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Moe!! A girl wearing glasses and coughing up blood is moe!! You just don't understand! You don't understand the moe!

—Hanny, describing his odd fetish.

Japanese ハニー
Romanization hanī
Race Monster
Sex Male, Female
World The Continent
Strength Low-Very High
Appeared in Little Princess (game), Toushin Toshi 1, Toushin Toshi 2, Rance I, Rance 01, Rance II, Rance 02, Rance III, Rance 03, Rance IV, Kichikuou Rance, Rance 5D, Galzoo Island, Rance VI, Sengoku Rance, Rance Quest, Rance IX, Evenicle, Evenicle 2


Green honey

An average green hanny.

Hanny is one of the staple creature of Alice Soft's fantasy world. When referring to the species as a whole, the term Haniwa (ハニワ) is used, similar to how Humanity is used for humans.

They resemble short vertical cylinders with a round top, three big holes for eyes and mouth, and two small round stumps on the sides (on the level of the mouth) for hands. There is no discernible lower body or legs, most of them move around by hopping, though a few of the species may be capable of levitation. They don't have a distinct smell, different people have said they smell of grass, burnt food, potatoes or clay. Female Hannies are called Haniko (ハニ子). Haniko are pink and wear a bow. All Haniwa eat a staple diet of rice and when they are hurt, they cry "A-i-ya~". When alive, they have a strange texture between hard and soft, but after they die their dead bodies turn into a ceramic material that can shatter with ease. Haniwa are actually delicious creatures, but they're incredibly hard to eat since they can only be eaten alive. In the world of Evenicle, Haniwa shards are the most important ingredient in Haniwa pasta. However, since the deliciousness of the dish leans heavily on the size of the shard, and hannies who die violent deaths leave behind shards that are too small, acquiring a suitable shard is very difficult.

They live all over the world and boast large variations of size, shape and nature. The top dog of the Haniwa species is the Hanny King, he formed their unified society and culture and is universally respected by all hannies to the point of having his own faithful religion. While some Haniwa believe in the preachings of the AL Church, most Hannies join the Haniwa Temple to worship their King.

Some hannies are perfectly capable of living in society with other races like humans, and lots of Haniwa go into the business world and provide the continent with many goods. It's perfectly normal and commonly accepted to see Hannies owning shops, taverns or other facilities, and in fact, all the coins in circulation are manufactured by Haniwa, from broken golden Hannies, prompting Rance to call their power "terrifying". Despite this how welcome their prescence is varies depending on the place. They're despised in the Magic Kingdom of Zeth due to their immunity to magic, leading to them suffering from persecution and isolation in the Haniwa Plain. To protect his species, the Hanny King established in the Haniwa Plain a small settlement called the Haniwa Village, where many persecuted Hannies from everywhere can live in peace.

They're full of vitality, and while many co-exist with other races, feral Haniwa do not have a social life(?) and they don't even get along with other monsters. These hannies are often seen in locations devoid of civilization, like dungeons or caves, and they attack humans on sight, making them comparable to regular monsters.

In the games, Hannies are almost uniquely portrayed as clowns subject to the ridicule and cruel treatment of the protagonists or other characters. Some consider such treatment a bit discriminatory, unjust and problematic, since they are also creatures with souls and are actually highly intelligent. Kalars are also subject to similar prejudice, although to a much lesser degree. Under such circumstances, some Hannies campaign for equal rights for Haniwa comparable to those enjoyed by the humanity. However, typical Hannies are usually extremely silly or wacky, and often with weird fetishes, making prejudices against them somewhat justified. 

Hanny Love

A Hanny and a Haniko making love.

When a Hanny and a Haniko are comfortable in their relationship and want a child, they make a journey on foot(?) to the Great Furnace. Once there they take clay from one another, heat it up, and form their child together. Doing such a thing is considered the ultimate symbol of love for the Haniwa. They also see it as a sacred ritual and they're thrown in a blinding rage if they're observed by others during the intimate act.

Abilities and Powers[]


Hannies are usually wrongly believed to be a very weak race, but this is far from true. Just like humans, the strength of Hannies vary a lot depending on the individual potential of each Hanny, and they need to go through training and experience in the battlefield to become powerful fighters.

The most notorious abilities of the Haniwa are their unique skill, the Hanny Flash, and their Absolute Magic Resistance. These two abilities are inherent in all the Hannies from the moment they are born, with no exceptions. The Hanny Flash is a fast magical attack capable of ignoring the enemy's defenses, while the Absolute Magical Resistance makes Hannies completely immune to all magical attacks, no matter how powerful. These abilities make Hannies naturally decent fighters and the average Hanny is actually stronger than the average human thanks to these. However, their physical strength, endurance, speed or magic power still highly depends on the training and potential of each Hanny. An average Hanny that hasn't gone through any proper training willl look like a joke to an adventurer that is used to fighting monsters. They usually fight by using their iconic Hanny Flash, and wielding a Trident to stab their opponents. 

There are many different types of Hannies that make it easier to determine the potential they possess for battle, going from extremely weak creatures not stronger than a Squidman, to absurdly powerful entities that could rival with the most powerful creatures in the world. Feral S Hannies are noted for being among the strongest monsters in the world, and some consider the Hanny King, leader and most powerful member of the race, the most powerful living being in The Continent after the Demon King, although there are certain other creatures that can match its strength, like the abnormal Urunsel.

