to maintain an equal ground in the war against the much larger Kayblis Faction for several years, and all the Dark Lords of her faction are extremely loyal to her. Her talent and natural skill as a leader was recognized in a short time since most of the Dark Lords were already fond of the idea of her becoming the Demon King. She's quite diligent as well, and has a profound trust on her father that led her to follow her instructions even after dead. She is confused about why her father changed his mind about his successor, but had no anger towards him for it. She's usually a very calm and level-headed individual, as she's very rarely seen angry regardless of the situation. Her general serene disposition brings a much needed stabilizing quality for her much more hot blooded subordinate Silky. Of all Dark Lords she's probably the most gentle and amiable, and her feelings of bringing peaceful relations with humans are probably the most legitimate on her faction, rather than allegiance for Gi or for her, and she's very devoted to the well being of her subordinates. She's mostly moved by what she believes will bring the greater good and acts accordingly. She talks in a very formal and respectful tone towards almost everyone, and always keep a solemn and dignified behavior.

Within the Dark Lord community there are mixed opinions about her. While most respect her and accepted her to become the new Demon King, there are also quite a number of them that loathe her as well. Kayblis had never liked her, thinking of her as a pampered brat, and after she chose to oppose him with her own faction, grew to completely hate her. He wishes to destroy everything she has, and inflict insufferable pain on her for standing on his way. She's also deeply hated by Camilla, who sees her as a threatening individual to her figure as the top female Dark Lord, as well as generally disliking her pacifist nature. Another Dark Lord with a strong grudge against her is RedEye. At some point in the past, he faced her in a magic showdown that ended in a duel, something he found unacceptable as he believes himself to be the most powerful magical entity on The Continent and had dedicated millennia for that title. Because of this, he's vowed to destroy her very existence one day to prove himself as the mightiest mage, though Hornet is largely uninterested in this one-sided rivalry.

Not all her relationships with fellow Dark Lords are negative though, one of the most notorious ones being Satella, her childhood friend. Being almost the same age and having grown together since they were little, they keep a close and long-lasting friendship, and Satella supports her in her fraction despite disagreeing with its goals about coexistence with humans. She also formed a very strong bond with Silky, who'd loyally served her father since near the dawn of his Era. Despite their seemingly contrasting personalities, the two have a close friendship with a deep trust for the other, and Hornet has shown a lot of concern over her welfare, while Silky has also pushed herself to extremes in order to assist her in desperate situations.

She also has an Apostle called Kenja Keiko, who's extremely loyal and has a borderline obsessive admiration for Hornet. It's for that very same admiration that she can't accept a common human girl from another world succeeding Gi, and plans to kill Miki herself to turn Hornet into the Demon King instead. She takes action directly, but secretly because she doesn't want to cause trouble to Hornet. She's secretly plotting to kill Miki herself but would never do anything that would not benefit Hornet or her faction.


Hornet Kichikuou Battler.png

An obscenely powerful entity, Hornet's dedicated her life on becoming a rightful ruler of Dark Lords and Monsters, and has as a result grown to become one of the most powerful living beings to ever live in The Continent. She has an advanced understanding of Magic, with Lv2 skills in both Magic as well as Holy Magic. She is usually surrounded by elemental orbs, each one a different color, which grant her quick access to magical abilities of each element and turning her into a versatile fighter. She's knowledgeable of countless high-level spells and the raw power of her magic is powerful enough to tie with Dark Lord RedEye, a Lv3 user inhabiting a Toushin body that was built to become the ultimate magical lifeform. This is even more impressive when taking into account that Hornet was not raised as a Mage, but as a Spell-blader just like her father. Boasting also a Lv2 Sword Combat skill, her swordplay is on par with that of the most talented on the world, turning her into a fearsome foe.

In the old setting, her Level was 210, the second highest ever seen after Kayblis', and had an even more absurd Level Cap of 320. Her ability and strength were so high that she's able to fend herself against several Dark Lords on her own, a feat that makes her comparable to even mid-ranked Gods in sheer strength.

Appearances in the Series

Rance Quest

While she doesn't physically appear, she sends Satella and Caesar on a mission to capture bugs, in order to destroy a satellite controlling computer, the Kayblis Faction has.

