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Himeyagi Shion
Japanese 姫夜木 紫音
Romanization Himeyagi Shion
Shion Impressed
Race Human
Sex Female
Status Alive
World Prostudent Good
Affiliation Himeyagi Research Institute
Appeared in Prostudent Good


Himeyagi Shion is a party member in Prostudent Good. She's the daughter of Himeyagi Daigo, the owner of the Himeyagi Research Institute. Her character role is similar to that of Mikura Noriko in their respective groups.

She is the motherly type of the bunch and a pretty typical girl. She loves cooking, making sweets and the like. She loves foreign films and is afraid of ghosts and bugs. She just as strong willed as the others and also pilots mechs. It is revealed that her mother went missing around 1 year prior to the events of the game. She gets kidnapped by Inugami Kyoushiro, but resists as much as she can.

She uses 2 mechs throughout the game. The 1st is support mech Playmay Delta armed with lasers and a cooling system. The 2ndis Large On, a large version of her, which fights with a rifle, boob missiles and can support.


  • She takes care of dinner on base.
  • Tans quite easily.
  • Gets easily flustered around Endou.
  • Has 2 children with Endou in her end: Setsuna (雪菜) and Akiho (秋帆).