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This is a list of various items in Hentai Labyrinth. This is based on playthrough information is most likely incomplete.

The items listed here can be found in chests in the dungeon, drops from enemies, rewards for completing a section or from the various shops.



Swords are used by the female character only.
All treasure bonuses should be for the female character.

Name Effect Treasure bonus
Silver Sword ATT+10 HP+10, ATT+2, SPD+1
Souvenir Sword ATT+16 None
Antique Sword ATT+22, MAG+20 HP+14, ATT+2, MAG+2
Forgotten Sword ATT+28 None
Imitation Monkey Knife ATT+28 None
Strawberry Picking Sword ATT+32 LCK+1
Kidnapper's Sword ATT+34, Impact Rate+4 None
Famous Sword ATT+35, CRT+4 ATT+5
Striped Blade ATT+37, EVA+4 EVA+1
69 Ice Rapier ATT+39, Ice attribute None
Beast Slayer ATT+39, Anti-beast None
Classic Sword ATT+40, MAG+30 HP+28, DEF+2, MGR+2
Blue Sword ATT+45 HP+15
Samurai Sword ATT+50, Double Attack Rate+15 Double Attack Rate+1
Murderer's Sword ATT+55, Shock Rate+8 Shock Rate+2
Spinny Saber ATT+57, EVA+8 EVA+2
Ice Sword ATT+58, Ice attribute None
Dragon Slayer ATT+59, Anti-dragon None
Legendary Sword Namikaze ATT+60, CRT+7 ATT+7
Ninja Sword ATT+62, Double Attack Rate+10 Double Attack Rate+2
Ass Slayer ATT+69, Anti-ass None
Pink Sword ATT+78 HP+20
Brutish Sword ATT+78, Impact Rate+12 Shock Rate+3
Unsteady Saber ATT+87, EVA+12 EVA+3
Legendary Sword Soyokaze ATT+110, CRT+9 ATT+9
Rikishi Sword ATT+115, Double Attack Rate+15 Double Attack Rate+3
Wobbly Saber ATT+117, EVA+16 EVA+4


These are used by the protagonist only.
All treasure bonuses should be for the protag as well.

Name Effect Treasure bonus
Stone ATT+7 None
Slime Crusher ATT+18, Anti-slime None
Caltrop Stone ATT+20 None
Hail ATT+25, Ice attribute None
Mossy Stone ATT+27 ATT+1
Sharp Stone ATT+30, CRT+3 ATT+5
Draining Stone ATT+31 None
Magnetic Rock ATT+35 EVA+2
Wet Stone ATT+38 MAG+10
Zombie Crusher ATT+44, Anti-corpse None
Jewel ATT+45 None
Shining Stone ATT+50 MGR+10
Ruby ATT+60, Fire attribute None
Cursed Gem ATT+68, Anti-corpse None
Unknown Stone ATT+70 SPD+7
King's Stone ATT+75, Flameproof None
Stone of Fate ATT+78, Wind attribute ATT+15
Evil Ruby ATT+80, Ice attribute None
Philosophy Stone ATT+87, Lightning attribute Resistance+5
White Stone ATT+90 Resistance+10

Other weapons[]

Allies also come equipped with weapons, but they never get upgraded. The only exception to this is Kaniko who does get a few upgrades.

Name Effect Used by
Pebble ATT+6 Dog
Fish Stone ATT+21 Fishman
Stone Dumplings ATT+22 Bee
Scissors ATT+22 Kaniko
Guard Stone ATT+23 Security Guard
Mortar ATT+24, recoil Mortar/Holy Grail
Tribute Stone ATT+25 Torturer
Warrior Scissors ATT+40 Kaniko
Research Rock ATT+41 Professor
Ass Stone ATT+42 Kappa
Pachinko ATT+43 Bike Delinquent
Maid Stone Rank B ATT+61 Maid B
Hero's Scissors ATT+65 Kaniko
Brother Stone ATT+81 Big brother


These fit everyone.

Name Effect Treasure bonus
Kuchita Talisman DEF+1 Protag DEF+1
Friends Talisman DEF+1 None
Red Talisman DEF+2 None
Splendid Talisman DEF+3 None
Fish Talisman DEF+5 None
Unusual Talisman DEF+6 None
Walnut Talisman DEF+6 None
Cold Talisman DEF+7, Flameproof None
Fishscale Talisman DEF+8, ATT slightly up None
Strawberry Talisman DEF+9 Girl LCK+1
Black Talisman DEF+9, MGR+3 Protag MGR+2
Blue Talisman DEF+11, MGR+2 Girl MGR+2
Night Talisman DEF+13 Girl DEF+2
Quiet Talisman DEF+15, Windproof Protag DEF+2
Piranha Repellant DEF+22 None
Darkness Talisman DEF+24 Protag MGR+4
Nameless Talisman DEF+30 None
Strangely marked Talisman DEF+33, Lightningproof None
Ice Talisman DEF+35, Iceproof None
Kappa Repellant DEF+38 None
Love Talisman DEF+40 None
Talisman of Peace DEF+42 Girl DEF+4
Emperor's Amulet DEF+44, Flameproof None


These fit everyone.

Name Effect Treasure bonus
Friend's Gloves ACC+1 None
Red Gloves ACC+2 None
Cooking Gloves ACC+3 Girl ACC+1
Work Gloves ACC+3
Gentlemen's Gloves ACC+4 Protag ACC+1
Strawberry Patterned Gloves ACC+4 Girl LCK+1
Sleight of Hand Gloves ACC+4, MAG+2 Protag ACC+1
Dash Gloves ACC+4, Double Attack Rate+5 Protag SPD+1
Silver Gloves ACC+7, DEF+2 Girl DEF+3
Witch Doctor's Gloves ACC+9, MAG+7 Girl MAG+1
Magician's Gloves ACC+11, MAG+9 Protag MAG+2
White Gloves ACC+20 Protag ACC+3
Black Gloves ACC+28 None
Giant Gloves ACC+35, ATT+10 Protag ATT+4
Nobleman's Gloves ACC+43 None
Assasin's Gloves ACC+44, CRT+4 None


These fit everyone.

Name Effect Treasure bonus
Friend's Shoes SPD+1 None
Worn Shoes SPD+1 Protag SPD+1
Red Shoes SPD+1 None
Rubber Boots SPD+2 Protag SPD+1 OR DEF+1
Imp Shoes SPD+2 Protag SPD+1
Feathered Shoes SPD+4 Protag SPD+1
Strawberry Patterned Shoes SPD+5 Girl LCK+1
Yellow Shoes SPD+9 Protag MAG+6
Silver Shoes SPD+12, DEF+3 Girl DEF+3
Black Shoes SPD+13 Protag MGR+4
Clowning Shoes SPD+17 None
Flying Shoes SPD+23 None
Noble Shoes SPD+27 None


Name Effect
Medicine Recovers 100 HP
High Class Medicine Recovers 300 HP
Godlike Medicine Recovers 999 HP
Pistol Damages an enemy for ?499? damage.


This functions as a treasure and key item slot. I forgot to note down quite a few sale values.

Name Effect Value
Crocodile Model Sell 970
Crocodile Sake Sell 5300
Octopus Sake Sell ?
Kappa Sake Sell 4200
Kappa Scroll Sell ?
Fried Cattail Sell ?
Bronze Strawberry Statue Sell ?
Hermit's Letter Sell 6800
Octopus King's Room Key Opens doors 0
Harpy Castle's Central Key. Opens doors 0