Rance X

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She appears in Rance X, as a prisoner of the Kayblis Faction. She is eventually rescued by the human army. She attempts to preform the Blood ritual to become the next demon king, but fails. She swears loyalty to Demon King Rance. She encounters the El Party on their mission to fight their father and is defeated by them. She is turned into a human when Rance and his children defeated Quelplan and destroy the Dark Lord system.

Kichikuou Rance


Non-canon warning: This section contains non-canonical information that is not considered part of the canonical timeline and should not be considered part of the overall storyline.

She made her first physical appearance in the non-canon Kichikuou Rance as the leader of her faction during the war in the Monster Realm. She shows up during the introductory scene of the Hornet Faction after having sent Satella and Meglass to serve as bodyguards of Miki Kurusu, who was being targeted by Dark Lords of the Kayblis Faction, and hoping that they would be able to convince her to become the Demon King and stop the war currently on-going on the Monster Realm. Shortly after, Kayblis loses all his remaining patience and decides to send all his forces on a full-scale attack against Hornet's territories to end the war once and for all, taking advantage of the currently weakened state of her faction. During the betrayal of one of her members, Noce, he abandoned the faction and was promptly killed in a battle against humans, as well as taking down Dark Lord Ithere with him in the process, and having sent Satella and Meglass to protect Miki, her faction currently had only 3 of its original 7 Dark Lords. It also lost a large a number of Monsters from their Demon Army, as many either died during the war or defected to Kayblis out of fear upon thinking that victory for Hornet's side was impossible.

On a desperate move, she sends Silky and La Hawzel to fight back the invading forces on Cascade Bau. Despite the gigantic difference in armies and being heavily outnumbered by the Dark Lords of the Kayblis Faction, the two are able to stand their ground for several months on largely deplorable conditions, but the territory is eventually lost, La Hawzel is captured by Medusa and Silky is forced to withdraw to her Castle. Hornet meets with her and comforts her, as she's filled with grief and guilt over the loss. She the tries to persuade her to run away on her own, seeing that the war has already been lost, but Silky refuses to do so and firmly decides to fight to the end. While Hornet is not happy with her friend's decision, she reluctantly respects it and the two set an ambush on the Sulfur Forest. Said forest and the Land of Death are the only paths Kayblis' forces can take to attack their current location, and since the Land of Death is a massive death-zone that takes the life of anything that enters it, they conclude that they will attack from the Sulphur Forest instead and Silky takes their remaining army to the forest. However, their plans crumbled when Kayblis gathers all the Dark Lords of his faction and uses a huge number of monsters to break through the Land of Death by using his units as shields, reaching Hornet on Silky's Castle and catching her completely by surprise. On her own, Hornet was forced to engage in a defensive battle against the majority of the Dark Lords of the Kayblis Faction but was eventually defeated by Kayblis himself and taken prisoner as a result.


With her fall, the war has been decided and only a very little number of troops would remain on the Demon King Castle along with Silky, who abandoned the castle soon after and disbanded the faction. Upon doing so, the Kayblis Faction effectively unifies the Monster Realm with Kayblis as the Supreme Ruler, with Silky being the only last remnant of Hornet's group and declared a fugitive. As a prisoner, Kayblis used Hornet as a sexual outlet for countless hours, as well as placing her as a public sex slave for thousands of Monsters. Her torment would last for many months until the unified forces of humanity led by Rance manage to defeat Kayblis and the unified Monster Realm. She would be set free by Satella and would meet with Rance and Kurusu Miki immediately after, requesting the latter to become the Demon King so that the Monster Realm can establish peaceful relations with humans. Miki however, firmly refuse, as it is not her wish to become the Demon King. Seeing this refusal, Hornet will decide to become her personal bodyguard and servant, as she still considers it her duty to protect her and keep her father's will.

Non-canon warning: Non-canonical information ends at this point.


  • While she had a Level Cap, hers was the 2nd highest in the entire continent, next to Hanty Kalar (1000).
  • She's one of the few spellbladers known in the universe, the others being Eleanor Ran, Wichita Skate  and Gi.
  • She's also one of the only two known characters that were born from a Dark Lord and a human, the other being Kurohime.
  • In the original popularity poll made of Kichikuou Rance she ranked 17th, making her the second most popular Dark Lord after Satella.
  • Her name comes from Hornet Aircraft Carrier due TADA fanaticism for pre-WW2 military.