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Well, let me just say this, Maria: I am not like that man Rance. I would never do anything to hurt you, and I will do everything in my power to make you happy. I will love you and only you with all of my heart.

—Hazefukka Remof, giving his ill-fated proposal to Maria Custard.

Hazefukka Remof
Japanese ハゼフッカ・リモーブ
Romanization hazefukka rimōbu
Race Human
Age / Birth 38 / GI0983
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Class Civilian
World The Continent
Affiliation Free Cities Alliance
Level limit 8
Skill levels Mechanics Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance Quest Magnum


Hazefukka Remof was a successful entrepreneur and scientist who owned and operated several businesses throughout the Free Cities Alliance.

A savvy man with an eye for talent, Hazefukka instantly recognized the technological genius of Maria Custard, the young engineer responsible for developing the mechanical marvels of the Tulip Series. Hazefukka's interest in Maria's skill caused the two to enter into a business partnership, with Hazefukka's great wealth and influence funding Maria's brilliant research. Over time, Hazefukka became enamored with Maria, though he struggled to gather the courage necessary to confess to her, as he was aware of the feelings she held for the warrior Rance.

During the events of Rance Quest, Hazefukka invited Maria to go on a date with him to tour a group of limestone caverns. Hazefukka planned to use the date as an opportunity to propose to Maria, who he believed was only becoming more depressed the longer she allowed herself to continue loving Rance. He was foiled by Rance, who had caught wind of their date and vowed to sabotage it in order to keep Maria for himself.

Throughout the date, Rance would secretly humiliate Hazefukka just as he was about to propose to Maria by doing things from the shadows such as pulling his pants down. Finally, Rance revealed himself to Maria while Hazefukka made his final attempt at proposing to her and began groping her. While Hazefukka was too caught up in giving his proposal speech to notice initially, he lost all sense of reason at the sight of the woman he loved getting ravished by his hated rival and, in a panic, threw himself off a nearby cliff to his death.

Personality and Appearance[]

Hazefukka was a somewhat overweight man with short black hair and a generally plain and homely face. His clothing consisted of a simple grey business suit and a pair of glasses, giving him an unassuming-but-professional appearance.

A lover of engineering, Hazefukka spent the majority of his life assisting in the development of new technology throughout The Continent, through both funding the projects of other scientists and performing research of his own. He was a sincere, well-spoken and generally pleasant man who was willing to lend a hand to anyone who shared his passion for science.


The sight of Maria with Rance was enough to drive Hazefukka into a suicidal panic.

Hazefukka gained an instant interest in Maria Custard immediately after meeting her and observing both her great technological skill and her ardent devotion to furthering her research. This interest quickly grew into romantic attraction the more time he spent with her, as she continued to prove both her dedication and genius to him. Despite his feelings, Hazefukka avoided making any overtly romantic gestures towards Maria for a very long time due to his awareness of her love for the warrior Rance. Eventually, however, Hazefukka grew tired of seeing Maria being made upset by Rance's constant philandering and decided to make his feelings known to her. During his proposal to her, Hazefukka made a point of mentioning that he was disgusted by the way that Rance had treated Maria, and claimed that, unlike the brutal warrior, he would never look at any other woman besides her.

While Maria was greatly appreciative of Hazefukka's assistance in her research, she was not particularly attracted to him. During his proposal, however, she began to genuinely consider the prospect of marrying him, due to his assertion that Rance would never be able to love only her resonating with her deeply. Seeing Maria getting groped by Rance after it seemed as though he was finally winning her over proved to be too much for Hazefukka's brain to process, and caused him to kill himself in a fit of confusion and panic.


Hazefukka was physically an entirely ordinary man who possessed an average Level Cap of 8 and an out of shape body. He was not a fighter by any means, and generally stayed within areas heavily populated by other Human beings in order to avoid placing himself in harm's way.

While not physically capable, Hazefukka was a skilled mechanical engineer who was able to make a fortune for himself through his technological prowess. In addition to his individual skill, Hazefukka was very talented at scouting out other skilled engineers, who allowed him to increase his wealth even further by investing in their research projects. By the end of his life, Hazefukka was a well known and respected businessman across the entire Continent.