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Hasaera Rabi
Japanese ハサエラ・ラビ
Romanization Hasaera rabi
Race Angel
Sex Female
Status Alive
World Toushin Toshi II setting
Affiliation Gods
Appeared in Toushin Toshi II, Toushin Toshi GIRLS GIFT


Toushin Toshi II[]

Hasaera Rabi is an Angel Knight who guards the Negative Pyramid on the 30th floor of the Ragnard Dungeon, alongside a battalion of fellow Angel Knights. An exemplary knight, Hasaera Rabi is utterly devoted to defending the final barrier to Hell, though she seems to have a lowly view of humans. Seed Cashima can encounter her as he is exploring the 30th floor, alongside her battalion of Angel Knights. Upon encountering Seed, Hasaera immediately senses that Seed is an Angel Eater who serves Apros, automatically declaring him a monster and an enemy to angel kind. Deciding that Seed must be eliminated, but not wanting to fight Seed herself, Hasaera summons a Goebbels to fight him before teleporting away. She repeats this a second time after encountering Seed again.

Upon finding Hasaera again for the third time, she expresses annoyance at Seed's persistence in following her, before being asked by Seed about how to access the next floor of the dungeon. This angers Hasaera Rabi, who immediately refuses to tell him, before stating that she will cut Seed to pieces as she attacks him. After a long battle, Hasaera Rabi expresses disbelief at the fact she lost, before suddenly begging for Seed to stay away from her, claiming that her abilities aren't important enough for Seed to absorb. Reduced to a pitiful, begging wreck, Hasaera Rabi promises Seed to tell him how to access the next floor in exchange for sparing her. At this point, the player can choose to either assault Hasaera Rabi or spare her. If the latter is chosen, Seed realizes that he can gain her knowledge anyway by absorbing her, leading him to force himself upon Hasaera Rabi. Doing this allows Seed to gain an automatic healing skill, but also 10 points of sin.

Hasaera Rabi is later seen escaping from Seed after he is cured of his Angel Eater status.

Toushin Toshi Girls Gift[]

Hasaera Rabi's role in Toushin Toshi Girls Gift is largely unchanged from the original Toushin Toshi II, except she is now encountered in Hell rather than the Ragnard Dungeon. Unlike in the original, Seed fights Hasaera Rabi immediately upon encountering her, rather than fighting two Goebbels first. She also appears alone, without any sign of her Angel Knight battalion.

Personality and Appearance[]

Hasaera Rabi is a stern, hot-blooded Angel Knight who is steadfast in her duties, driven to protect Angel-kind and to slay anything that threatens them. Her views on such threats border on xenophobia, as when encountering Seed Cashima, she immediately reacted with disgust, declaring him a monster who must be eliminated, and thought fighting him directly was "filthy." Despite this, she is hesitant to fight any such "monsters" directly, often summoning others to fight in her stead. It is later revealed, however, that beneath Hasaera Rabi's strict demeaner is a timid, cowardly angel who is not above begging for her life, especially when she is against an opponent who surpasses her in strength.

Her personality is altered in Toushin Toshi Girls Gift, where she is much more calm, mature, and level-headed, telling Seed plainly that he will need to defeat her in order to move forward. (Her original hot-blooded personality, minus the borderline xenophobia, is instead given to Pachikar). She also no longer expresses borderline xenophobic tendencies, a stark contrast to the original game. Just as in the original game, however, Hasaera eventually reveals she is actually a very timid, cowardly angel beneath her calm exterior, begging to be spared after Seed defeats her.

Hasaera Rabi is an Angel Knight who wears a green tunic with a green skirt and gold decorations, with an opening between the skirt and tunic exposing her midriff. She also wears a circlet around her forehead and possesses long, pink hair and large, white-feathered wings. In Toushin Toshi Girls Gift, Hasaera's appearance is heavily altered: her hair has been recolored to blonde, and is much shorter, with her bangs covering her left eye. Her outfit is also changed, as she now wears a traditional Angel Knight uniform.


Hasaera Rabi is a powerful Angel Knight who was capable of powerful attacks, preferring to use a sword as her weapon of choice. She was also capable of teleportation and conjuring, as she was able to summon a Goebbels and teleport with little effort. These abilities are largely retained in Toushin Toshi Girls Gift, where she is given the epithet "Blade Angel" (剣天使).