Hara Shouji
Japanese 原昌示
Romanization hara shōji
Hara Shouji - Sengoku Rance.jpg
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Archer
World Rance World
Affiliation Hara House
Level limit 29
Appeared in Sengoku Rance

Hara Shouji is the head of the Hara House. He is a gentle ruler, and is loved by his people. However, he doesn't have much confidence in himself. He is married to Akihime due to political reasons, and he truly loves her, though Akihime doesn't seem to share the sentiment; something which eventually lead to their downfall.

There is a rumor that his character design is based on Hara Mitsugu, a famous person in the Japanese baseball circle. This may tie in with the pun for Red Hell.


Sengoku Rance[]

In response to his wife's demand, Shouji accepted Oda's war invitation unwillingly.

After Oda conquered Hara House, Shouji asked Akihime to commit suicide in order to avoid disgrace within a defeated family to fall upon her, though Aki strongly refused and eventually asked him to just divorce her instead. Shouji snapped and started attacking Akihime out of disappointment. Unfortunately, Rance barges in to save the day by capturing Shouji once and for all. Alternatively, if you demand the Hara to surrender, then Shouji will be presented with the head of Aki, and will subsequently go mad, striking at his generals in a frenzy before being killed.

Hara Shouji can be added to the troops by a negotiation with him in the prison.

If he has been recruited after you change his feeling towards Rance to normal he will ask you if you can give him Aki back.

Giving him Aki back, will lead him to be killed by Rance and replaced by his niece once his feeling towards Rance changes to trust while refusing will allow him to stay with Oda and eventually find a new, more loving wife.

Should you choose to recruit Akihime as a commander in additionl playthroughs, his unique character interactions will be replaced by those of a generic commander.


  • Being married to Akihime means he is Choushin's brother-in-law.
  • He is mentioned in Kichikuou Rance (by a different name) as being killed by Nobunaga and having his head displayed like a trophy.
  • Being a minor character who mainly serves as a stepping stone to introduce players to the basics of the game's warfare, AliceSoft has not bothered to go into specifics about his current status, however given Rance's nature and intents, it is most likely that he is still alive either as a prisoner or commander of Oda (as any events leading to his death would result in Rance not getting to have sex with Akihime).