(c)アリスソフト The concentric circles to the left is the crest of the Hara House.

Hara influence as of early LP0005.

  • Leader - Hara Shouji
  • Principle - Don't upset Princess Aki.
  • Military strength - 1/5 (weakening due to lack of funding, mainly archers)

The Hara House (原家 Hara-ke) pays a lot of attention to its people's welfare. Thus, even though it is a weak country, the people are still happy. However, ever since the arrival of Princess Aki as the wife of its leader; tax rates have been going up significantly, causing major resentment. As the princess is the sister of Ashikaga Choushin of the Ashikaga House, the Hara House will come to their aid in times of war.

The Hara House rules over Ise.

Appears in: Sengoku Rance

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