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Government System: Republicanism

Head of State: 46th Emperor Line Sheila Helman → 47th Emperor Line Patton Helman  → President Sheila Helman


Helman was founded as a Republic, formed by many nations coming together under Zanageth Helman after the dissolution of the Holy Magic Sect. However, it has mostly functioned as an Empire with the Emperor holding the highest political power. 

The descendants of the Emperor have the right to inherit the throne and the Emperor typically has several children with concubines in order to have more chances produce a suitable heir. Who will ultimately replace the Emperor is influenced by popular support and succession conflicts are frequent, typically dividing the country between those that support one member or another. Gaining the support of the populace grants a Prince or Princess higher social and political standing, but the final choice of successor lies with the Emperor. Age and gender are not necessarily relevant, with an Empress having as much prestige as an Emperor.

The country shifted to Imperialism after the enthronement of Empress Sheila Helman in the year LP0002 and Helman's resultant decay had been tremendous. Sheila was viewed as only a political asset, the responsibilities of the Empress being handled by her mother, Pamela Helman. Pamela was given the title of Dowager Empress, since Sheila was considered too young at the time to properly rule. However, the actual power lay with the Prime Minister Stessel Romanov, who had complete control over Pamela. Stessel used his influence to remove all those that didn't support his private rule from power, filling the government with the inadequate or corrupt.

After the events of the Helman Revolution, the country was in a deplorable state from years of malfeasance and the bloody Civil War. However, with the result of removing Pamela and Stessel from power, Helman returned to a Republic with Sheila elected as the nation's new President. There is great hope for increased prosperity and citizens' rights under Sheila's leadership.

Royal Family and The Chancellor[]

Council of Eight

Along with the Emperor, the country had a group of political leaders called the Council of Eight that took the role of ruling the nation alongside with the Emperor. The Council was founded to avoid allowing the Emperor to have unlimited national power, formally making Helman a constitutional monarchy rather than an absolutist one.

Shortly before the Revolution, a large number of its remaining members were declared dissidents against Empress Sheila Helman and imprisoned. This tactic was undertaken by Prime Minister Stessel Romanov to remove supporters of Prince Patton Misnarge and ensure that none of its members could oppose him. The Council was re-stocked with Stessel's cronies. During this period the group had been nullified from its intended purpose of moderating the monarchy's decisions. 

Following the Helman Revolution and the reformation of the national government into a democracy, the council, whose members had all mostly perished, was dissolved.