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Haru Urare (Red-Light District Campus) is a life simulation game packaged in Alice 2010 alongside five other titles. As the protagonist, Satou Naoki, you must manage a service club, competing against rivals on campus. Your duties include recruiting women, training club members, and selling services to customers. Then, every ten days or so, you must relinquish a hefty portion of your profits to the school's principal who will demand 50,000 円 more per visit. Your final payment will amount to 350,000 円, so start grooming those club members, and rack up your funds.

Game OutlineEdit

An average game lasts through two in-game months. During the course, there are designated dates to recruit club members, send someone to Special Request, or pay the principal. Doing the latter gradually grants permission to recruit girls from the sports clubs and the library. Also, certain dates attract mostly ruthless customers, or offer purchase discounts.

Calendar Dates Observances Calendar Dates Observances
April 6 (Mon.) April 30 (Thu.)
April 7 (Tue.) May 1 (Fri.) Special Request
April 8 (Wed.) Club Recruitment May 2 (Sat.) Club Recruitment
April 9 (Thu.) May 3 (Sun.) Grand Sale Festival
April 10 (Fri.) May 4 (Mon.) 250,000 円 Payment
April 11 (Sat.) Club Recruitment May 5 (Tue.) Club Recruitment
April 12 (Sun.) May 6 (Wed.)
April 13 (Mon.) Special Request May 7 (Thu.) Demolishing Day
April 14 (Tue.) Club Recruitment May 8 (Fri.) Club Recruitment
April 15 (Wed.) Grand Sale Festival May 9 (Sat.) Grand Sale Festival
April 16 (Thu.) 150,000 円 Payment May 10 (Sun.) Special Request
April 17 (Fri.) Club Recruitment May 11 (Mon.) Club Recruitment
April 18 (Sat.) May 12 (Tue.)
April 19 (Sun.) May 13 (Wed.) 300,000 円 Payment
April 20 (Mon.) Club Recruitment May 14 (Thu.) Club Recruitment
April 21 (Tue.) Grand Sale Festival May 15 (Fri.) Grand Sale Festival
April 22 (Wed.) Special Request May 16 (Sat.)
April 23 (Thu.) Club Recruitment May 17 (Sun.) Club Recruitment
April 24 (Fri.) Demolishing Day May 18 (Mon.)
April 25 (Sat.) 200,000 円 Payment May 19 (Tue.)
April 26 (Sun.) Club Recruitment May 20 (Wed.) Club Recruitment
April 27 (Mon.) Grand Sale Festival May 21 (Thu.) Special Request
April 28 (Tue.) Special Request May 22 (Fri.) 350,000 円 Payment
April 29 (Wed.) Club Recruitment
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