Holy Magic is a term coined by the Holy Magic Sect used to describe their unique type of magic.

It is often confused with Divine Magic, but Holy Magic mostly draws power from the element of darkness.

The primary application of Holy Magic is for offensive capability. The method of casting deviates from normal casting methods, instead using mana to draw complex runic symbols in the air. When the rune is complete the effect of the spell activates.

All models of Holy Skeletal Fighting Marshal are equipped with mana spheres and at least a basic understanding of Holy Magic and are the main practitioners seen nowadays, since it has become a mostly lost art.

Holy Magic is also used in Magic Metallurgy to create Toushin, Tousho and Toushin Toshi. It is also used to create the remote drone-like Iron Soldiers.


  • Tiger: The most basic spell. Shoots a powerful attack of the element of Darkness towards an opponent.
  • Tiger 2: A stronger version of Tiger, roughly 50% stronger.
  • Tiger 3: A stronger version of Tiger 2, but it's very rare to seen.
  • Super Tiger: A more powerful version of the Tiger system. Shoots a barrage of bullets of the element of Darkness towards an opponent.
  • Junkers: A weaker but less consuming version of Tiger.
  • Messerschmitt: A force of darkness falls from the sky to destroy the enemy. A powerful spell.
  • Focke-Wulf: A very high level spell. A powerful force of darkness that destroy all the opponents in sight, first seen used by the Hitler series.
  • Tirpitz: A barrage of black arrows that resemble the Tiger spell that hits all the enemies in sight. It is employed Freak Paraffin.
  • Stuka: An attack with a long range capable of attacking all the enemies from afar. It is used by the Rommel series.
  • Bismarck: A very high level spell. Shoots a barrage of small flaming meteors of darkness towards all the enemies in sight.
  • Atom Bomb: Unleashes a terryifing force that takes the form of an intense light to destroy everything around the caster.
  • Biometal: The magic created by M.M Rune to metallize body cells and manufacture Tousho. It is a sub-magic created from Death Magic.
  • Sealing Magic: A spell very similar to the Monster Sealing Ward from Divine Magic. Meant to be used to seal monsters and Dark Lords in secluded fields.