The Five Aces, key members of the Sect.

Holy Magic Sect
seima kyōdan

The Holy Magic Sect was an organization that represented the human race during the first half of the Gi era. Technically founded in the year GI0353, they were then simply called the Magic Sect (魔教団, makyōdan), but renamed themselves after the completion of the first Toushin Toshi α. It was an organization of exceptional mages dedicated to protect humanity from the monsters and Dark Lords.

Capital: Detna Luca

Leader: M.M Rune

The Holy Magic Sect was the only civilization that ever managed to unify humanity entirely, and made technological advancements in Magic Research far beyond any other previous human group in history or any that would follow.

Thanks to the creation of Tousho, who served as policemen and peacekeepers, humans were safer than ever from the monsters. The Sect designed an agricultural system with enchanted scarecrows and automated farmers to solve the food crisis and majestic Toshin Toshi cities that floated in the air as a testament to the wonder of the mighty Holy Magic Sect. As previously stated, it was founded in the year GI0353 by a man named Luca Rune, who became well-known as the strongest mage in the history of The Continent. Rune gathered 24 of the most powerful and intelligent mages from all across the continent, along with many other talented mages that believed in Rune's ideals, founding the Magic Sect.

The leaders of the Military Kingdom of Blashin challenged Rune's new organization. At the time, swordplay was considered righteous and honorable, while mages were seen as cowards. Balshin was thought to be the strongest military force with 20,000 soldiers, but they were completely destroyed by Rune's Magic Sect in a conflict that would be known as the War of the Iron Soldiers.

After the war was over, Rune founded the Capital City of the Magic Sect on the smoldering remains of Balshin, which was given the name Detna Luca.

The Dark Lord War[]

M.M Rune, the founder of the sect.

The early reign of the Magic Sect was a peaceful era for humanity. Human's enjoyed great prosperity, saw their world unified, and the wonders of magic were commonly accepted.

However, Rune's real ambitions were much greater: he wished to use the Toushin and Tousho to destroy the Demon King and his Dark Lords, so he declared war on the demon king. However, even though Toushin could match or even surpass Dark Lords in combat, they couldn't pierce trough their Invincibility Field. They were perfectly aware of this and instead tried to seal Dark Lords and sporadically regain territory. But even after many years of war, neither side could gain any advantage at all. It's important to note that not all the Dark Lords took part in the war and the Demon King Gi himself decided to stay out of the conflict, telling his dark lords to "do as they please."

In the year GI451, after hearing news of humans revolting against him, M.M Rune went mad with power and rage. He declared that every human being not living on a Toushin Toshi or capable of using magic as being "barbarians" and that they should be treated as enemies along with the demons. This behavior made him many enemies and he was assassinated at the age of 125 years old by his most trusted friend, Freak Paraffin, in the Capital City, Detna Luca.

The Holy Magic Sect collapsed after Rune's death and the war with Dark Lords ended.