The Revolutionary Army intends to take down Stessel from the Government.

The Helman Revolutionary Army is a group led by the exiled prince Patton Misnarge united and formed to take down Stessel Romanov from the government and make Patton the new Emperor with the objective of improving the country's poor condition.

The group initially started and was created by the Patton Faction, an extremely small group that consists of only four people that left Helman along with Patton when he was exiled, formed only by his most trusted friends. 

The Revolutionary Army started its formation in the year LP0005 when Patton returned to Helman, gathering allies and resources to prepare for the revolution. The name of the supposedly dead Prince Patton gathered a lot of people from the country willing to help the prince restore Helman to its former glory.

A year later, after a relatively decent amount of people joined the army, Patton asked for help to a former enemy turned ally of his whom he met during the Fall of Zeth in LP0004, the adventurer Rance. The latter agreed to help him in the revolution, under some conditions, and he joined the group along with many other powerful individuals acquainted with Rance, mostly from the Free Cities and Leazas who became part of the Army over different circumstances. 


The organization consists of a bit more of 1000 soldiers and different fighters gathered from all over the country, but more soldiers from different armies joined mid-revolution, increasing its numbers while decreasing the power of the Helman Military.

The leader of the Revolution is Patton Misnarge, representing a symbol of hope to Helmanians. He's an outstandingly charismatic leader and is a great inspiration among the revolutionaries. His close confidant Rance, was named the Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army, and is in charge of the operation just as much as Patton is, which proves how much Patton trusts him.

The whole group is divided in several teams:

  • Outlaws: An elite assault group led by Rance, focused on taking out the key figures of the opposing army. He's brought reinforcements from all over the world, including people from Leazas and the Free Cities Alliance, to make a powerful small elite squad of only around 20 people. 
  • Logistic Support: A group of non-combatants mainly focused in the supply of goods and reconnaissance. It is led by Merci Archa.
  • Revolutionary Army: The army of soldiers led by the living legend Hanty Kalar, they serve as a large scale decoy army.
  • Second Flag: A second group formed later and led by Cream Ganoblade.