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Hero Helman
Japanese ヒーロー・ヘルマン
Romanization Hīrō Heruman
Race Dragon, Dragon Kalar (half), Human (half)
Age / Birth 9 / RA0006
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 220cm / 820kg
Status Alive
Class Brawler
World The Continent
Affiliation Helman, El Party
Level limit 64+
Skill levels Pro Wrestling Lv2 (?), Dragon Lv1
Appeared in Rance X


Hero Helman is the son of Patton Helman and Hunty Kalar, nephew of Sheila Helman, and cousin of Rance's Children Lelikov Helman.

While the child of a Human and a Dragon Kalar, he is physically nearly indistinguishable from an ordinary Dragon; possessing only a bipedal build and a third eye on his forehead to differentiate himself from other members of his kind. The reasons behind his unusual appearance are unknown, though it is possibly due to dragon kalar no longer being recognized as an existing race within the Planner Scenario.

Personality and Appearance[]

Hero Helman is an honest child with a strong will to protect those he cares about and his promises.

He is still young, therefore, unable to transform into his human form, as well as speaks and acts like any nine year old child. Because of his busy working parents, Hero has been friends with Lelikov since he was child and was looked after by his aunt.

Hero is the main pulled-in victim of Lelikov's trouble antics, however, he sees it as fun even if he does not understand the situation. He also cheers her up as a close family member.

Because of his aunt's and cousin's relationship with Rance's Children, Hero considers Rance's Children as his older brothers and sisters.


In RA6, Hero is birthed by Hanty Kalar in the presence of his family.

Rance X, Part 2[]

In RA 15, after Lelikov hears about her siblings going after orbs, she and Hero go searching for them. They encounter a Snow Shogun and defeat it, but get separated.


  • Hero's name and general appearance were recycled from the character Hero (Mamatoto). Despite these similarities, the two share little in common outside of this.
  • In a Twitter Q&A, Orion, the Rance Series' lead artist, Hero has the potential to develop into a more humanoid form as he grows older. During the same Q&A, Orion also stated that Hero was not Camilla's type.
  • In the initial release of Rance X, Hero is listed as being 355cm tall. This was significantly reduced in a later update, making him closer to his father in size.