GI0420-0452 - The end of the Sect's era[]

The era ruled by the Holy Magic Sect, who had made remarkable advances in the magic sciences.

Those who couldn't use magic were scorned as savages.

The Holy Magic Sect finally went to war with the Demon King and his Dark Lords for close to 30 years, which would be called the Dark Lord War.

They were humanity's strongest organisation in history, using Toushin Toshi and Tousho, but, unable to break the invincibility field, inner conflicts eventually lead them to lose the war and the Sect disappeared after Rune was assassinated by Replica Misly, Freak Paraffin and Hanty Kalar.

GI0532 - The New Republic[]

Zanageth came out victorious against every opponent he faced.

Zanageth Helman creates the Helman Republic.

Several small countries popped after the Dark Lord War, but they all lacked a definite and consolidated power.

Among them, Zanageth appeared, who challenged each of the leaders of these small countries to a 1 on 1 duel.

"Let's battle, with my country's territory and yours on the line. Send your country's strongest warrior to fight me".

After 62 battles, Zanageth had gained control of 61 regions in the blink of an eye. The huge Helman Republic was founded as a result.

For all intents and purposes it was a dictatorship ruled by Emperor 


Zanageth, but he'd taken control of countless countries, so it became something like an allied republic of smaller nations.

By the year GI0532 the republic was fully established.

This map shows a huge, wide blue region to represent the territory the Helman Empire possesed at the time. There's a tundra and several small independent zones. Most of the continent belonged to Zanageth.

GI0534-GI0584  - Leazas Foundation and the First Helman-Leazas Wars[]

The Leazas Castle in the current era.

When Zanageth died in GI0534 rifts started opening between the allied republic that had been held together with his charisma.

The result of large-scale conflict was Gross Leazas's founding of the new country, Leazas.

Gross Leazas


 moved to the eastern side of the continent and built the Leazas Castle on the foundations of the old Demon King Castle used by Gele 500 years ago. Gross Leazas was considered a hero and created a kingdom in the land with the most resources and fertile lands.  Helman declares war on Leazas, unable to permit its independance.

Helman crushes Leazas with the overwhelming difference in their military forces but the territory is not re-conquered and the wars become so frequent it's almost a sort of 10 year tradition. Three wars were fought over the course of 30 years.

The division on the eastern borders to Leazas is a steep mountain range, making it extremely hard to invade from either side. However the overwhelming difference in numbers and military strength leaves Leazas vulnerable to the empire.

In the fourth Helman-Leazas war that took place in the year GI0574, an amazingly talented tactician turns the tides for Leazas's side and his impressive achievements allow the Leazas Army to repel the previously overwhelming Helman Army, who's pusshed back for the first time. After Leazas was able to declare independence from Helman, the country gradually lost a lot of power.

Furthermore, the Fifth war in GI0584 is fought on Helman land for the first time. However, the overwhelming difference in military force makes it impossible for Leazas to win and the war ends in a peace treaty between Helman and Leazas. 

GI0800 / GI0802 - Foundation of the Magic Kingdom of Zeth[]


When large countries secretly control the fighting of small countries without getting their hands dirty, what it's called a Proxy War takes place. A small force gathers in the south of Helman and west to Leazas. A young and talented mage named Parsley rises up with her comrades to stop the war.

Dark Lord Berksham's apostle, Lucy Giulietta aids in the battle and, using an excavated Tousho left behind by the Holy Magic Sect, the long battle draws to a close.

The Country of Magic Zeth.

Leazas, Helman and the Demon Army are driven out and a magic nation is encouraged to be formed by Lucy.

After the dissolution of the Holy Magic Sect, there was a long period of mistrust of mages and, consequently, backlawsh towards that mistrust, which was secretly manipulated by ALICE with her influence over the AL Church.

Many persecuted mages gathered in the new nation of Zeth.

GI0816 - First Helman-Zeth War[]


All-out war breaks out between Helman and Zeth over fertile land in the east of the Crystal Forest, a forest that got that name because of the Kalar that lived there could be hunted and killed to retrieve their crystals. 

