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Adjustment Items[]

The following items improve a club member's attributes. These are vital to keeping someone for long-term service. The Spirit boosting ones are most important, but all items are essential.

Also, during festivals, adjustment items and expansion items have prices cut by 40%.

Items Descriptions Prices
容姿備品Ⅰ Increases Beauty by 210. 2,700 円
容姿備品Ⅱ Increases Beauty by 360. 4,600 円
容姿備品Ⅲ Increases Beauty by 510. 6,600 円
技量備品Ⅰ Increases Skill by 210. 2,100 円
技量備品Ⅱ Increases Skill by 360. 3,600 円
技量備品Ⅲ Increases Skill by 510. 5,100 円
精神備品Ⅰ Increases Spirit by 210. 3,300 円
精神備品Ⅱ Increases Spirit by 360. 5,700 円
精神備品Ⅲ Increases Spirit by 510. 8,100 円

Expansion Items[]

These items improve your club. The most important one increases the hiring limit; the last item serves no other purpose; and only one item may affect the appeal time. Expansion items have upkeep prices, so purchase wisely. By the way, the birth control pills are actually placebos. Don't let your girls know.

Items Descriptions Prices Upkeeps
Voice Recorder
Gives random game tips. 2,800 円 500 円
Revolving Platform
Increases appeal time. 12,800 円 1,000 円
Canvassing Tools
Increases every club officer's capturing rate by 10%. 100,000 円 1,000 円
Service Textbook
Doubles Skill adjustments of Scholarly girls. 25,000 円 500 円
Tape Player
Virgins only lose 360 points of Spirit when deflowered. 7,700 円 500 円
Birth Control Pill
Doubles Skill adjustments of Lewd girls. 25,000 円 500 円
Chest Pump
Doubles Beauty adjustments of Busty girls. 25,000 円 500 円
Five Accelerator
Decreases appeal time. Increases satisfaction by 15%. Cancels the effect of the Revolving Platform. 55,500 円 1,000 円
Large Refrigerator
Decreases salary of club members to 500. 69,800 円 1,000 円
Imported Liquor
Increases the hiring limit (capped at 8) by 1. 100,000 円
Unlocks an achievement. 1,000,000 円 1,000 円

Voice Recorder[]

Purchasing this item reveals the following tips, most of which are already covered in our pages.

  • Customers like receiving service from a highly reputed club.
  • Scrolling the mouse-wheel over a club member shows her information.
  • Girls with the Middle-Aged trait easily gain Skill and Spirit.
  • Weekends have less customers.
  • Customers are always 100% satisfied after deflowering virgins.
  • Virgins slowly gain Skill.
  • There are more virgins among middle-school students.
  • Club members with broken Spirit lower the club's reputation.
  • Most customers prefer Busty club members.
  • Male students are easily satisfied—compared to teachers.
  • Busty girls are abundant in the first recruitment area.
  • Your roster can be reordered by clicking while holding the Shift key.
  • Nerds are easily satisfied.
  • Outercourse service has less negative effect on Spirit.
  • The backlog is accessible even during intermission.