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GI0534 – Founding of the Kingdom[]

Leazas Castle

The Leazas Castle in LP0002.

In the year GI0534, the leader and founder of the Helman Republic, Zanageth Helman, passed away. This resulted in the many small countries that allied to create the Republic splitting apart and a civil war ensued.

Gross Leazas, one of the many that revolted against the Helman Republic, managed to gain a great following thanks to his charisma and strength. He marched his new citizens to the fertile eastern lands of The Continent to carve out his own nation. There he discovered the former Demon King Castle that had been used by Gele over half a century ago and decided to build Leazas Castle from its remains, which would become the core and the capital of his new Kingdom.


Chaos sealing Demon King Gele.

Gross found a startling surprise at the bottom of the castle: the Corrupted Sword Chaos still sealing the former Demon King Gele. Gross knew this castle in his new kingdom would become a primary target for Dark Lords that wished to release their former master should they ever discover it. Though proud of his burgeoning Kingdom, he feared the new responsibility he had inherited that could potentially lead all humanity to ruin. Gross traveled to Helman again and contacted Ho-Laga, then requested a way to reinforce Gele's seal. Ho-Laga agreed to help and made a seal around the room where Chaos remained. No Dark Lords could pass the mage's barrier; the only way through was to possess three Holy Items Ho-Laga created and to have someone of Gross' bloodline present to open it. These Holy Items would later become National Treasures of the Royal Family. 

GI0544-GI0584 – Helman and Leazas Wars[]


After a few years from its founding, Leazas prospered greatly thanks to its fertile land. Leazas hoped to develop into a peaceful country, however, in the year GI0544 the Helman Republic decided that they could not ignore the newly formed Leazas anymore and attacked them. Hoping to re-absorb their former territory, Helman's initial advances crushed Leazas due to their overwhelming military superiority. Cities and key economic centers were taken and the territory was never re-conquered.

Helman launched three victorious campaigns were in a period of 30 years. It was not until the 4th Helman-Leazas War that took place in the year GI0584, that Leazas managed to defeat the previously unbeaten Helman Republic. Leazas' surprising victory was thanks to a brilliant tactician who managed to turn the war in their favor with unconventional strategies. The 5th War saw the first ever successful invasion into Helman land, but difference in army sizes was still too enormous and Leazas was unable to successfully hold Helman territory.

The 5th War ended with a peace treaty between Helman and Leazas, where both sides agreed to remain neutral with each other. For the next couple of centuries the agreement was honored and no wars were fought.

GI0800 – Southern Proxy War and the Foundation of Zeth[]


Around GI0800, a large scale conflict took place in the southern territory of Helman involving Helman, Leazas, and armies of the Monster Realm, who struggled for control. A young female mage named Parsley rose up with her comrades to end the war. The group was aided by Dark Lord Berksham's apostle, Lucy Jiuletta, and use an excavated Tousho to bring the long battle to an end.

Leazas, Helman, and the Demon Army are all driven out of the territory and Lucy encouraged the foundation of a new country focused on magic called Zeth.

Focusing on magic was a fortuitous decision, since in the long centuries since the dissolution of the Holy Magic Sect mages had been mistrusted and viewed as dangerous. This fear was secretly stoked and manipulated by Goddess ALICE with her influence as a deity of the AL Church. Many mages, tired of their persecution elsewhere on The Continent, gathered and empowered the new nation of Zeth.

In the year GI0885, what would become known as "The Conflict at the Mountain Range" takes place. For the first time in over 200 hundred years, a skirmish broke out between Helman and Leazas in the mountain borders between the two countries. Any conflict between the two countries was now forced to take place along the untraversable mountain region, since Helman and Leazas' southwestern border was now broken by a desert formed by Zeth mages in a previous conflict with Helman. The difficult terrain neutralizes each military's advantages and neither side was able to penetrate the other's territory. The war eventually ends in a stalemate.


Rick Addison and his army managed to stop the invading army.

In GI0888, Zeth had been victim to many attacks from the Demon Army and created the Mazeel Line along their western border to serve as protection. After decades of preparation, Zeth invaded Leazas in the first ever Zeth-Leazas War with the objective of gaining more prosperous and safer lands. The fighting was fierce and took a tremendous toll but was ultimately resolved when the King of Zeth was assassinated, leading to a peace treaty.

Leazas enjoyed roughly a century of peace until the year GI1015 when Zeth and Helman formed an alliance to conquer Leazas. The offensive began at the Parapara Fort that was established on the Leazas-Zeth border at the bottom of the Helman border's mountain range. The War ended shortly after it began, however, as miscommunication between Helman and Zeth resulted in a disorganized attack. The frayed armies were defeated in a fierce counter offensive performed by the Red Army of Leazas, which was composed of only 800 soldiers and its skilled General Rick Addison. This battle was known as the Conflict at the Parapara Fort and gave Rick the nickname "Red Reaper of Leazas," after slaughtering hundreds of enemies by himself. 

LP0002 – 7th Helman-Leazas War (Rance 03 Events)[]

Spoiler Warning: The following section contains spoilers.

Prince Patton Helman successfully takes Leazas castle with the help of Demons.