While unable te crush Leazas anymore, Helman should have been able to handle the emerging nation easily with its forces but since defeat for Zeth would mean mages lose their place in the world again, the nation managed to band together and bring the fighting to a stalemate.

The desert that formed between Zeth and Helman.

After a certain incident, a huge area in between the two countries was enveloped in light. When the light faded, the land was an enormous desert and Helman had sustained over 300,000 casualties.

The enormous desert between Zeth and Helman makes it very hard to perform a high-scale invasion. The desert is a blank and dead state and only a small country named Shangri-La could be founded by a man who gained control over the desert. The sandstorms and labyrinthic paths preclude any army to movilize through the desert without huge casualties. As a result, this was the first and last Helman-Zeth War. 

In the year GI0885, after several decades of peace, a large conflict occurs between Leazas and Helman in the mountain border. The war ends in a draw due to the difficulty both contries face in attempting an invasion between the mountains. 

GI988 - Prince Patton's birth[]

Hanty Kalar with the newborn Patton.

Prince Patton is born, but he isn't the empress's son but the son of a concubine called Paelina. Since the empress never had any children, he's raised as the heir. Paelina formed a close friendship with Hunty Kalar of the council of eight.

General of the 3rd Army Thoma Lipton looked after him in his young days and he grew up close to Thoma's son Hubert.

He wasn't princely at all but many people liked him.

After Patton's mother passed away, Hanty Kalar chose to raise him in exchange of his now deceased mother.

GI1005 - Princess Sheila's birth[]

The emperor had been ill for the last few years and hadn't been appearing before the public. Everyone thought there would no other heir other than Patton, but then his second wife finally gives birth to a girl named Sheila.

A man named Stessel, who had been climbing the social ladder unusually fast, becomes prime minister.

GI1015/LP0001 - Patton's decay and The Conflict at the Parapara Fort[]

"He's only a concubine's son and is too violent. He isn't smart enough either. Princess Sheila should be the Empress" -Helman Nobles.

Until now, Prince Patton had been raised as the succesor but, wrapped up in imperial disputes he's driven further away from his old position and loses standing.

Even the emperor, who used to support him, begins to treat him coldly after several deceptions.

Unable to deal with the complicated political strife, Patton gets tired of it all and loses motivation and starts skipping on sword practices and political lessons. Patton becomes a delinquent.

The Conflict at the Parapara Fort takes place. Desperated to crush Leazas, Helman forms an alliance with Zeth and launchs an offensive towards Leazas. However, the army is defeated by Rick Addison's fierce counter offensive and discommunication between Helman and Zeth. Rick himself slaughtered hundreds of soldiers from Helman's army and earns his nickname "The Red Reaper of Leazas".

LP0002 - The 7th Helman-Leazas War (Rance 03 events)[]

Spoiler Warning: The following section contains spoilers.

Kanami Kentou, personal ninja of the Leazas Royal family, manages to escape from the Leazas Castle.

Patton is convinced by Dark Lord Noce to invade Leazas. He thinks that if he succeeds, everyone will acknowledge his ability and no-one will object his succession.

He forces the plan through regardless of any objection within his country. The only person who suports him was his mentor General Thoma Lipton. A transport magic circle is secretly set up inside the Leazas Castle by the Dark Lords. In one night, tens of thousands of soldiers from Helman's Third Army appear through the circle and occupy the Leazas castle.

Leazas's royalty was captured, the royal guard was brainwashed by Dark Lord Ithere's mind control ability, eventually most of their army as well, and Helman occupies 40% of Leazas including its capital, making it an overwhelming victory from the Helman Army.

However, Princess Lia had sent a ninja to sought help from Rance before being captured. After many events (Rance III/Rance 03) Rance leading the Leazas Liberation Army, reorganized from the remnants scattered from Leazas, starts making his way towards the capital and the Leazas Castle where Patton is. 

Most of the soldiers that were brainwashed joined the Leazas Liberation Army after Rance freed them from Dark Lord Ithere's apostle mind-control.