Types of Hanny[]

  • Hanny - A normal brown Hanny.
  • Haniko - Female Hanny, wears a ribbon, pink and slightly larger body.
  • Green Hanny - A Hanny who has undergone some training, stronger than normal ones and wields a trident.
  • Green Hanny of Happiness - A Hanny who has undergone training and is very happy with himself. Gives more exp than the Green Hanny.
  • Blue Hanny - Stronger than Green, wields a trident.
  • Red Hanny - Stronger than Blue, wields two tridents.
  • Black Hanny - Holds fireworks in both hands, attacks by throwing them.
  • Brutal Hanny - A Hanny with evil thoughts, often scarred or with a smoking problem. Usually stronger than Black Haniwa, but they can be green, red, or black. They usually smoke cigars and work with the mafia. Masuzoe was one of these before he became a Dark Lord.
  • Super Hanny - A small golden Hanny with an S on his chest, capable of flight and performing the Super Hanny Flash. It is believed that this form can only be acquired via radiation exposure.
  • Hanny Knight - This type of Hanny is devoted to peace, love and justice. Clad in silver armor and a shield, they wield halberds and morning stars.
  • Hanny in Black (Secret Hanny) - They wear black business suits and sunglasses, they guard the secret affairs of the Hanny King's government. They are led by a pair of old haniwa known as Kevin and Costner.
  • Marine Hanny - A Blue Hanny capable of fighting underwater. They wield large harpoons for weapons.


Sometimes Haniwa can be modified in other strange ways or through birth defects, this is a list of mutated Haniwa subspecies.

  • Pudding Hanny - Haniwa shaped like a flan pudding and holding a spoon. Very rare.
  • Slime Hanny - These are Haniwa who have been heated to the point of melting but still survived, they live as a sentient mass goo, brown sludge color.
  • Slime Haniko - Female Haniwa who have melted, reddish color.
  • Puchi Hanny - Haniwa who are born about 30cm tall and are an Orange color. They have the ability to detonate at will and reform themselves. They also have a tendency to self-destruct if they experience some sort of intense sensation/irritation. They cannot stand contact with semen.
  • Blocken Hanny - A cousin of the Puchi Hannies types. They block the path of adventurers by threatening to blow themselves up.
  • Gummy Hanny - A strange Hanny made of a viscous material that resembles pink gum. Very rare.
  • Double Hanny - Two Haniwa that slightly melted and joined together, on sticks out of the side, they work as one body but two minds.
  • Triple Hanny - Same as above, but with three.
  • Horse Hanny - A strange hybrid between a Hanny and a horse. Appears in the Dai Series.
  • Hanirobo - A miraculous invention that combines clay and machine, was later shut down as it wanted to diffuse everyone.

Non-generic Hanny Characters[]

  • Kagekatsu - A dignified warrior Puchi Hanny wearing a samurai helmet and wielding a naginata, he's the mentor of Rizna Lanfebit and helped her recover from her trauma after her tormented times in the Genbu Castle.
  • Kevin - Co-leader of the Hanny in Black (Secret Hannies).
  • Costner - Co-leader of the Hanny in Black (Secret Hannies).
  • Samurai Hanny - Hanny with traditional Japanese clothes and spears. Appear in Galzoo as part of a side quest.
  • Shinsengumi Hanny - A Hanny band from the Imagawa House of Tokaidou in JAPAN. They amuse themselves with soccer, going on a pilgrimage to Kyo, and later declaring war on Oda (since all the human commanders are doing it).
  • Hanny Shogun - Appears in Galzoo for a side quest. Leader of Samurai Hanny.
  • Fuhrer Hanny - A great commander that leads an Army of Hannies.
  • Hanny King - There is only one, and he is eternal. He wears a crown and a cape, he is white, and his powers are unmatched.

Notable Haniwa Businesses[]

Lots of Haniwa go into the business world, and provide the continent and JAPAN with many goods.

  • Haniwa Temple - A surprisingly popular SM Hanny religion caused thousands of these to be built.
  • Haniwa Mint - Corpses of fallen Golden Haniwa are brought through here, are converted into GOLD, the currency of the continent.
  • Amazun - A high speed delivery service operated by the Haniwa.

Golden Haniwa[]


A Golden Haniwa in Rance 03.

Golden Haniwa are ancient constructs that end up disturbed by adventurers and ultimately destroyed, then they're carried back to the Hanny Mint for processing and turned into GOLD.

They're not intelligent or rational, so there are no qualms about recycling them into currency. 

They are huge in size, much bigger than regular Hannies or humans are, being similar to buildings like towers in height. Their true origin is unknown but they were presumed to be created along with the world in the distant past as a natural form of nature.

Their golden colour is considered beautiful and majestic, excellent for making jewelry or high-class finery as well.


  • In Kichikuou Rance Hanny King claimed that there are 2,200,003,257 Haniwa living accross the world. As this is from the old canon it is unlikely that it remains true for the later games.
  • Hannies are painted on the floor of Alice Soft (Champion Soft Co., Ltd.) Head Office (Hanny Bld.) in Osaka. (See Here).
  • While they somewhat resemble the Cactuars of Final Fantasy, Hanny appeared in Alice Soft's first game, which predates the earliest appearance of Cactuar in the Final Fantasy series.
  • A Hanny's earliest appearance in an Alice Soft game was as early as 1987 in Little Princess, with the Hanny's first line being "My name is Hanny the Haniwa".
  • It is also often thought that Hanny are a modern-day depiction of Haniwa terracotta clay figures.
  • They are the only creatures known to be immune to magic.
  • The name of Hanny is written in katakana most of the time.
  • TADA-san said in "Rance Chronicle++" - " 'ハニー' is written in English 'Hanny', and is also written in German 'Hanny' ".