In the year LP0002 Prince Patton formed an alliance with Dark Lord Noce with the goal of conquering Leazas with the Helman 3rd Army, supported by Dark Lord forces. A magical transport device was set in the Leazas Castle and suddenly ten thousand soldiers from the Helman Army appeared inside the castle and began the assault. The surprise attack was also aided by Dark Lord Ithere, who was allied with Noce, and used his mental-control ability to brainwash most of the Royal Guard. Eventually Rick Addison of the Red Army and Barres Province of the Black Army also fell under Ithere's mind control.

Fall of Leazas Opening

Kanami Kentou with the Royal Guard during the night of Helman's occupation of Leazas.

With their forces overwhelmed by the sudden attack and the Royal Guard brainwashed, the Royal Family had no means to escape Helman's capture. However, the King and Queen were in the Free Cities during the operation and only Princess Lia was in the capital. With little time the princess took a gamble and sent her personal ninja, Kanami Kentou, on a precarious mission just as the castle was falling. Kanami left with Leazas's national treasure and sought help against the invasion from the brutish warrior Rance.

The inevitable swiftly took place: Princess Lia was captured alongside her maid and adviser Maris Amaryllis, the capital was occupied along with 40% of Leazas' territory, and most of the military command was brainwashed by Dark Lord Ithere and his apostles. Helman's initial success was overwhelming.


Rance leading the Leazas Liberation Army.

Leazas' last hope lay with Kanami, who succeeded in reaching Rance and enlisted his aid. They formulated a plan to beat back Helman and then retrieve a legendary weapon hidden within Leazas Castle that could be used to defeat Dark Lords. Rance agreed to help (albeit with some licentious conditions) and he eventually took the role of Supreme Commander of the Leazas Liberation Army. Their company was formed from the scattered military forces all over Leazas, as well as units and warriors from the Free Cities Alliance like the Witches of Kathtom. Rance eventually also released brainwashed soldiers like Rick Addison and Barres Province, who bolstered the burgeoning Liberation Army. With Rance's help, Maria Custard, an engineer from Kathtom, managed to create a unique tank called Tulip #3 that joined the Army and took a critical role in battle.

The Leazas Liberation Army eventually became powerful enough to push back the Helman 3rd Army, until The Battle of The O took place. This was the decisive battle that changed the course of the war and turned the tides in the Leazas Liberation Army's favor. The Leazas forces suffered approximately a 30% casualty rate, but managed to capture the town of The O and claim victory. Helman's 3rd Army was left ruined and only a few hundred soldiers successfully retreated with General Thoma Lipton. The only other notable Helman survivor of this battle was Minerva Margaret. Led by Rance, the Army kept advancing through the Free Cities into the Leazas region, felling Commanders Fletcher Modell and Henderson Dauntless in battle. Eventually even Thoma Lipton, famous for being the World's Strongest Man, was killed in a fierce encounter against Rance's party and finished off by Rance himself. During this time the Leazas White Army General, Ex Banquet, who had managed to evade getting brainwashed or captured, mounted a small resistance force at the Leazas capital. He successfully retook the area surrounding Leazas Castle through guerilla tactics, while also persuading several Leazas nobles who had defected to Helman to shift their allegiance back towards the Liberation Army. 

After using an unconventional strategy to siege the Leazas Castle - by hiding inside a Golden Hanny - Rance's army managed to recover the castle and save Princess Lia. However, they were unable to find Prince Patton from the Helman Army, who was the main leader of the invading forces. Patton had already escaped with the help of Hunty Kalar after almost being killed by Dark Lord Noce; the Dark Lord betrayed the Prince, revealing that they were only using Helman to gain access to Leazas Castle.


Demon King Gele's revival would sign the end both Leazas and Helman.

With Patton's location unknown the Prince was presumed dead, giving a final victory for Leazas over Helman. However, the Dark Lords were still present and pursuing their own plans in Leazas. With Lia's help and the National Treasures, they reclaimed the weapon hidden in the depths of Leazas Castle, Chaos, one of the only swords capable of shattering the invincibility field of the Dark Lords. Unfortunately for Leazas, this was Noce's plan all along: Chaos had been sealing the former Demon King Gele in another dimension for over 1000 years and by removing him the seal was broken. Despite Chaos' power Rance's forces were dispatched with ease, with Noce breaking Chaos into pieces. Gele, who returned at only 5% of her full strength, began consuming the citizens of Leazas to absorb their life force and recover her strength.

With the threat of Gele's return ending the Human world as they knew it, Rance's forces managed to repair Chaos and defeat Dark Lords Ithere and Satella. A huge party formed from the strongest fighters of the Leazas Army and the Free Cities fought Dark Lord Noce in the Leazas Castle. After a fierce battle they managed to kill Noce, but Gele used his blood soul to open a rift to another dimension and escape to recover strength. Rance, who would later be followed by Sill Plain, chased after Gele through the portal. Rance, Sill, and Gele did not pass through the portal again and were presumed dead. The war concluded with several Dark Lords defeated or dead, the former Demon King successfully sealed again, and the Helman 3rd Army almost completely annihilated. Leazas spent the next few months recovering from the conflict.

Shortly after the conflict, Princess Lia forced her father King Wesding into retirement and claimed the throne as Queen of Leazas. Lia's ascension was opposed by several nobles and during her crowning ceremony a group of them organised a coup d'etat to kill her. The plot was prevented by Menad Shisei, a town guard, and Kentou Kanami. Menad was so highly rewarded for her actions that she became the second in-command of the Leazas Red Army. 

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