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Hazumi Flamel
Japanese 羽純・フラメル
Romanization hazumi furameru
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Enchanter
World The Continent
Affiliation Nacht Ragnard
Appeared in Toushin Toshi III


A childhood friend of Nakuto and Remedia Kalar. Hazumi possesses the rare gift of enchant magic (付与魔法) Using this ability she can strengthen a weapon by enchanting it with materials.

Hazumi is enlisted into the Toushin Toshi tournament when Nakuto brashly enlists as a tournament participant without fully knowing the details.

Since entering the tournament Nakuto and herself has been reunited will childhood friend Remedia. This has triggered new developing dynamics between herself, Nakuto and Remedia which is she is anxious about.

At the end of Part 1, Hazumi is taken into forced labour and seperated from Nacht as he had lost the tournament. While Nacht had received the money to bail her out from Remedia, he was knocked out and the money was stolen.

Soon after in Part 2, Toushin Bolt Allen reunites Hazumi with Nacht, but her emotions had been sealed away as she was caught in the crossfire when Nacht father staged a coup to usurp power in the Toushin district. Nacht attempts to cure this by bringing her a shellfish, which she had once used to enchant items, but while she instinctively enchants his weapons, it is to no avail.

Finally in Part 3, it is revealed that Bolt Allen's story was a lie, and he was part of the evil conspiracy all along. In truth, Hazumi is being mind-controlled by a magic stone implanted onto her. However, with the "help" of Fiori Mifiori, Nacht manages to remove her mind control. They finally confess their love for each other and Hazumi also resolves her conflicted tension with Remedia. She then assists Nacht in the final counterattack to escape from the district.

In the end, it is also revealed that Hazumi's father was not crippled in an accident, but rather the mine collapse was planned by Remedia's father. Remedia is also revealed to be her cousin and Hazumi is last seen in the ending embracing a reincarnated Remedia.


Considering her abilities in the plot, her family name is a possible reference to the historical alchemist Nicolas Flamel (wikipedia:Nicolas Flamel).