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Oohh...attacking me in the middle of my transformation spell...what...what a...coward!

—Henderson, astonished by Rance's lack of will to wait for him to finish transforming.

Henderson Dauntless
Japanese ヘンダーソン・ドーントレス
Romanization hendāson dōntoresu
Race Human
Age / Birth 42 / GI0975
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 182cm / 65kg
Status Deceased
Class Commander
World The Continent
Affiliation Helman
Appeared in Rance III, Rance 03



Henderson Dauntless was a commander of the Helman 3rd Army that worked directly under Thoma Lipton during the 7th Helman-Leazas War in the year LP0002.

When Prince Patton Helman gave the order to further mobilize the 3rd Army to the Free Cities Alliance after Leazas had been mostly occupied, Henderson commanded a military force composed of 6000 troops. However, only 2000 of these were Helman soldiers, with the remaining members being soldiers of the Leazas Army that were brainwashed and remotely manipulated by the Apostle Sapphire, who allied along with a few other members of the Hornet Faction with Prince Patton.

During the assault to the Free Cities, he was in charge of the Siege of Kathtom, where his army fought against the small army that had been gathered in an attempt to drive Helman away from the Free Cities. Without him noticing, the adventurer Rance infiltrated among his troops and distracted him by bringing one of the key members of the Kathtom resistance, Maria Custard, who was presented to him tied up in an erotic way, much to her uneasiness. Henderson took an immediate interest in Maria, and brought her to his private quarters in the Mayor's house in the Free City of L-Zile in order to "savor" her. When Rance invaded the headquarters, Henderson remained completely unaware of his presence, being completely engrossed in playing around with Maria, who he had given an intense aphrodisiac, allowing for Rance to defeat the Apostle Sapphire and free the brainwashed soldiers. Rance then attacked the inattentive Henderson and the two entered into a battle, where Henderson attempted to cast a transformation spell to turn him into a Stone Guardian. The fight was short lived, however, as Rance quickly slashed him with his sword before his transformation was finished, killing him instantly and saving Maria before he managed to have his way with her.

Personality and Appearance[]

Henderson is a very despicable and perverted man.

Henderson was a soldier of the Helman Army noted for his elegant and aristocratic manners. He was a flamboyant man with a deep love for beauty and very eccentric mannerisms. He dressed in a much more formal fashion than most Helman soldiers do, and seemed to be quite skilled at keeping a tidy and spruce appearance. He had a long face, with a big and pointy chin and a small, elegant mustache. Despite his attempts at looking impeccable, he was an unattractive man that mostly came off as an unpleasant company.

Despite these sophisticated features of his character, he was a perverted man. When he found a woman that fit his ideal concept of beauty, he would devote all of his time to inspecting her thoroughly in a way that most people would find grisly. He frequently talked about how he wanted to "savor" and "lunch" on his prey, and carried a fork with him at all times. The way he spoke and acted made it difficult to determine whether or not he was a sexual abuser or just a cannibal, neither of which were far-fetched ideas. He was a very distasteful man, and his sociopathic traits perfectly showcase Helman's decay over the recent years.

When beginning his transformation into an Stone Guardian, Henderson notably dropped his normally haughty and effeminate voice and instead spoke in a much lower and more sinister one, suggesting that his overly exaggerated mannerisms were to some degree an affectation on his part.


While it was never seen in action, Henderson's transformation ability was apparently incredibly powerful.

As one of the commanders of the Helman 3rd Army, Henderson had a military rank high enough to command a very high number of soldiers with relatively good ability. While he didn't excel at it, Thoma Lipton trusted him enough to leave him on his own to lead the charge on Kathtom, a city that, while small and very short on manpower, is noted for being highly technologically advanced and having several powerful guardians living in it. 

His personal ability as a warrior was very low, and he didn't seem to have much experience or practice fighting on his own, as he was reckless enough to cast his transformation spell at a short range with the thought that his brutish opponent would wait for him to finish transforming into his final form. Despite this, he was noted to have been very powerful when fully transformed, as Stone Guardians are very strong monsters that are difficult to fight for even high-leveled adventurers, and Henderson claimed to have been undefeated when using it. The strength of this technique is further supported by his rank in the 3rd Army, which he shared Fletcher Modell, who was previously considered to have been the strongest martial artists alive, and the highly talented and very powerful Minerva Margaret.


  • In the Rance 03 Popularity Poll, Henderson was ranked 23rd in the males category.
  • It is believed that he may have been a Lycarman, one of the tribes that were slaughtered during the National Extermination of Foreign Cultures that took place in Zeth in GI1011, as he is the only human known to have the ability to turn into a Guy Monster.