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Japanese ヒーロー
Romanization hīrō
Race Monster
Sex Male
Class Lizardman
World Mamatoto World
Affiliation Mamatoto (Country)
Appeared in Mamatoto, Mamanyonyo, Widenyo

About[edit | edit source]

Hero is lizardman that wandered around aimlessly in the Monster Realm with little goals or ambitions, mostly just dozing off and occasionally stealing from other people he came across with.

He became the captain of a group of monsters after coming across an abandoned fortress, which was a relatively big and powerful one but that was broken down and barely worked at all. His second in command, Tantaurus, looks up to him immensely, calling him "Big Bro", and the two are fearsome foes. 

Early in the game, Mamatoto came across his fortress when searching for a monster fortress to collect cards in order to further increase the numbers of the Kids System, facing each other in battle as a result. Despite being a powerful fighter and commanding a decent monster platoon, his leadership skills proved insufficient to beat the genius tactician Nanas Alphoria, resulting in him being captured and placed in Mamototo's prison. Soon after, Nanas visited him in prison along with Murat in an attempt to convince him to become a commander of Mamatoto. While he at first found the idea laughable, Nanas praised his skills a lot, claiming that he only lost because his subordinates were subpar to his skills. He was eventually convinced when he realized that it would be much better to become a commander rather than rotting in prison forever, so he agreed to become Nanas' subordinate and fight on Mamatoto's side. Not long after, Tantaurus tried to sneak into Mamatoto in an attempt to release Hero, but was easily caught and Hero assumed responsability, joining his personal unit as a result.


Hero's status as a monster at first put into question his loyalty to Nanas, especially for some apprehensive people like Wang. During their following battle with Buron, Hero mysteriously dissappeared, which led Wang to declare that he was right about him and that he probably ran away. During the collide of the two fortresses, Nanas left the commanding room to an isolated place in order to better lead his commanders, but it was then that he was attacked by Buron's squad of assassins, the Dark Crows, who remarked his naivety and lacked of caution. However, Nanas had previously predicted that the Dark Crows would attempt to murder him if he was seen in a vulnerable spot, and had Hero remain hidden below the room where he quickly came out to protect him. Being in a room with only one exit from which Nanas escaped, the Dark Wings were left with no choice aside from beating Hero, being heavily out-numbered, chances were on their favour. However, Hero stood on the entrance and defeated every single member of the squad on his own, saving Nanas in the process.

After the battle was over, the Mamatoto commanders were impressed by Nanas' caution and Hero's reliability, noting that Nanas kept the strategy hidden even from his allies since he thought the Dark Wings were probably watching from the shadows, being Stourin the only one that managed to read through Nanas's tactic. In the end, even Wang was forced to aknowledge Hero's allegiance, even if he didn't want to.

Personality and Appearance[edit | edit source]


True to his race, Hero is a monster that looks like a hybrid between a massive corpulent man and a lizard, having steady muscles and a huge body mass. As a Lizardman, he also has an intimating gaze, with bloody red eyes and sharp teeth, but he himself claims that he's not nearly as barbaric as he looks, although his attitude is somewhat brutish.

Despite his status as a monster, Hero is a very reliable ally that once he vows loyalty to someone is willing to put his life on the line for him. He's supporting and honest, and would never break a promise he's made, claiming that he would always keep on his word and return favour to those that helped him in the past. After being recruited by Nanas, he became enchanted by his skill as a tactician and devoted himself to him entirely, following all his orders. Even soon after being recruited, he already stated that Nanas was special and could instinctively tell that he was destined to be great.

Outside of the battlefield, Hero has only two loves, fighting and leisure, which are his two main hobbies. He regularly spends time training with other battle-loving commanders such as Murat or Rick, sparring with them to their hearts content. He likes to spend the rest of his time dozing off and doing nothing, keeping a quite life with little responsabilities or worries, although he's one to quickly rise and fight for those close to him. Despite his seemingly supportive and positive stance towards helping other, he's surprisingly dependant from others and tend to be the one that is looked after by others the most. He's been chased by Wang to take a shower, which he's seemingly unfond of, aided by Murat in the Gym, and even carried by Patton when he overdid it with a drinking session. The only one who seems to heavily assist all the time is the extremely faint-hearted Tantaurus that worked as his subordinates prior to joining Mamatoto, who is incredibly dependent of Hero to the point he doesn't even know what to do if Hero doesn't give him orders.

Unlike what many would expect, once one gets to meet him, he's found as a pleasant and enjoyable company, and a reliable friend that would fight for his comrades just as much as he would for himself. 

Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a Lizardman, Hero is a natural fighter with a great instict for battle. His body is big and strong, capable of withstanding incredibly high amounts of punishment with little effort. Among the Mamatoto commanders, he's one of the fighters with the highest endurance and sturdiness, very capable of protecting his allies by standing in between them and his enemies.

Hero's special move.

He wields a big sword, with inconmensurable strength and power. While he's not particularly profficient with it, and not nearly as skilled at swordplay as other commanders such as Rick Addison or Dikacis do Hook, his raw strength makes up for it by dealing huge amounts of damage with heavy blows. His biggest weakness however is his low agility and mobility, being a very slow fighter that takes his time to move across the battlefield. Also, his commanding ability isn't particularly high, as he lacks proper tactical skills and lacks really good leading skills, since he mostly relies on charging head-on to take out his enemies.

His special skill consists of a big jump he takes, using his big sword to generate a shockwave when hitting the ground with a tremendous force, destroying the enemies at his sides. While the sheer power of this ability is high and can hit multiple targets, its range is low and it's hard to use to its full potential since Hero needs to be surrounded for it to be the most effective.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hero was created due to Purin, Mamatoto's director, desiring to have a "big-bodied" male character available as a playable commander. Orion, the game's main artist, submitted several different designs for the character before Purin decided on a lizardman. Purin's second-favorite design, a large iron golem, was later incorporated into the game as the character Bolan.
  • in Rance IX, Hero's role as an early game warrior that emphasizes having high health above all else is fulfilled by the character Alkaneze Rize. Additionally, the weapon that Alkaneze uses throughout the game shares its appearance with Hero's sword, and is named "Hero" in further reference to him.
  • Hero's name and general appearance were recycled into the character of Hero Helman from the Rance Series. Despite these similarities, the two share little in common outside of this.

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