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All of their foot soldiers are clad in heavy armor, and they are the most defensive military footsoldiers on the continent.

Helman is the greatest Human military superpower on the continent. Their army is the most prominent feature of Helman society and the most impressive. Their training facilities have helped produce some of the strongest fighters on the continent, including people like Fletcher Modell, Thoma Lipton and Minerva Margaret. The full military numbers around 310,000 people, being almost three times as big as the Leazas Army.

Their force is made up of 6 unique divisions that could threaten a whole nation on their own, each consisting of thousands of soldiers. In addition to their normal divisions, the Helman army employs an elite unit known as the "Black Knights," who exclusively wear black iron armor, black shields, and custom made blades. These elite soldiers have been specially trained since infancy with the aim of becoming the greatest soldiers humanity possesses. Aside from human soldiers, the Helman military also makes use of tamed or hired monsters in their armies, like Bambaras, Dekants, and others.

Helman's poverty can be seen in the armor of their soldiers. While a prosperous nation like Leazas can equip their fighters with high grade, light, durable steel armor. Helman soldiers instead wear thick and heavy armor. The average Helman soldier is larger and stronger than those of other nations, so their cumbersome armor is relatively less of a setback.

The greatest obstacle the Helman military faces most often comes from within itself. There are regular conflicts among the Helman command structure and this lack of unity is felt throughout the military. The disorganization and uncooperative tendencies between the divisions is one of the greatest impediments to Helman's military success. This is further aggravated by the pronounced political turmoil within the country and a general inability by leaders to unite the whole Helman army behind a specific goal.

After the Helman Revolution, the military saw enormous change. Many of its top commanders were killed and huge numbers of the soldiers within each division were wiped out. Under the new command of President Sheila Helman and Chief of Staff Cream Ganoblade, the Helman army is set to receive a severe restructuring.


Supreme Commander[]

The leader of the Helman army.

Soldier Types[]

Helman 1st Army[]


The Helman 1st Army is the backbone of Helman's Military, based in the city of Micrograd and east of the Capital of Helman, Lang Bau. They are lead by the most accomplished military figures are are thus given the most responsibility.  

It is formed by 42,000 Helman Soldiers and 8,000 Helman Knights. They are also responsible for protecting cities close to the Capital, like Kurov and Parnas, and have another brigade set in the Great Western Bridge. They may also be deployed east in times of War with Leazas and safeguard the Mountainous Leazas Border in times of invasion. 

Prior to the Helman Revolution, the 1st Army was led by the experienced veteran, General Lelyukov Berkov. The General was highly regarded throughout The Continent for his impeccable leadership and tactical skills, coupled with his immense experience in warfare. Following his death during the Helman Revolution, he was replaced by Amitos Armitage, a talented and confident commander from the 3rd Army.

Helman 2nd Army[]


The Helman 2nd Army is garrisoned in Fort Banra along the western border and charged with defense of the nation from the armies of the Monster Realm. It is a largely defensive Army devoted solely to combat and tactics against monsters. With such an important focus, they are rarely called upon for any crises from neighboring human states or civil unrest within Helman.

The 2nd Army boasts the largest number of soldiers by far, partially due to being spread out along the entire western border. It is made up of 2,000 Helman Monster Tamers, 800 Helman Knights and 147,200 Helman Soldiers, totaling a tremendous 150,000 soldiers to protect the country. The Banra Fort was designed to house these great numbers and the entire unit lives inside of this gigantic structure. Most of the 2nd Army's member wield cross-bows or other specialized long-ranged weaponry in hopes of preventing close range combat with monsters.

Prior to the Helman Revolution it was led by the genius marksman Aristoles Calm, a young and talented soldier with a gifted mind. He was a poet and philosopher, but was conflicted with a crisis of loyalty, as he directly opposed the Prime Minister Stessel Romanov, yet was boundlessly loyal to - and quietly in love with- Empress Sheila Helman. This was further complicated by his long friendship with Patton Misnarge, the face of the Revolution. Despite his outstanding talent, he tragically perished during the Helman Revolution. After his death, he was replaced by a former Commander of the 1st Army that had joined the Helman Revolutionary Army, Bodu.

Helman 3rd Army[]


The Helman 3rd Army is the Unit responsible for the protection of the Imperial City and Capital of Helman, Lang Bau, as well as guarding the Royal Family and the Council of Eight. It is largely seen as the Imperial Guard and is based in the Capital itself, protecting it from all sides. It also works directly under the Government, being assigned special and secret missions by the Council.

The 3rd Army is the Elite Unit, formed by the strongest fighters in the Military. It's consists of 27,000 Helman Soldiers, 2,000 Monster Tamers and 300 Helman Knights. As proof of its might, all its Generals are among the strongest humans in history of humanity, such as Fletcher Modell and Thoma Lipton

Prior to the Revolution, the 3rd Army was led by Minerva Margaret, a ruthless woman that held the title of being the strongest fighter in Helman. Along with many others, she was finally killed during the Helman Revolution and replaced by Hubert Lipton, who also carries the rank of Commander in Chief of the Military.

Helman 4th Army[]


The Helman 4th Army is the division in charge of the south east of Helman near the border with Leazas. Its units are spread through the cities of Volgo Z, Sudori 13 and Cossack, and boasts a large number of soldiers with 500 Monster Tamers, 1,000 Helman Knights and 48,500 Helman Soldiers. Despite its impressive numbers, most of its soldiers are rather mediocre or weak and the 4th Army is overall viewed as  under equipped and feeble. This reputation is the reason it was the first Army targeted by the Group of Outlaws of the Helman Revolutionary Army.

It was led by the young General, Nero Chapet VII, who graduated from the Academy with excellent grades and comes from a wealthy family. However, while he's not a terrible soldier, Nero is far from being qualified enough to administer the title he possessed and was mostly interested in increasing his fame and reputation. During the Helman Revolution his Army was the first one to be defeated, with Nero dying and the 4th Army being totally destroyed. 

Following the Revolution the 4th Army remains in disrepair. Thus far it seems to have been temporarily disbanded, so no replacements for the roles of General and Lieutenant have yet been found.

Helman 5th Army[]


The Helman 5th Army is a guerrilla unit that is not stationed in any particular location, ready to fight anywhere at any time. It is the only Unit without a base of operations. It is mostly used to deal with civil unrest throughout the country that the City Guard cannot adequately handle.

It's comprised of 500 Knights and 9,500 common soldiers, totaling 10,000 people. It is led by the country's finest swordsman (and after the revolution, its strongest warrior), Rolex Gadras. However, due to his unconventional personality, Military Command often has trouble dealing with Rolex.

City Guard[]

The City Guard is a police force that serves as a unit to keep law and order in the Country. They are spread widely throughout the nation in many different cities and boast a total of 20,000 Soldiers. However, most of these soldiers are not as strong as the normal military members and by most standards it is not a proper army. As such it does not take part in Wars or other international conflicts. 

The City Guard division is mostly in charge of dealing with Bandits, Thieves, Slave Traders and other outlaws that the Military doesn't concern itself with. Ruberan Tser is a Captain of a unit in Volgo Z.