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Holy Skeletal Fighting Marshal
seigai tōshō



A Holy Fighting Marshal in combat.

The Holy Skeletal Fighting Marshal is a type of autonomous weapon created by the Holy Magic Sect. They are created using the corpses of dead magic users, though the corpses just serve as a skeletal structure and medium for magic, and thus they are not considered zombies or Undead, nor do they have Souls. They are clothed in a pointy hood, and there are large magical spheres embedded in their shoulders. Their strength roughly reflects that of the original owner of the corpse, and they employ the unique type of magic created by the Sect, the Holy Magic, to attack their enemies.

While autonomous, they follow orders given by Toushin, as well as M.M Rune. To this day, they still faithfully carry out the two prime directives given to them by M.M. Rune: the first is their original directive, to eliminate all Dark Lords and fight the monsters they command. Near the end of the Dark Lord War, M.M Rune, driven mad, gave them their second and final order: To kill all "barbarians", that is, humans not belonging to the Holy Magic Sect. Because no people recognized as members of the Holy Magic Sect, with the exception of Freak Paraffin, still exist, this is essentially an order to exterminate all of mankind.

While they are not actually monsters, most residents of the continent consider them as such, since most of the time they roam in dungeons or wilderness where other monsters are, and they always attack humans on sight - their true nature as automatons from a bygone age is not common knowledge. Efforts to "deprogram" them and prevent them from attacking humans have proven futile, even for Freak Paraffin, as many of the secrets of Holy Magic died with M.M. Rune.

As Holy Skeletal Fighting Marshals are not living things, they do not need to eat or sleep. Through use of Holy Magic, they are able to repair themselves automatically. Even if they are defeated in battle, after lying still for a few days, they can be up and running again, and will continue to execute their orders.


In order from weakest to strongest.

  • Name: Rejection
  • Japanese: レジェクション
  • Color: Tarnished yellow, in tattered robes
  • Face: skull, not covered in hood
  • Appears in: Rance VI





  • Name: Kretschmer
  • Japanese: クレッチマー
  • Color: Pink
  • Face: heart-shaped hole for eyes, square mouth, dollar sign ("$") on forehead
  • Appears in: Rance VI, Toushin Toshi II
  • real world refernce: Otto Kretschmer






  • Name: Kreuz
  • Japanese: クロイツ
  • Color: Silver
  • Face: a single slit, revealing a red glow beneath it.
  • Appears in in: Rance VI, Persiom
  • real world reference: The German word "Kreuz", meaning "cross". Likely a reference to either Hakenkreuz or Eisernes Kreuz.



  • Most of their type names are named after individuals of Nazi Germany.