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Hoochie Koo!! is a doujin music album with arranged versions of tracks from the Rance series. It was released at Comic Market (Comiket) 74.

It was published by syuryougonjinsyu which was succeeded by Yohsui O'asa which in turn was succeeded by ECE-SMZ. It's possible it was published by ECE-SMZ, see back image. Other related full albums released under these labels are: Arabure, HIGH!, Kami -Dios-, R., R.evolution and -Rance 03 Arrange Collection-

The Japanese credits are included in the gallery and are translated down below.


No. Title Game name Length
01 Slapping Fight Sengoku Rance 2:50
02 Rance's Theme Song (らんすテーマ曲) Rance 4.1 & Rance 4.2 3:02
03 Go The Brutal Man Rance 5D 3:22
04 My Glourious Days Rance 2 & Sengoku Rance 5:12
05 Trns Beat Rance 5D 3:29
06 Happiness Pharmaceutical (ハピネス製薬) Rance 4.1 & Rance 4.2 3:33
07 Battle 17 times (戦闘17倍) Rance VI: The Collapse of Zeth 3:33
08 Slaver ~Intrigue~ Kichikuou Rance 3:21
09 Rebirth the edge Sengoku Rance 4:19
10 Ending (エンディング) Rance VI: The Collapse of Zeth 4:11
11 Bonus Track - Battle 17 times Rance VI: The Collapse of Zeth 4:30


All music originally composed by: Alice Soft
Music arranged by: Ese (似非)
Keyboard: Supply (monotone-infinity) on track 3.
Guitar: Toshinori Hiramatsu (平松 俊紀) (SWORD OF JUSTICE) on tracks 7, 9 and 11.