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Running a service club is not simple. Your responsibilities include attracting desirable customers; maintaining the service club's reputation; wisely directing club officers during recruitment periods; and providing club members with cosmestics, training, and gifts. Incidentally, there are three character types—middle-school students, high-school students, and teachers. Customers exclusively have sub-types—nerds and jocks.

Attracting Customers[]

To attract desirable customers, speedily display a club member possessing higher Beauty than those of your rivals. Displaying ugly club members will reversely repel undesirable customers. Also, before the customer selects his partner, the service type must be selected. Click the upper-left symbol (on a girl's avatar) to switch between outercourse and intercourse service. Then, after services, the following adjustments take place.

Server Recipient Service Type Beauty Skill Spirit
Club Member Customer Intercourse Service +360 -360
Club Member Customer Outercourse Service +180 -180
Virgin Club Member Protagonist Intercourse Service -360
Virgin Club Member Customer Intercourse Service +360 -1,080
Virgin Club Member Customer Outercourse Service +180 -180

Analyzing Customers[]

A customer sometimes gives additional attribute adjustment. Ideally, divert those giving negative adjustments to your rivals, and vice versa. When this is not possible, consult this table to calculate your loss (or gain).

Adjustment Type Single Effect Double Effect Triple Effect
Beauty Increase +720 +1,440 +2,160
Beauty Decrease -720 -1,440 -2,160
Skill Increase +720 +1,440 +2,160
Skill Decrease -720 -1,440 -2,160
Spirit Increase +360 +720 +1,440
Spirit Decrease -360 -720 -1,440

Raising Club Members[]

Haruurare beauty.png

Beauty, one of three attributes to note while raising club members, affects how well club members attract customers. No matter how skilled or strong-willed, club members are nothing without a pretty face and stunning assets. Keep your goods looking fresh to get customers flocking in. Unfortunately, this attribute grows slowly. So try to nab naturally beautiful girls or traits boosting this attribute, and then work from there.

Haruurare skill.png

Skill is next. It increases as girls gain experience, and affects a customer's satisfaction rate. Each customer has a budget, and he will pay according to your club member's techniques. However, traits can make-up for in-experience, and virgins (labeled with pink symbols) always please customers to full satisfaction. So keep a steady supply of attractive virgins to use and dispose. Specifically, save them for ruthless customers who pay handsomely.

Haruurare spirit.png

Spirit is the final attribute, which decreases per service. This determines a girl's mental limit to continue serving customers. Once this attribute falls low, club members—regardless of being a virgin—become mindless depositories who earn only 100 円, and rapidly lose all attributes. To prevent this, regularly gift your club members—unless broken girls are your fetish. Now scan below to learn about each attribute rank, and its respective point values.

Ranks Point Values Ranks Point Values Ranks Point Values
S+ 9,999 ~ 8,000 S 7,999 ~ 7,000 A+ 6,999 ~ 6,000
A 5,999 ~ 5,000 B+ 4,999 ~ 4,000 B 3,999 ~ 3,000
C+ 2,999 ~ 2,000 C 1,999 ~ 1,000 n 999 ~ 0

Satisfying Customers[]

The following chart shows precisely how Skill affects satisfaction rate. Every 1,000 points of Skill increases the rate by an increment, and so does every blue star to your club's reputation. (Red stars oppositely subtract.) Without additional rates from a good reputation, fully pleasing teachers is impossible.

Customer Type Customer Sub-Type Satisfaction Increment Maximum Rate
Teacher Jock +9% 89%
Teacher Nerd +10% 99%
High-School Student Jock +11% 100%
High-School Student Nerd +12% 100%
Middle-School Student Jock +13% 100%
Middle-School Student Nerd +14% 100%

Recruiting Club Members[]

On certain days, female students and teachers are recruitable. (Middle-school students wear black uniforms, high-school students wear red blazers, and teachers wear business suits.) Each girl shows a capture rate from 1% to 99%, but the actual rates may overflow from this range. To nab a girl, simply assign at least one officer. Note that your recruitment choices change only after reloading from previous days.


Lastly, there is the intermission, which reports upcoming events, details for the next Special Request, and your funds—the white number represents current funds whereas the gray indicates total earnings. Also, there are two buttons after clicking a club member. The first deflowers her yourself, and the other dismisses her. This is all, so start selling. And excuse the crummy beds—they squeak a lot while your princesses service customers.