The Helman Army units that had advanced into the Free Cities Zone conformed by Fletcher's 10,000 soldiers and Henderson's 5000 are annihilated. Fletcher Modell, who was known as a legend back in his prime, is killed as well. The Leazas Liberation Army lead by Rance becomes a large enough force to surround Leazas castle where Patton is hiding. General Thoma Lipton protects the castle until the very end to protect Patton. Despite his old age, Thoma is known as the world's strongest human for a reason and it takes several hours of fighting heavily outnumbered until he's finally taken down for good by Rance.

Hanty saves Patton from Noce(Rance III).

Patton, who's lost his mentor and most trusted General, turns to Dark Lord Noce for support but he claims that he doesn't need him anymore since he has already fulfilled his objective.

Hunty Kalar and Patton fight Dark Lord Noce but even though Hunty is one of the most powerful mages in the world, the Dark Lord's invincibility field makes him impossible to be defeated. They are both about to be killed by Noce but Hunty manages to transport them to a different location.

Patton: Shit, I won't forgive Noce nor my father! Hunty: What are you getting all fired up for? I'm gonna go find some food, so you rest! Patton: ....

The long fighting ends with Leazas side victorious and the Helman Third Army destroyed.

The blame for the failure goes all to Helman's stupid Prince Patton and it's proclaimed that he lost his life in the reckless fighting. Patton's reputation is completely destroyed.

A month later, the emperor dies in his sickbed he had been confined for a long time and Princess Sheila succeeds him. The Helman Republic becomes the Helman Empire.

Officially, Patton is dead and so is Hunty Kalar of the Council of Eight. However, they managed to survive and Patton remains hidden licking his wounds.

A few months later, Hubert, General Thoma's son and Patton's childhood friend, is assigned a mission to explore the floating continent Ylapu. The floating mass of land is actually a fortress called a Toushin Toshi created by theHoly Magic Sect, who ruled the world before the foundation of the Helman Empire.

An exploration team is formed with the objective of find a powerful weapon in the Toushin Toshi, led by Bitch Golch of the Council of Eight, along with Dens Blau, Io Ishtar and Merim Tser. However after a series of events (Rance IV), their plans are crushed by Rance, who coincidentally was sent there by accident after his fight with former Demon King Gele. The floating continent falls to the ground after Toushin Upsilon is defeated. A city is built of the remnants of the Toushin Toshi that fell in the Free Cities Alliance zone. Bitch Golch and Dens Blau were killed during the operation and both Hubert and Freak Paraffinnn(who left Helman to aid in the operation) went missing as well. They both secretly joined Patton after Hunty saved them in the Toushin Toshi. A small group is formed by these four.

Spoiler Warning Ends: Spoiler details end here.

LP0003 - Stessel Romanov as Helman's true head[]

The prime minister Stessel Romanov is the real political leader in Helman.

Prime Minister Stessel solidifies his hold on the government.

The empress Sheila and the former empress Pamela are both in the palm of his hand and those who defy him are demoted or punished, leaving only those who support him in power.

General of the 2nd Army Aristoles Calm, who was a close childhood friend with Prince Patton, believes that Stessel was responsible of his friend's mother death and that he lied about his recent death. He begins a subtle effort to oppose Stessel's rule but is against the idea of a revolution that would bring more bloodshed.

Saved from the brink of death after his failed invasion attempt to Leazas, Patton cannot return to his country and lives a secluded life. He spent a little time moping, but broke out of it and decided to take the opportunity to gather information and do some training. 

He realizes that he's far more adept to martial arts than he is with the sword and trains tirelessly. He also conquers the Nisenagurimakuri Tower.

LP0004 - Famine and Plague in Helman[]

A large-scale bubonic plague breaks out among the citizens, and due to squabbling among the higher-ups in their own self-interest, relief is delayed. 

Famine and poverty gradually increases and the cold winter in the most freezing section of the continent takes away many lives.

By the next summer 12,000,000 people have died from the plague or the harsh conditions, making it one of the biggest catastrophes not caused by the Dark Lords humanity has faced.